• Debates my ass, these idiots have been dragging around for 7 years. Talk,talk talk is all we ever get. If they had to use the same insurance as we do they would get something done pretty quick.

  • Trump does not care about the health insurance for the American people. His hate for Obama is his driving force. yes the health care bill needs tweaking to make it more affordable but giving next to nothing in health care and killing the disabled and elderly is not the answer.

  • Oj is innocent. He didn't do it. He should sue the brown family and ron former job.. We all glad oj home. I wish he was the Democratic senator. Thank oj for being a good person.

  • We watch this crap like it's a reality show that never ends. These people have convinced us, the majority of us, that they're actually doing something other than putting on a show….that we willingly watch. And, sadly, we pick a side and argue with each other about it….

  • I am glad that McCain has good health insurance paid for by tax money. I dread to imagine if he did not have insurance especially now that he needs it. His good health insurance has allowed him treatment and given him the chance to appear in Congress to speak and vote well to ensure that his constituents and public receive good care when they need it.

  • What is everyone, absolutely 100% incompetent? Obama care was garbage, and started out as a GOP idea anyway. It had a few scraps of merit, such as pre-existing conditions not counting against you, as it should have from the beginning. It needs to be badly overhauled, they need to pay a bit more into Medicare/medicaid ANYWAY, but the biggest one is simply, they need to start REGULATING the damn insurance companies again to keep the premiums in check. Now the problem here is, the vast majority of the Republicans are even BIGGER sellouts then the friggin Democrats were. Not only do they want to de-regulate the insurance companies even further, they even want to CUT social Healthcare as much as possible, to the point of pure absurdity. These morons want to cripple a major, critical component of our country, especially one as big as this one, keeping so many afloat, not to mention, it is just simply a humane service to provide. I don't know how, when or where the modern conservative movement turned into a purely neo-nazi, inbred, backwoods hick fest, but if you want to be just like Russia, an absolute God awful mess, then be my guest you morons.

  • Since the Affordable care act is already in place, here's a novel idea why don't these idiots try fixing the Affordable care act? Stop worrying about who put it in place, try caring about the American people!…

  • This comment section probably gave McCain cancer. And shit, the partisan politics need to get out of national health care: no tax breaks for the rich that have nothing to do with health care, no fine bullshit (I have an 18 year old friend who has to put up with that), don't get planned parenthood involved (that's an entirely different issue)

  • He might be a hero, but his party ain't shit! He has prefect excuse to stay away from this nonsense Narcissistic game! But still chose to come back and convince people with his brain cancer! Oh please, if you really care and you would not come! Just pray you cancer don't come back, coz most of time, they do!

  • Wait… did I just hear the words "senate" "working" AND "late"….?!?

    Also side note, I can't stand Trump, but I'm not going to pray for his tenure to crash and burn… in even a conservative turn of events, him failing would have a ton of potential seriously negative impacts on our country.

    Obviously he's negatively impacting our country on some level right now and currently during his presidency but people seem to be wishing for something major to happen during this time as a kind of "I told you so" mentality. To me that starts getting pretty damn close to hoping for something very damaging to happen to our country… imo at least.
    Also, these campaign trump pep rally's need to stop, or at least less often than currently. Wether I hate trump or love trump, I find it equally irritating.
    You run for president and campaign the country asking for support, if/when you win the election it's at that point where you start being the president.
    It's just super infuriating that it almost seems like he doesn't realize the elections are over and is still thinking elections haven't happened yet…

  • Republican: Hey guys we should get rid of this bill, it's not working, it's costing people too much money
    All of the Other Republican's: Yeah!
    Some random person: Why don't you just modify it then?
    Republican: WHO SAID THAT!?!?

  • Well….. call me an asshole, but the sympathy I had for John McCain, flew right out the window today.

    If he'd stayed home the vote would've been 49-51, and the bill would've been dead. But nooooo…. A guy who already has decent insurance that'll cover the million bucks in medical bills he's about to rack up, chose to fly cross-country for a vote which could ensure that millions of people less fortunate than him, won't have that luxury. While we the taxpayers pick up the tab for 3/4 of his premiums!

    How fucking heartless do you have to be to be diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, and upon returning to work, the first thing you do is attack other sick people!

  • All you need to do is abolish health insurance transactions and the prices would plummet to next to nothing overnight, and so would all that blue chip pharmaceutical stock. Prices would plummet so bad that a $100K surgery may cost you a grand or two.

  • There is only one item on the Agenda of the Senate and House GOP Leadership and that is the defeat of President Trump in 2018 Congressional Elections and in the 2020 Presidential election. President Trump has to target the GOP leadership for replacement in 2018 and 2020.

  • Mitch McConnell – We can't follow the status quo, we've got to follow the directions of the people who sent us here…

    Translated – We're about to knock 20+ million citizens out of their chance to have healthcare, we're going to get tax breaks for our largest donors…

  • The problems are plain. Bring the prices down and address the glaring fact that most ppl waste their whole day in Dr. waiting rooms hours AFTER their appointment time and then you will be getting warming on fixing health care. The rest is just smoke, mirrors, and bullshit.

  • just as everything else they rewritten what a moor did last year. America not going forward this is backwards King yon Lion life forever Messiah last King rising in the West

  • Insane McCain got double bad news after getting the cancer in the brain, President Trump is Stopping McStains buddies ISIS funding….drop dead McStain the sooner the better.

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