• When you break down the multiculturalism and return to ethno-nationalist states K-selected people start taking on some socialist interests because the family boundary and the greater concern for the members therein becomes extended to include members of the greater society.

  • I agree with a lot of what he said, with respect to African-Americans they should be able to stay in the United States as they were brought as slaves so long ago.

  • This idea of payments is not so strange. Countries like Japan and others have in fact paid immigrants to leave. Even Germany has done this.

  • I think the answer is to allow people to segregate if they choose and mix if they choose. Right now, society preaches diversity above all else, but a lack of diversity is OK too. I believe both should be allowed to exist. Neither should be preached as "evil" or forced on anyone.

  • Spencer had me going until vouching for Bernie nutbag Sanders. Good god man stick to what you know – nationalism, stick up for white european roots and american exceptionalism. Bernie is a bumbling piece of shit never worked till he became a politician maggot at age 40. Look at Venezuela you idiots, THAT is socialism. Eventually you run out of other peoples money, and daddy gubmint cant take care of your every need.

  • I'm an aggnostic on immigration, but i was just wondering logistically how could net nutural immigration work as long as white people (at least in parts of europe) have less than the replacement rate in terms of childbirth

  • Spencer is correct of race: it matters. Differences have consequences.
    Where he goes off the rails is he's a socialist. If anthropogenic climate change is bullshit, its bullshit. Public transit, no thanks! Socialized medicine system? Hell no.

  • Frankly I do respect some of Spencer's views. What troubles me the most is the idea of reverse migration even for legal immigrants. I'm glad he's thinking of "innovative' and "peaceful" ways to accomplish this, but it is also clear that he is thinking of ways of presenting his platform in ways modern voters would find palatable before really going hard on it (i.e. starting with net-neutral migration before going full on reverse). So I do frankly still have some lingering concern there that this isn''t necessarily the full story. Also something I would like to hear him directly address in more detail is the fact that many immigrants come to the US to escape frankly terrible living conditions: Africa, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, etc. At some point he mentioned the idea that returning to these countries may not be a desirable outcome and he somewhat jokingly mentioned giving Blacks all of Florida or something like that. I'd be curious to hear him talk on his ideas regarding this issue in some more detail. Is his dream some sort of "Reservation" for different ethnicity within the US like modern Native Americans? Would he expect his dream ethno-state to peacefully relinquish territory to allow the formation of other ethno-states? What sort of travel restrictions, if any, would apply? All interesting subjects of discussion, but in real life application I'd again have lingering concerns–history tells some worrying tales about such American Reservations.

    Also, I must admit this was the first time I'd actually listened to Spencer speak. He's obviously a charismatic guy and a good speaker. But I'm doing some more research, and I can't help but notice his overall tone and the content of his speech is markedly different here than in say a rally where he states "We don't exploit other groups. We don't gain anything from their presence. They need us and not the other way around… Heil Trump! Heil our people! Heil Victory!" That last chant with a timely raising of a water glass, to which at least four or five audience members seems to be reciprocating the Nazi salute.

    Interesting indeed. Perhaps the press' representation of him was too harsh, but frankly I'm not sure I'm ready to buy this wholesome Spencer we met here is all there is to the story, either.

  • People turn Spencer into a big scary boogeyman but damn near everything I've heard him say has made a whole lot of sense to me. I haven't read all of his work or listened to every interview but I haven't heard anything from him thus far that would even come close to justifying the insane amount of hate and vitriol that seems to follow him around.

    If the only "argument" you can make is that "he's offensive", you don't actually have an argument. Simply having ideas with which you disagree does not make a person evil or dangerous.

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