• Health Care is just a subsidy for greedy scumbag doctors. Who charge you 5k an HR but won't pay you $30 an HR to fix their roof . You fucks are done and you'll be lucky we don't shove your damn tsethescopes up your ass.

  • Exactly Ann. Just as I see it too. Frankly, if we all took better care of ourselves and bothered to learn what good nutrition is, we could all get by with trauma care insurance. Preventable health issues could be virtually done away with, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

    I would never take FDA approved cancer treatments, so I don't want to pay insurance for what I would never use. Give me a menu plan.

  • Who are the trolls that thumbed down this video. Excellent podcast. Ann could not be more right in regards to the rampant horrific corruption in Healthcare and Education. The only thing she missed is the out of control spending and corruption in Military spending. On September 10, 2001 the day before 911 Donald Rumsfeld comes out and admits 2.3 trillion in spending can't be accounted for. The next day the office of records gets blown up. Sounds about right.

  • Ms Barnhardt is right on. Awesome points concerning the health care scam. I guess you can be right about some things and out to lunch about other things. Her stance on 9/11, that there was no conspiracy (move along, nothing to see here) boggles the mind.

  • Let's not discriminate against "youth in Asia."
    I sold some product to an Asian customer. He asked why the price was different this week.
    "Fluctuations!" I responded. He replied,
    "Fuck you Americans too."

  • They can only harvest organs from a living body. It is not generally known, that if you are an organ donor and are being kept alive on a machine for instance, they can give you an injection, a drug to keep you from thrashing your limbs about while they "harvest" the organs from your helpless body. The question is, are the victims aware? Is their last memory of earth being dissected alive?

  • You can raise taxes all you want ,we can't,won't pay anymore . So print your unconstitutional fiat just don't pay interest to the fed. Give it directly to us instead of the banks and then all you doctors can get paid …buy another boat. I lost my boat and silver in a boating accident last year maybe you can help me find it.
    Robert Wagner

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