• I really like Lindsay, she seems like a genuine beautiful women, albeit she is a little confused about what she wants. She needs to Stop all that "Yes But " stuff and take some steps towards what she wants. I really hope things work out for her!!!

  • Actually all those things ..education and such can bring a lot to the table .. A smart man does not want his children raised by someone who has no exposure to education and what it is like in the work force .. now she can take time out to rear children .. but when he comes home from work and would like to have a friend to talk to .. it is nice to talk to someone how has some reference point as to what he is talking about …
    I will comment on an earlier video that i was unable to retrieve about not getting involved with a single mother … much is very true and as i outlined later on that blog there are some definite rules ..
    but someone needs to do a show on why women should not get involve with divorce men .. the problems are just as overwhelming .. especially if has children with his estranged wife .. it can really suck …
    but back to the subject at hand . Some women are able to juggle career and home and such .. while other cannot . Some women have household incomes that can afford a maid and a nanny .. others do not . Some families work closer together and help each other out with child care while others do not .. and many more factors that can play into the equation . So again it must be individual choice .
    The problem with student loan debt simply should not be .. it is an injustice in itself .
    i went to college back in the early to mid 80s on a pay as i went program . it took me a little bit longer to get my degree .. but i walked to my degree debt free and college was affordable and i had family support .. something like 256 dollars a semester and some of the book and such were expensive .. but you could find them used in many cases .
    Tuition for college is an injustice to your youth and yes children will benefit from having educated mothers .

  • When this woman talks about how she thinks "its worse for women today", the way she describes it sounds like she buys into the common delusion that women are entitled to sell their vaginas for an easy life.

  • 9:14 Absolutely right .. if you do not put out then the next girl will.. birth control takes away that ultimate price .. so those girls that are trying to remain chaste will have a very difficult and lonely time .. just how things are these days

  • Stefan.. one area i see that i disagree with you on is that you are discouraging females from getting an education .. i think that is a mistake .. i will venture to say this and be a sexists myself . but i have 31 years of on site observation .. and that is that men make horrible healthcare workers .. As a rule compassion is not one of their virtues .. and i would venture to say that men make better soldiers over all ..one of the things that has made the cost of healthcare go up is we are getting too many men involved
    Caring for the sick has been part of the female role for many generations … and women are usually better at it .

  • When an AMERICAN woman say she "maybe a could lose a LITTLE weight"…. she is probably closer to a 5 and not her self confessed "7/8".
    Women are in as much denial about how important weight is in attraction…..as men are about their incomes and jobs.
    Yes. Yes we do care a LOT about these things.

  • Solutions ….

    Stefan .. i have been listening to your videos and recall you saying in one of them .. concerning your blog that you would like to see solutions ….and i am listening to this young women and understanding her dilemma . Education was not a mistake .. if she does chose to become a homemaker .. it will be useful if she decides to homeschool her children .
    True that women do increase risk in child birth when they grow older .. but i think the risk only increases if they have had prior children and also .. Even with all the odds against them and such ..95-97 percent of all live births are normal healthy cephalic births . .. so the odds are good that everything will be OK …. And with improvements in nutrition and prenatal care .. i suspect that those numbers can even improve . So worrying about age is not a huge factor .. of course anyone over 40 should be concerned as the possibility increases in leaving the children orphaned and in those cases of older parents .. be assured they should have god parents lined up in the event .
    i recall that a older women had a surprise pregnancy at one of the places that i worked and because of all the publicity about the potential risk .. the women at work were sooo horrible and judgmental towards her that it was terrible .. What these monkey brained people out here do not get is the word .. risk …does not mean that something is going to happen, it simply means there is a possibility and face it all life is about risks that we sometimes have to take to progress and move forward . Older couples are also at higher risk of producing gifted children .. so there ya go .. that is how that works .. but negative news sells . Older parents are usually better parents .. via experienced .. more financially and emotionally stable
    Solutions for young women .. As in past comments i have gone over some areas that the majority of woman are stronger in than the majority of men .. So lets use nursing as an example .
    In times past hospitals kept wings open for coeds and such and young women 18 and up that were unmarried could opt to live in those coeds and sign up for nurses training if they were unmarried .. They provided room and board and training . And even better than that after the girls complete certain levels they can get a salary and start a savings plan to buy a home upon exiting the programs .. say mabe 10 years . This puts those extra females out into the community .. food and housing secured and stops the dynamic of the desperate female trying to resource males .. .. Therefore her basic needs are met and she can make a more logical and intelligent decision when chosing a mate . being in the coed situation among other females that are nurturing .. will help those females with abuse issues .. recover and become better mothers in the end . ..
    As females that deal with high instances of physical and verbal abuse in their childhoods often learn to accept that as a norm .. placing them in an environment that is nurturing .. will help them on the path of finding a better way to live .
    Take those healthcare programs out of the universities and put them all back in the hospitals .. and nothing is ever going to be perfect .. but you will see less single mothers out there .. and if they do become single mothers for some unforeseen reason .. they have the tools and capability for providing for children and even a disabled or sick spouse .
    There is a solution .. just as old as the pyramids .. with a little bit added .
    There may be other areas and fields .. that the same model can be used .

