• but you seem to forget that watching youtube videos for entertainment only gives short term happiness, since it can distract from the problems in life, but too mush of that entertainment makes you numb to your problem, so you'd look to make yourself happy every time you feel bad, instead of fixing the problem itself and having a long term happiness.

    the thing is, it's way easier to laugh and relax yourself with that short term happiness from funny youtube videos then to fix the actual problem, because acting against your personal problem just requires more effort, and some people are stuck in the cycle of ignoring their problems and looking for escapism, but that ends up fucking them and making them always feel like crap (until they get their dosage of short term happiness).

    there's also the idea of entertainment vs education, i know that there are content that's both (like your channel) where you can learn things and have it in an entertaining way, but the content lauren talked about is very brain dead, there's no inherent problem with watching a guy kick flamingos, but when you have a large group of people who only want to consume stuff like that, you end up with people who are never mentally challenged, and who can't be critical of things, simply because they are in their bubble filled with "funny" recommended videos from the algorithm.

  • We will never all see common ground on politics.
    But feminists and anti-SJWs do (unknowingly) come together when it gets to FLAMINGOS! It's the little common ground we can have.
    And for that, it has to be mindless fun.

  • I can only respect Lauren Southern for denouncing the stupidity of the majority. It genuinely is shameful that idiocy like dildo-drones and some screaming moron kicking lawn ornaments captures people's attention more than real-life issues.

    I do, however, love all you idiots in the comments who feel so very, very threatened over her calling you out.

  • Funny videos are more popular than political videos! Shameless you people of youtube, Shameless. SHAAAAAME!

    Flamingo kicking ass shooting dildo drones….

    Someone please make this a reality. Though like does it shoot the dildo just at the ass? The world may never know.

  • I lost so much respect for you after this video. I honestly thought better of you than this. Call me naive or an idealist, but I would never have thought you were the type of person to have such tolerance for stupidity.

    "Watch these vids as well. You know you wanna:

    Dildo drone:

    Flamingo kicking dude:

    Shooting darts at a chick's butt:


    No, I really, really, really don't fucking want to.

  • "Main goal of politics is to be happy"
    Phi. Now I know why Jews were kicked in the ass countless times over and over again. With such an attitude, why would anybody rebel against anything, anywhere?
    Poles belived in prosperity and progress, that's why they joined every national uprising they could under the banner "For freedom our and yours" and rebelled against their "oppressors" constantly, they knew the right to self govern was basically an essential right, not some vaguely defined "happiness".
    Our Sarmaric ancestors (I would call Jews heirs of the Sarmats, being a Pole was a very loose term and 11 different nations could claim to be Polish, and therefore Sarmats, at the height of the Commonwealth) would be upset about this video.

  • Would I love to see more normies wake up and join the poltical commentary sphere? Yes, absolutely. Even if they were SJWs, I respect them because they have the gall to at least try to make a difference. I think what they are pushing for is sinister and evil, truly, but I'm not going to lie and say that that is what THEY desire. Some of them maybe, but most? No. Most are useful idiots who only wish to see the world to be a kinder and gentler place.

    But that doesn't mean not being #woke to the current political issues of the day is per se wrong. Most people don't have the time nor the energy to waste on a hobby that is absolutely infuriating and takes so long to get a good grasp of. It isn't fun to argue with ideologues and useful idiots who don't even realize they're tools for an ideology.

    I admire SJWs for at least having the gumption to attempt to affect change onto the world. But that doesn't mean you need to hate normies. We all were normies once, remember? It IS important, but Rome was not built in a day. Start with a friend, or a family member. Wake up one normie and redpill someone who was staunchly an SJW. Grow from there.

  • "Lauren, you're TOO YOUNG to be a serious person! Put on a toga and roll around on the ground while giggling and smearing shit all over yourself! Because you wouldn't want to be a curmudgeon!

    Yeah. I think that exact final paragraph is exactly why Lauren Southern will always be more popular than you.

  • 1:41 10 million views? Looks at original video 2,645,875

    Lauren 10 million == 2,645,875.

    13 million for flamingos? More like 20,000 give or take reuploads it is probably not more than 100,000

    Ass shooting nerf gun? literally only above 2000 and the guy has less than 300 subscribers.

    Where the hell is she getting her numbers? No seriously where is she getting these numbers am I missing something?

    My youtube must be broken clearly.

  • "Truth-seeking individuals"… Lauren, I'd have a lot more respect for you if you developed the self-awareness necessary to admit that you are pushing an agenda. And stops saying "Normies", you dumb cunt. Normies is a Juggalo term.

  • Wake up sheeple! Don't let the (((media))) lull you into a false sense of security with its """"""entertainment"""""! We need to work 24/7 everyday to overthrow the [marxist | zionist | capitalist | feminist | cis hetero eurocentric | speciesist] hegemony!

  • there is a large argument that trying to bring large swaths of "plebs"(for lack of better term) is harmfull as in democracy the people giving just small amount of shit and vote not based on their lives, not ideology, are the thing that keeps democracy functional

  • Hey there ZS, I was one of your earliest subs, though I must admit that I haven't watched one of your videos in a while. I'm glad to hear that you've got a better mic and a lot more subs.

