• I love that you are zooming in on media collusion and making your point by highlighting curious patterns of "trending" articles. It's almost as though NPR, CBS, MSNBC, Time magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post are a single news outlet, marching in lockstep w state-owned social media.

  • The investigation also needed to expose THE conttent of Podesta's emails, where he said, "I have no problem making an example of these leakers" ( best remembered). There's also an email of him warning one of HRC's female staff, "Don't mention it, you know how she tends to assassinate people", (perhaps joking). I read this on Counter Punch's cache. (again best remembered, but close, if not accurate). Where's Kim.com's evidence? Wikkileaks could cull these out.

  • They might be able to suppress #SethRich. They might be able to 'de-bunk' #SethRich (by applying bunkum). They cannot do both. Ideally they want no one to know the name but that train has sailed. They pumped the hashtag and then tried to dump it but people are not yet just slower computers. You can't BleachByt the human mind. Sorry Hillary.

  • The fact that the Media attacks anyone who even mentions Rich / Wikileaks tells us all we need to know. The MSM has obvious 'tells' if you know what to look for. Trending hashtags that come and go artificially. Synchronous narrative talking points circulating MSM headlines and discussions. Whenever these things occur it's a high probability that the truth is behind their attack smokescreen. Often they turn it on it's head and accuse opponents for that which they are guilty. Classic Saul Alinsky subterfuge. People not waking up are afraid of inconvenient truths. The MSM is not a victim of this but a conspirator in perpetuating this dystopian fear to keep people watching their lies.

  • Tabloid reporters in the mainstream media are too lazy to ferret out real news for themselves. They rely on "leakers" to give them White House news instead of reporting the progress being made by the Trump Administration. They lack integrity and are complicit in what harm may come to our country and individuals due to their slovenly, reckless, reporting habits. There is so much going on that is newsworthy, but they will not report it. They salivate at the thought of sensationalism and are mute on the dastardly deeds committed by the Clintons, their Cronies, and their blindsided followers. They have done nothing to investigate the murders of anybody too close to criminals and, one cannot help but wonder how many are complicit in covering up the Seth Rich murder, and other recent deaths.

  • Attention Chris Simpson,

    If you are reading this please expand your channel to Minds,
    Gab, and Vid Me ASAP!! By Friday this week YouTube community as we know
    it will be shut down by new AI unit being deployed to censor
    "controversial" channels. Remember to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  • The MSM in Canada is spreading the fake news also. If someone would even think and research what we are being fed, then they would realise a lot of bullshit is exactly what the MSM is.

  • Seth Rich, DNC staffer got a bullet in the back of his head for exposing Hillary's & Podesta's criminal and perverted emails. Wikileaks immediately offered a reward for information about his murder. Don't be Fools. (Original Source – Washington Post)

  • This will have as much effect on the Trump impeachment as WhiteWater had on the Clinton impeachment. Nil. The door was opened by the emails and the investigator walked through. The emails don't mean much of anything now. Now we are looking at conspiracy, obstruction, money laundering and bribery…to name a few of Trump's achievements.

  • The IT Party? The night Seth Rich was murdered. None of those guys would want to talk if they were all working together. Too afraid??? One of the Awan Brothers was in the picture.

  • That Hersh audio is fairly old (July 11th when the video I saw was uploaded).

    he shared what was in the box "with friends"? and then says "it won't solve your problems?" who was he talking to? was he being coerced into doing this?

    If Brennan was the architect, then the DNC did not come up with it. I'm pretty sure the UK are the ones who told the USIC to blame Russia. DNC are coattail riders on a British disinformation program.

  • Somebody at that party Seth was at, could of put a drug in his drink ,so he would be quieter ,unguarded,when they tailed him and killed him.The police said he was unaware he had been shot in the back.The brother caught trying to leave the country should be investigated on where he was that night…at the party? Seth, appears to be not the sharpest fellow .Why would he be walking home alone, in the early hours.Most crimes happen during that time. Too many odd deaths associated with the Clintons.
    He should of taken a cab or stayed home, or at the very least had a trusted friend with him when he decided to party. Someone there offered to take him home and he declined the offer.He was playing with the Devil…and lost.He made some really bad decisions,regarding his safety, on the night he was murdered.If he had made just one wise decision that night ,as in taking a cab…he might still be alive today.

  • @ Daniel Christopherrson, you are correct, they run the same narrative to brain wash the sheep. There are ton's of evidence showing how the information is distributed. They are run by a few people and plug their narrative into the masses to cover-up and deceive for the politicians and others.

  • The grand jury will take care of all this, keep spreading your bullshit, it won't save your orange god. He's going to jail and that ain't fake news morons.
    Keep drinking the kool aid.

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