  • Even if she was a 10, her debt would drop her down to a 8, her attitude would drop her down to a 4, After 30 she's a 2. Good luck with that.

  • Wow! What crap… This is the kind of thing that alpha males want women to believe. And this guy is emotionally battering and berating this woman who's almost young enough to be his daughter! The problem is that today's capitalist economy puts us in this kind of crappy situation. Together with the grand illusion of 'freedom', of course. Yes, we'd blame everything else, except the problem itself. The solution to it all? Get married…. and be a mom!
    This Christian-women-make-good-moms is as fundamentalist as a mullah or Hindu-fundamentalist who tells women go-and-have-babies-and-do-nothing-but-that….
    I agree that feminism is just probably another male plot to make sure alpha males get sex for free, or on the cheap….. Finally, can women decide what THEY want?

  • We are heading toward a genetic Idiocracy because the intelligent women (and men) are all going for careers instead of having children at an early age. Sure it's a lot of work but when I was the caller's age I was both working full-time, studying full-time, and partying full-time. Nowadays I couldn't do that without collapsing. Nothing worthwile is easy. People fall for the old trap that a job = "money." When you're young, 99% of the jobs out there earn only income but not money. Only as you get older can you chance upon "jobs" that earn money, and by money I mean a vehicle (job, trade, scam, company, business) you do for 20 years and live off interest after that. I DID THAT for 4 years till (you guessed it) 2008 because I'm both smart AND evil. Knowing this about myself dissuaded me from pursuing relationships or descendants because I realised that I actually have a social conscience that prevents me from inflicting my genes upon humanity's future. Maybe my genes are actually smarter than I think I am. OR NOT.

  • Stefan trying to talk yet another woman into becoming a leech on some poor dude. LOL
    Do the math. 50% of millenial men are SJW/effette types. 5% are gay. 10% are criminals. Another 20% never leave the nest and play video games all day. And 50% of the rest make too little to afford to support a wife and kids. So maybe 1 in 10 men fit the bill of future husband/provider. These slots are taken by the most beautiful and socially adept women. This woman may not fit that category. The odds that she's an 8 or above is not even 10%. So, instead of finding a satisfying career, he will have her work dead end jobs and "date" for a living, till she hits 40 and the game ends. All hoping for that 1 or 2 in 100 chance.

  • Find a young woman before she turns out like this, once they get into debt and have lost all virtue there is little success to be found in pursing the older ones. It's not their fault, but they have become liable both to yourself and to any potential children. Society has fucked up this generation, so much.

