• "Commonsense" immigration law? That means, putting a cap on future Democrats. Oooo, the Liberals are gonna love that.


  • I do wish you would talk more about corporate welfare. When a corporation can't make it in the free market, they ask for a blank check from the government, which gives the government power over them, and leverage. That's where a lot of problems come from.

  • Please explain what possible benefit to American society there is of MILLIONS of Ragheads & two-legged animals from third-world hellholes flooding a first world country? Better yet, let me explain it to you: NONE!!!
    It's about CHASING OUT HONKIE.

  • I have NEVER had one Mexican express gratitude about America helping them. Instead we are suppose not ask questions, play stupid. Look at their children , all about 2 years apart with four kids. Its the scam. Get on prenatal while pregnant. Then get free maternity and welfare for you and the child after birth. Before two years have passed get pregnant again and repeat. Up to four.

  • Blacks have been fucked over. They have been fucked over by Mexicans. They have been fucked over by whites. What a shame. Mexicans.

  • Between 1960-1970's Mexico had more births per woman than any country on Earth. About 8.3. Its hard to find this. The Catholic church encouraged and offered as a service free fertility counseling to maximize births. I believe this was the catholics move to get money from the United States and into their coffers. Some families had 20 fucking children. Like puppies. All those kids are now here out of work and money thanks to the catholic church.

  • Keep the Leaks Coming from the White House, so Americans will know what Trump is doing in the White House. If Trump Fires Mueller, for investigating Trump Crimes, Trump Will be Impeached. Donald Trump and Putin are Buddies. Trump made a Deal with Putin to have Russian Hackers make Trump The President Of America.

  • I predict future complaints that skilled American workers can't compete with skilled foreign workers. Anyway, I'm sure a state-created problem will be solved by a state because_______

  • With  the Grand Jury investigating Trump and his Money If Trump Fires Mueller, from investigating Trump, Trump Will be Impeached. Donald Trump and Putin are Buddies. Trump made a Deal with Putin to have Russian Hackers make Trump The President Of America. Make America Great Again, Impeach Donald Trump.

  • You wanna talk about generically engineering a country? The democrats are genetically engineering the US population by allowing new immigrants who are mostly Hispanic into the country and then turning around and letting even more in illegally. Because of this, the US population is set to be at least 51% Hispanic by the year 2050 if something doesn't change soon.

  • Apparently this is based on the Australian example of immigration. But Australia has 726,800. According to the ABS 90% of migrants in 2010 with a skilled visa were in the labor force. In other words when the US follows the AUS example you will be decreasing the about of available jobs, making it harder for people on benefits to get a job.

  • The welfare system has the wrong concept. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Of course some minorities need welfare, however. We need to go back to the apprenticeship programs of yester year. In today's system you can't get a job because you don't have any experience and you can't get that experience because you can't get the job. Qualifications don't help either unless you have the work experience to back them up

  • Your video (and especially the comment section) is filled with classical examples of one wing judging the other one based on just highlights or on stupid things uttered by some supporters of the opposite ideology. Let me clarify some stuff, as a left winger who can be considered highly educated and in a well paying job, by today's standards:
    * Not just single moms, people on welfare and stupid people vote for the Democrats. Just look to see how blue San Francisco or Seattle. I hardly know anyone in my sector who votes Republican. And this is because the Republicans have consistently done worse things than Democrats throughout their time: Reaganomics has proved not to work already and they're still pursuing it, universal healthcare IS a good idea if implemented correctly but they don't even want to think about it, religion should not be in politics yet a lot of Republicans don't mind it, people should be able to have an abortion if they want, etc.
    * Democrats don't actually believe that the English requirement is racist. Some do say that, but it's ridiculous. I think that's actually a good thing in the act.
    * How about the part in the act that cuts legal immigration? If you're just gonna import people with above-average wages, why cut the numbers? This act still hides a rooted fear of immigrants that conservatives have. High-skill well-paid people won't depress wages, and you can adjust the wage barriers with inflation and economic growth but what's the point in putting a ceiling?
    * No one wants to implement socialism. This is something that the right-wing always believes. What the most radical Democrats want, is more social safety nets like in the EU countries. Guarantee health care for everybody (I personally don't mind paying more taxes for that, and I'm the one who will bear more burden), do something about the schools, etc. The country needs a mix of the current free-market policies coupled with more egalitarian measures of social-democracy. If you just say socialism=venezuela and that failed, so let's not do that, you're just misunderstanding the other side completely. Sweeden, Denmark and Norway are great examples of social-democratic policies mixed with free-market capitalism where it worked. Also, on a similar point…
    * You got the Venezuelan example wrong. What happened there is that the economy had all its eggs in one basket (oil). This, coupled with incompetent leaders on top, led to a big crisis. Socialism isn't a red potion you put into a country, it's a mix of politics that comes in different flavors and can be used in different ways. If you just take a simplistic approach to that, you're again missing the point.

    Back a little bit to the subject, if the RAISE act gets a good productive debate, and some much-needed changes and amendments, it's very likely it can pass, but will it? Knowing how things usually happen, some Republicans will not vote for it and none of the Democrats won't either. The debate will be zero since partisanship and misunderstanding about the political opponents is what's popular these days.

  • America has benifeted greatly from taking smart people ! Operation Paper clip after ww2brought in smart Germans who change America for the best , we had no rocket program without them and with their help we got the moon shot and came of of ww2 as the eminent world power ! Libralism is a mental disorder and should be wiped out like the Nazis were !

  • Nota bene!!! Race NEEDS to be a factor. Consider carefully what is happening in Australia, they have had a non-racial points system in place for years, this has resulted in entire Australian cities being LOST to Chinese and Indian skilled immigrants. Being of European descent should be the top priority. Lets stop playing games!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZixtLvabC8c

  • Freedom is written in English. it does not mean Everything for free! and like I say: Trump: Reuniting families worldwide. ..
    by sending them home!

  • I've been waiting for this for so long. Closing the boarders all together would be better but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

  • I agree with Trump on this issue. We need productive and self sufficient immigrants who are willing to assimilate and better our country without causing more debt.

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