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Tom Heneghan reports he has intel Jeff Sessions may have been offered a $15 million bribe to protect the Bush Clinton crime syndicate! Judicial Watch just …

Jeff Sessions


  • It's obvious that Trump has no clue who to appoint to our America …. so obviously it's going to be up to us …….we the people . All these traitors need to be hanging from streetlights

  • What I think is actually worse than the possibility that they bribed Sessions.
    My thought are that they threatened him with regarding his family and friends.

  • Don't forget the WH Chef <murdered>recently, plus the young women who went to Haiti, Monica Petersen, to check out trafficking children scandal in Haiti and ties to Clinton Foundation, then she supposedly commits suicide, off a cliff, but probably beat up and thrown off the cliff, a young beautiful girl snuffed out by researching Clintons.

  • Stu, I opt for the lamp posts! I love Stu Webb, evenif only half of what he claims is true. If the people who voted for Trump actually had only 10% of your passion and outrage we'd be just fine.

  • The problem with draining the swamp is I can count on one hand the peeps who are not part of it cause the otjer 99% are the swamp

  • anyone involved with the deep state should be killed ,kill all of the exceptions.these people can be found and hanged. americans are aware of these criminals .

  • We have been promised that all the corruption will be exposed but if America doesnt Repent and turn from the wickedness , turn our faces back to the Heavenly Father, We ALL go down.

  • In 7 month, Sessions cannot indict one single leaker? And then he goes on nationwide TV to brag about how he's going to hire more people? Sessions is corrupted. That's the only explanation for his sitting on his ass for so long, ignoring all the important things we put him there to do.

  • Kristine Marcy and Crooked Hillary run the pedophile blackmail ring in Washington DC. Sessions probably has dirt on his hands

  • I like this. But I am pretty sure that Pope Benedict was usurped by Illuminati sodomites. He was exposing them.

  • I'm a Canadian always listening! So Mueller is using the Bank of Canada or Clinton Foundation is? Trudeau is worse than Obama. Got any links to this so I can pass on to fellow Canadian Patriots trying to expose Trudeau & the Liberal gov?

  • Sessions is an ignorant tool! You lie to TRUMP, you lie to the American people, you lie to us Southerners, you lie to GOD..
    Pure D Hell is gonna rain down on you, you filthy fuck! 90% of alabamians approve..LOVE TRUMP! WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN LIKE THE BITCH YOU ARE SESSIONS!! HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN YOU BE?! YOU THINK THERE WON'T BE REPERCUSSIONS??? OH HELL YEA! THERE WILL BE!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • President TRUMP needs to go on tv and give the American People the green's open season for all traitors! Wow! Wouldn't that be sweet!! 😂I've got dibs on mcpain!😎 TRUMP has been high jacked by these dastardly generals! If he would give the power to the people, we'll do what he's not being allowed to do!

  • HEY! What about our ports of call being managed by an islamic country! Yeah, that's rite! Ans nobama changed the size of a deplomatic pouch to the size of a cargo container..which can't be scanned or checked! Guess what's in these containers. .terrorists, spent uranium, weapons..and drugs. .and HUMAN ORGANS!

  • We can Only Pray That The Lord Will Give The President A Private Message on How to Part the Red Seas……It is a Difficult Position Our President is in Right Now. He is Alone.

  • Either President Trump is playing a game holding Sessions back to allow Mueller enough rope to hang himself and then at an appropriate time all the criminality will be revealed and all those will be prosecuted. Or President Trump is not moving forward because it's a game between he and Mueller. Mueller is getting cover in his role as special counsel from his own crimes by blackmailing President Trump to expose his crimes. Clash of the Titans! Are they trading assurances that neither will out the other?