  • In one breath, you say women need to find a 'great father figure' to have children with, but that pool of 'great father figure material' is very, very small.
    How many guys have been more bothered about my income, and expected me to carry/give birth and carry on working while pumping off my breast milk in my break times is unreal. I'm serious! Guys don't seem to have a realistic idea of what bringing up children is like, otherwise they don't want to be fathers and never want to grow up.
    The picking of a partner when we're younger, has it's chances of separation by the time we are 30-40 years old. Ending up with a broken family.
    Women are in a no win situation. We have to choose between poverty, marriage slavery or trying for the best career where our wages are never as high as a males or we're stamped down because the males have to meet the needs of their families. Even the gay guys are all about the money and want expensive cars and holidays. The money world is a male dominated world. The federal reserve shows that too.
    Females are very aware of our eggs expiry dates, (They are in OUR bodies) and we don't need reminding of it ALL the time Stephan. We spend all our time trying to forget that they are there so we don't come across as desperate or get banged up with the wrong guys baby and end up on welfare. A little more empathy, compassion and understanding in this area wouldn't go a miss Stefan.

  • so we fucking give girls scholarships to go to college to meet men to marry and continually do this over and over so they can continue to hate whatever path they chose and start over again? or now we're going to forgive their debt for totally fucking up the whole economy? are you fucking kidding me? and why the fuck do we give all this free shit to women and disabled people meanwhile a capable able bodied person like me is shunned and abandoned to fend for myself.. while all resources are handed over to idiotic women and the handicapped.. why are we promoting this retardation and not rewarding capable people?

  • this woman is compalining about everyone else and everything else not being good enough for her.. maybe you're just not a catch.. maybe you offer nothing to anyone else..

  • no one is going to marry you because of your debt.. you will marry a guy and divorce him and he will have to pay half your debt.. no one will marry you.. and do not give them advice to get married.. make it your job to get married? how about take responsibility for your decision and go bust your ass in life and stop making your problems everyone elses responsibility? you have a teaching degree but you don't want to make lesson plans for the rest of your life? well guess what.. that's what you do now.. you also have a law degree. well guess what.. that's what you do now.. you aren't going to get carried around on a carriage your whole life.. sorry that's not what happens..

  • This whole interview stunk. Where's Dr. Laura? I only watch Stefan's youtube videos. I guess he does a call in show. We all have problems. She wouldn't be able to handle my problems but I am trying my best to get by. I had three eye surgeries and a bad immune system leading to a break out of Psoriasis. Started Humira. Never been laid. I have Asperger's Syndrome I found out in therapy. I have to take care of myself and trying to get through school because I can't get hired. Life is tough. I am not that bad off yet I am not well off. I am smart and college is challenging. My Asperger's caused me to flunk and I hate school because of liberalism. Yet I have personally had good teachers but never made it through to a four year school. I am deeply conservative. Stuck in Juco. I felt a loser not getting thru college and dropping out. Need the degree. Feminism did ruin me. Women are fine but take it romantic and they are hard to get. I have been alone so long I am used to it. But decided that I can in the future when I am financially secure get someone from South America. Oh and Dad died. But that's life. I am over 30 so be it. And don't drive at the moment. So that's a challenge. Not to devulge much more or anything confidential I came to the USA at four. So while not born here lived 100% of life here and became a citizen when Reagan was president. We all have issues and a story. This woman is not unique. At this point I have become asexual and don't need sex. I could go on because I have lots to say but I am pretty much the opposite of this woman. I see the need to pass college. Yet I see why some people hate it. Yet I learn how to study properly then I am on easy street and can do anything I want. Just returned to school and finding I need better study methods. Real serious with school. No more bad grades or flunking out. I am not there to fool around or care about women. This woman is pretty much a dolt. Turned the video off after 24 minutes. Rather not be with that type of female. Those were the one's who I delt with before and they are too childish and play hard to get. Actually I want a woman like these ten women : Jill Dobson, Ana Caty Hernandez, Liz Wheeler, Pamela Silvia Conde, Melissa Francis, Michelle Monaghan, Shandi Finnessey, Michelle Bogowith, Alexis Bledel and Lacey Chabert.

  • This was an awesome Stefan! I am 30 and have new goals in life..after dating quite a few different ones here in the US through my 20's.
    Always be careful and spent enough time with knowing a partner. A christian should marry a christian. Make him read the bible girl, and explain to you what he thinks after finished 🙂 It's the best and only way..start with the new testament. I have witnessed more than one converted catholic here in US. Read for yourself and decide, is for everyone.

