• If the Hillary crash story is true you know there's something really bad the whore wants hidden. If she did survive a plane crash they would have had it all over the news like she is superwoman. If it happened which you can't just trust foreign reports then she had illegal meetings with Iranians. Doesn't matter. She wouldn't go to jail anyway

  • Haha, I tried reading through the NPR article but after following George Webb's channel for several months, I called bullshit on sooo many points that I couldn't finish reading it.
    Whenever someone writes from a left/right paradigm I toss it in the trash can

  • i wish in your videos you would stop trashing other alt sources. it really takes away from your credibility. its your opinion, not fact.

  • I'm having a hard time believing that's Seymour Hersh. Would he swear that much? I will have to listen to other recordings of him. And we definitely should be skeptical of Cassandra Fairbanks. I have faith in Seymour Hersh, but not any of those Cernovich cohorts.

  • Hey, I heard you quote Sorcha Faal. THAT is FAKE news from the Navel Intel agency to see what the response is and THAT is all. I would drop ALL future stories from THAT source.

  • While I appreciate all the info you share. I have to disagree with the Trump Zionist opinion. THEY WOULDN'T BE FIGHTING HIM SO HARD AND TRYING TO IMPEACH HIM IF HE WAS WORKING FOR THEM. He doesn't need their money. Why is it so hard to believe that he really wants to fix our country the best he can because he wants to leave it better for his grandchildren. By no means is he perfect. Maybe your the shill dude

  • It seems to me that Brennan is also a convert to islam, and "closet " member of the Muslim Brotherhood- same as Abeddin and V Jarrett…? {When Alex, Ran over the NRA rally witha bullhorn- i began re-evaluating infowhores and their connections to the Spy rings in Houston.}

  • Titus, appreciate your perspective!
    The level of brainwashing going on with the general public is astounding!
    I find it fascinating how the narrative can be rewritten in such a way that when we discuss or say certain phrases they are co opted by people like A.J. and we are lumped by the public into the Trump conspiracy theorist group…
    The average citizen heard this and turns off their critical thinking skills!!

  • I wondered where are all the Bernie Sanders supporters are they stoned đź’€? The DNC stole the votes from them and gave to Hillery.

  • Titus man, It is common knowledge over here in England that people in law "enforcement" get nowhere career wise without being a mason, Especially so at Scotland Yard. That has never changed and whilst City of London banker elites in league with in-breed "royality" elites running political "elites"…etc. run this shit, Nothing will change. Good stuff as always man

  • Steven Colbert is a clownshoe puppet… Warn by the propagandist assholes pushing that red and blue bullshit. Period. He's only funny and cleaver to the blind.

  • Keep going and stat true Titus! You keep me motivated and on course. My prayers are always with you and your safety

  • Seth Rich was not killed. Psyop. Wheeler worked on Boston bombing and Pulse nightclub… says it all. Stop pushing it.

  • Oh just dropped by to tell you you lost me as a follower and a friend and wont be sharing your videos untill you release a official public video apologizing to David seaman for your piece of shit slander video. He did not "send me" over here to say this. I come to your videos to watch and hear news that matters, not to hear you slamming on other independent investigative journalist.

  • NPR ……I volunteer to go in and grab any of these ZZionist asslickers by the neck. They are the biggest pieces of shit on the planet. ((((( FORWARD )))))

  • Oh! My pleasure Titus! Thanks for the shout out! I greatly appreciate it….. I too am not a trump supporter, nor did I vote for him. I'm a way left progressive (not to be confused with the Hillary hilarity of calling herself this. She's right of Bush! Also not to be confused with government "liberals," who are not anywhere near being liberal. They're all Neoliberals).
    However, like many real progressives we're calling out all the crap and that very much (and perhaps mostly) applies to the Dems! And I too get called a trump supported, from Hillary supports who have been attacking me since the beginning of the primary.
    Thanks for your work, Titus! Peace.

  • My sister listens to NPR like it was gospel. I puke every time I hear their high-faluting-slightly-nasal-holier-than thou-tone, a requirement I assume to get the reporter job. LOL

  • Hey, Titus– new to your channel and really appreciate your investigative work and information you're putting out there. I've actually been a little obsessed the last couple days… I admire the vigilantes for this cause! So please consider the next comment as somewhat like an anonymous complaint in a restaurant comment box: from my personal pov, I have a really hard time with the "f word"– it bothers me to hear it used casually– for a few personal reasons not relevant to this post. I honestly had to stop watching this video because I didn't want to hear it anymore. I'm not some delicate snowflake– I absolutely believe in free speech. But in my opinion, the vile content you're reporting on speaks for itself, no need for added cursing. I'm only pointing it out because I'm afraid you're going to lose potential subscribers who may be turned off by the language. That being said, I never comment on YouTube vids– I truly care about your success because the message is so important! Again, just making an anonymous comment to let you know if I feel that way, others may also. However, your voice is your voice– whatever the words may be! I wish your voice many listeners because you speak on behalf of little ones who can't speak for themselves. Thank you for being brave enough!

  • NPR How could anyone listen to this BRAINWASH station? Honestly Seth was murders. And the Clintons and entire DNC needs to be busted wide open. All Criminals. And Obama is the Devil. Anyone who believes this person wasant murdered along with the list must be 130 or more dead. Hillary. Needs to be in prison. I can't believe how stupid stupid and ignorant Left is. There Liberalisum is a freaking disease. The DNC is full of Criminals. And really the American People need to get Realistic and into Reality. Most smart Americans no the Truth. But there are many who don't. Like Majiorty of the black race. Not all. Minorties. And many stupid white fat people. We all need to fight. And put all these people away. Many do need to be caged. I mean that. Hillary Is a terrible terrible human being. I look forward to the DNC will be brought down. Its time. Truth always PREVAILS. It is time Right Side to completely take our power back. And fight to get this truth out more and more. Amen Jesus.

  • Seymour Hersh had audio leaked where he claims Seth Rich was the wikileaks source? WRONG. Didn't you hear the end of that audio where Hersh says "I hear GOSSIP. Ed Bukowsky took 2 + 2 and got 45".

  • TItus,

    Could you do a video on the MGT Sentinel? I don't know anything about it and your explanations on topics are very well explained.

  • Man, who can even listen to Hersh ramble on?
    he can't keep a single thought going for one sentence without interrupting himself.
    "Oh, by the way…."

    Is he on meth, or just bipolar?

  • Hi Titus, please dress better in videos , no baseball cap or wife beater/team jersey. Your info is top notch but your delivery is sub par.

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