  • Bribed know they have something on him he's been in the government for a long time have some blood on his hands in some way or another

  • The Criminality of the Establishment is conducted in plain sight. Third world countires have a better sense of justice than we do. At least they bring hasrges against their former governmenmt officials to court. Here the contempt for the public is overwhelming they don't even hide their crimes. And how can you argue with that? since we have stood motionless in the face of 24 straight years of crimes against the people by our former Presidents. Unfortunately Donald Trump was the Sacrificial Lamb, the Hail Mary thrown before the machine of injustice in hopes that he would end it. We elected him to stop the Madness. Well unfortunately one person can't handle it. He is surrounded by traitors and profiteers. Mueller , one of the most corrupt public officials in our history is now administering justice on behalf of the Deep State. It is a joke, except no one is laughing.

  • you get that this means TREY GOWDY who we think has our interests in mind he hammered at Hillary Bengahzi hearings and I'll tell you if I was doing that investigation they'd have to kill me to stop me from indicting her on the spot for the murder of Chris Stevens,perjury,yes murder yes.Obama and Hillary ran that Op for whoever is their real order giver,she wa in front of congress lying her ass off with Mueller behind her ,coaching her testimony and she goes off laughing,he does also at exact noment idts sick and creepy to watch but watch all the tetimony that day and see mueller coach Hillary thru her testimony and watch the eyes and watch the nods of approval it;sick to watch.The guy that should prosicute her is coaching her testimony because shes a schill and doent know what to say or she needs to keep lies down a certain pathand he spent many hours with her as they laugh as team,it has to be broken down and made avideo of..make no mistake and break down his behavior as he is behind her to the right,being so tall,he sticks out greatly and hes nodding with approval as she answered and lied and he laughed in perfect sychronicity with her when she laughed about a seemingly begnign question of no comedic value at all some of her asskissing people laughed a little after she did to make it seem somewhat normal but Mueller and you need to find and watch this,its easy.he laughs after the question in unison with Hillary 100% sychnronized laughing.It is so damning to watch him there behind her as the Man thats gonna decide her fate for murdering Stevens,ordering and implementing his murder then watching it live with,i wonder if they watched all the footage from the drone above to catch his body dragged thru the streets and violated?They have no empthay anyway,they oredered and plotted nd carried out his murder and others in Libya and FBI director Muellers behavior need to be broken down ans pointed out that he is ther to hear testimony to take it in and decide what actions to take he's so stuoid he gives himself away all the testimony thats hes coaching her answers and has schooled her for hours,days i imagine. The laugh is wild beyond explanantion it goes Well yaaa ha ha hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamwith a volume increase and a intensity and rop off and Muellers laugh is like 2 figure skater,its freaking insane,We need to get a video out,by we I mean someone that does that for humanity

  • Let me know let me recall something it was George Bush Senior who said if Americans and yumanity knew what we have done to them they would hunt us down like wild animals George Bush's right we need to hunt him down and his children is grandchildren his whole blood line along with all the bank is the Council of 330 the 12 fucking the 12 organizations we need to kill him once and for all there's no forgiving there's none empathy is what is bringing us down empathy apathy you realize how hard that chemtrailing now you just don't get it all of your A-frame everyone in America is a fucking deadbeat scum crackhead low-life Dirtbag you don't even care about their own children everyone I hate this country I'm born here I'm disgusted I'm disgusting everybody talks about courage but nobody has any courage nobody has any strength when you're through talking time to bring the criminals to Justice We the People you understand what George Bush did with the World Trade you understand what he signed into law illegally I'm sick and

  • Fast & Furious was arming up the cartels who give a kick back to the same guys who have our troops guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan.
    Follow the money. Nationwide opoid epidemic. Sure when Dr's become afraid to prescribe for pain poof! we'll see suburban mom's dealing heroin. Bigger profits in illegal drugs. Many of the old money families were whalers and big time traders with large ships that were involved in the India to China opium trade. Now with a pseudo air of respectability they ply this despicable trade today.
    White Thrash poured into an Armani suit is still thrash.

  • Seesions is short over 250 attorneys that haven't been given their security clearances. Before the do nothing Congress left toeen they wrote a bill to prevent "recess" appointments.

