• You chicks are so right! KALERGI PLAN!!! Even SWITZERLAND where i live, (though i am from Catalonia; yes, we are a nation that has been oppressed and robbed by Spain for centuries) is seeing a flood of migrants, and Switzerland is NOT a EU member. And, worse, Switzerland has a very peculiar form of government that I love, they vote for laws in referendums (a normal citizen that gets 100 thousand signatures can get a referendum on a certain issue and then be passed into law, and if you get 50 thousand signatures you can have a referendum to abolish a law that was passed by the parliement, so people have a REAL saying). It is SO DIABOLICAL, since Switzerland borders France, Germany, Austria and Italy… We are seeing tons of migrants (especially now that is summer, they couldn't in winter, thank god for the Alps). Getting a visa permit to work here is insanely HARD, and expensive. You gotta pay for insurance (250-350 dollars a month, minimum), plus proving that you have enough money saved to pay for your monthly living expenses or have someone sponsor you, plus prove that you are looking non stop for a job and checking with a person with the state showing proof, you also have to have references from swiss locals (employers, the community, organizations where you volunteer -they encourage volunteering a lot, church, etc), and this gets even HARDER if you want to get swiss nationality. Interviews, tests about swiss culture, history, traditions, geography, etc, you must be able to speak one of the official languages depending on the canton you live. And a tribunal plus members of the community decide if you deserve the swiss nationality (you have to wait for years having the visa permits and be EMPLOYED in order to apply). I love how hard it is, even if i am afected! Why? Because then people cannot take advantage, you make sure that people who want to come here are working their asses off. So it makes me go INSANE when i see this fucking economic migrant flood and people feeling sorry for them! It is the young college kids or left/hippy/rich part of the population that are for it. And the fact that we are NOT in the EU makes me even madder. That tells you right away that it is indeed the UN. Kalergi Plan. It is so evil. Btw, i am pregnant (yaaaaaay! 💕💕💕), and me my american/german partner are gonna create an army here! Hahaha! No excuse for not having kids! Doesn't matter the cost, you work your ass off, take as many jobs you can. Our next generations FIRST!!! YOU GO LEAH AND MICHELLE!! God bless you GUAPAS!! 💋💋💋

  • One day this will all be ours? They can not MAINTAIN it. Everything will fall apart like it did in their countries. DUH.

  • The fact that these politicians have such an agenda with absolutely no foresight of its consequences, shows the incompetency of these pro-migrant politicians and their lack of experience of what the common citizen has. They should not be able to influence the influx of migrants while living in sheltered, gated communities or homes in the countryside.
    The only good I see coming from this is the rise of national identity, which is happening as a backlash to the migrant crisis.

  • And if you don't like it you're a racist. I saw a Briethbart video about Germany being overrun last year, then watched the president I voted for, Obama, mocking peoples' fears over the sitch. I asked my family these people are genuinely afraid, how is it presidential to mock them? So this "lefty" – I am actually now post partisan, but was a lifelong Dem who was Bernie or Bust last year – is not only anti illegal immigrants, I have always been pro gun rights. My mom is a gun owner. Kept her from being gang raped once. I really think it's not about the "left/right" anymore….if it ever really was. Good job Chicks.

  • This is the Coudenhove/Kalergi plan drawn up in the 1920s by Richard Coudenhove/Kalergi who was a German Japanese aristocrat who drew this plan up in the 1920s and now the EU is working towards this and has been for the last 24 years of its existence and before that the EC and before that the EEC over the last 40 years..The plan is the Coudenhove/Kalergi plan for the white genocide of the old peoples of Europe. Please girls look into this because what you are saying goes back long before the millennium it dates back to the early part of the last century!

  • Great revelation ladies, haven't really heard of this before… kind of puts a new perspective an all the Islamic wars.

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