  • Another ditzy airhead whose only reason for "going to college" was to bag a husband, but failed miserably, and instead racked up a mountain of debt which, whatever sucker/loser/beta male cuck she ends up dragging to the altar will have to work like an ass to pay off while she sits on her fat ass and watches TV all day long. Except that she can't find such a sucker. If you can't attract a guy being the only woman in a class of all guys you're very likely a dog or a cow, and have absolutely nothing to offer a half decent guy with any measure of self respect. Another product of feminism + the failed American public school system.

  • Most of these whiny, directionless, low self-esteem women you keep advising to find a man to marry and have a slew of kids won't do any better as wives and mothers than they did in their lackluster careers. Incredibly shortsighted advice. You are setting them up for failure.

  • Hello Stefan, she is sorting out her own identity and she has made some great life choices, help her to look at her path and how it all links! You have a lot in common with her it appears and it looks like you can relate to what you call her bad choices, you did start to go down a path that degraded her a bit in this area and then you picked it up and lifted her! Thank goodness! All the best to you Lindsay!

  • Being a teacher feels like being a PRISON GUARD. Yup… I can sure relate. Especially when Liberal MANNERS rule the day. and getting A's does NOT mean you're smart. boo.

  • My advice to women? Make it your JOB-or leave your evenings free- to get married… blind dates, parties, online dating, community church…whatever it takes because your clock is TICKING!!

  • All the good ones are taken, and those that aren't……..there's usually a reason why.    Are you talking about men, dear, or yourself?

  • A woman has ages 30 – 70 to have a JOB!! All the more reason to get those babies out before 35! I did, and I pity those who are now 40 and either single or working HARDER than ever to pay bills, with no FAMILY!!

  • Girls/women I'm 33 years old I've know a lot of women the truth is your only worth as much as your crotch muscle once your slack threes no going back

  • Hey STEFAN… you're an ACTOR who just couldn't join the DUMDEM LIBERAL world of artsiness!! I was in the same boat… I was a singer who couldn't stand the PRO- PLO stance of other singers!!! so sad.

  • Thank you for encouraging this young woman to be a wife & mother. That is what I did & I was perfectly happy with that. Children bring more joy than anything else in life.

  • You can always get a job but you can never go back in time and raise your kids, no second chances for being a mom, once the time is lost, that's it. Being a mom was the best thing I ever did, subsequently I ended up pulling them out of the indoctrination center and homeschooling, which is another thing I have no regrets for. I conquered my goals, by raising a wonderful family.. can't put a price tag on that.
    What is sad today is how mixed up woman are made to feel, like this woman and (myself when I was younger), who are brainwashed and pressured into thinking you have to have a career to be happy and successful in life. We are made to believe that we are suppose to do both, raise our kids and have a career, it's not possible folks, you can't be in two places at the same time, don't fool yourself or let others fool you. I guarantee my kids wouldn't be who they are has I not put the time and effort into them.

  • bet she will be alone and smell of cat piss att the end she act like she is a realy realy good Catch and then piss all over anyone who dont fit inside her Dream world

  • Starts a teaching job. Leaves after 4 months because it was hard. Calls men "boys" for not wanting to commit themselves, for life, to her.

  • title is perfect "she wants it all" that one statement describes so many women these days. there is no satisfying them, they want brad pitt and arent willing to be realistic, or they just want to be sluts but not be shamed for it. The result is they inevitably end up either alone and miserable or forced to settle for a guy they never would have given the time of day when they were younger. Fuck em they deserve to be miserable for being such entitled insufferable cunts.

  • My wife said to me on our second date. That she was going to marry me and that was that. 15 years later still happliy married best mates and two amazing children.

  • Stephan seems almost like as evangelist in his fervor to get this woman pregnant. Only folks who really want to have kids should do so. There are too many irresponsible parents who have kids just because it seems to be the thing to do, and do not take care of them well, and everyone pays the price.

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