  • The Deep State is very Deep. Those who cross their paths die, suicide.. just like the people that died in the three-year period which followed the murder of President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, 18 material witnesses died – six by gunfire, three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a karate chop to the neck, three from heart attacks and two from natural causes.

  • One recently-declassified CIA document, a letter from an Agency consultant to a CIA officer, states:
    that the local circumstances under which a given means might be used might suggest the technique to be used in that case. I think the gross divisions in presenting this subject might be:
    that these bodies left with no hope of the cause of death being determined by the most complete autopsy and chemical examinations as follows:
    bodies left in such circumstances as to simulate an accidental death.
    bodies left in such circumstances as to simulate suicidal death.
    bodies left with residue that simulate those caused by natural diseases.
    There are two techniques which I believe should be mentioned since they require no special equipment besides a strong arm and the will to do such a job. These would be either to smother the victim with a pillow or to strangle him with a wide piece of cloth such as a bath towel. In such cases, there is no specific anatomic changes to indicate the cause of death…
    Beryllium:This is certainly the most toxic inorganic element and it produces a peculiar fibrotic tumor at the site of local application. The amount necessary to produce these tumors is a few micro-grams. Then there is shellfish toxin, causes a heart attack in minutes.

  • The truth is that all theses crimes are done out in the open because they will not be prosecuted because most of the government officials holding public office are compromised. They all took bribes and are blackmailed. They are paid proxies who take their marching orders from powerful people unseen, and behind the curtain. They love their positions of power, and will do anything to keep their positions of power.

  • Mr. Webb, for your info, most of those people u call Jews are not! They just changed their names many years ago. They are Roman Catholics who serve the Vatican! Comey, by orders of Obama did the wiretapping, and most of the other dirty tricks as most of them are pedophiles including Pence. Our president is surrounded by people that mean him harm! If you can help him, stop running your mouth, and go there, and do some good.

  • Sewer raised it's head. They are in full assault mode coming at the President fro. every angle. If we don't pray the end game for us will be annihilation for those of us who resisted the globalist elites. This is a swamp monster Leviathan. The corruption is so deep. There are at least 4 separate forces working in tandem to take him out. The only reason they haven't assassinated him already they don't want to turn him into a Martyr. The blow back from that will destabilize their plan. They're working on destroying his name and the name of his family so when he goes down the resistance will be minimized.

  • I hate to point this out but the DNC commissioned the report from Mr. Steele. British Intelligence don't need to discredit anyone over on your side of the pond. You do a damn fine job f that without anyone else's help.

    Instead of pointing at the UK, point at the correct target…..the DNC.

  • Lets Not Forget The Sinaloa Cartel The Sinaloa Cartel is an international drug trafficking, money laundering, and
    organized crime syndicate. Wikipedia Criminal activities: Drug trafficking, money laundering, murder, kidnapping, bribery Founded: 1989 Founding location: Culiacán Ethnicity: Mexican Leaders: Ismael Zambada García, Juan José Esparragoza Moreno Allies: Gulf Cartel, Knights Templar Cartel, La Familia Michoacana, More Founders: Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, Héctor Luis Palma Salazar And MS-13 is Also Connected. The Bush Family Are Communists, and when Hillary stated on open questioning she stated that this could take down, the entire US Government, She also neglected to specify' that both Democrats and Republicans would fall? This goes Back to Zapata Oil, And The Bush Money Laundering, The Bay Of Pigs The Murder of JFK CUBA The Federal Reserve And Much More, All These Individuals' From Left To Right Must Be Indited Charged Prosecuted, And Then Imprisoned For Life Sentences, And You can also Point' the Finger to the British Royal Family, T^hey Are All Connected By Blood, And Dirty Business, These Are The Ones That are becoming wealthy while destroying the United States, I also Support The Death Penalty' for all the ones convicted of the JFK Assassination and others that stood against the Deep State and lost their lives trying to reveal the true extent of all this internal Corruption.




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