    Anyway, though I do really respect Lauren's on the field journalism, I can't believe that she has the nerve to think that her vlogs are anything but entertainment. She very rarely has an original thought or viewpoint. For example, in her most recent vids, you hear her regurgitating a lot of Jordan Peterson. Now, that's not a bad thing per se, though it would be nice if she gave him some more credit. But still, unlike some, I have no problem with this nor the fact that she is able to make a living this way. She is exposing an audience to this kind of information who might otherwise not get it.

    But she and those like her, I guess it's the so-called "skeptic community," must understand that YouTube is not solely a political platform; it's not even primarily one. YouTube has always just been a place to goof off and watch silly videos or listen to music that you couldn't be bothered to download. The explosion of political commentary, from what I understand, as I took a two year hiatus from the internet from 2014-2015, occurred with all the Gamergate shit in I guess 2014. That's when a lot of carefree mellenials got their first taste of political zealotry in the form of left-wing progressive censorship.

    I guess that's how a whole bunch of these "rational skeptics" either got started or got popular. And since it has become profitable, now you have a lot of people jumping at the chance to make a buck. Because now that everyone has survived the "Ad-pocalypse," I believe that YouTube and it's advertisers are being forced to come around, especially with the decline in views and subs for the SJW channels. And either Laci Green was ahead of the curve on this one, or she had some information we didn't have, because ever since she came out with her "babby's first redpill," video, and started fucking Chris Ray Gun, I've noticed that videos from the skeptic community have started showing up on trending, when I know for a fact that YouTube has purposely prevented them from such exposure in the past. I saw a Chris Ray Gun video at #26 and climbing, and a Shoe0nHead video at #45, and on a separate day I saw a different skeptic video at #47. And yes, I know for a fact that they used to (and probably still do) keep shit off of Trending. All you had to do was look at the Alex Jones interview on The JRE. It had over a million views in under 24 hours and was nowhere to be seen.

  • Sorry for asking this twice, but you may have missed it or chosen to ignore it, either way I will ask just one more time:
    Zarathustra's Serpent I myself do wish to ask you a few questions:
    Since there is a big antisemitic issue with the majority of Arabs this is the first topic I will begin with.
    1-Do you think antisemitism was created or fueled in the Arab world by the creation of Israel? and I do not mean historically, as there has always been tensions between the three religions, but after the riots in Syria caused by Islamic tension that Christians were benefitting too much from European aid, as well as the durzi-Maronite wars during the Ottoman Empire, religious relations calmed down, and I assume in the beginning of the 20th century, while there were still divisions (no intermarrying, each group living in their own communities), I assume that hate attacks were at a low, and the relations are much like what I observe today between Christians and Muslims in the cities.
    2-What is the best way to treat the issue of wide spread anti-semitism in the Arab world, and the anti-Arabism in Israel (if it does exist)?
    My next questions will be about Israel itself.
    3-Do you think that non ashkenazi Jews are/were discriminated against (this was inspired by a song by Zohra Al-Fayssalia I was listening to)?
    4-Are Palestinian-Israelis discriminated against in Israel
    5-If a unified Israel/Palestine does happen, who will be I charge, and how can we be sure neither side wants to screw the other over?
    6-Can you tell Netanyahu to allow us to use underground water supplies, as that would easily help one of our biggest problems?
    And finally this is a side note,
    7-What do you think of a discussion I had with a certain person in the comments of this video https://youtu.be/R9NkSVNYU8c, under the comment "destiny is a cunt" (not by me), where I have a discussion on wether or not communism and Marxism is cultural or only economic.
    Ps in Hebrew do you say oy vey as the people on 4chan say, or oy vi oy as I heard the other day
    Pss the comment in q7 got deleted, but I can tell you the arguments if you want

  • id be more than happy to shoot darts at laurens ass…
    and i think you miss a point: people that have no interest, and more often than not no knowledge in politics, still have a vote.
    no wonder politics looks the way it does if people are busy with flamingo kicking dildos while shit burning around them…

  • exactly that and also, trending on Youtube is an indication of parameters in Google algorithms, rather than real data on peoples interests. She mentioned Peterson, trending af, just not featured, huge difference.

  • I'm not sure the goal is as simple as maximizing happiness. If this were the case, then the world described in Huxley's "Brave New World" would be a desirable target, as most (not all) people are happy under such a society.

    Perhaps it's the definition of "happiness" that needs to be explored further, but in this video you seem to be taking about the sedated "brave New world" version, which I don't know is necessarily something to advocate for.

  • I agree that Laura is complaining about silly things here but I don't think we can discount political apathy because the goal of politics should be to increase peoples happiness. With that mindset we could easily fall trap to what Huxley warned about in Brave New world. Just recently we've had wikileaks show the extent to which our privacy is being invaded by the CIA and other organizations and there is so little outcry to it. People have become used to having their rights being taken away and so they don't fight to defend them anymore as long as they have their bread and circuses.

  • It appears to me that she is virtue signaling to her fans to bolster her ego or her ranks. Ex:

    Lauren: I'm sad cause nobody cares about the stuff I care about
    Fan: No Lauren your amazing! I care lost of people care!

    Lauren: Oh I know ur on my side Fannie, but what about the normies that are watching disgusting mind slop instead of me/political vid. How do we get those sick fucking degenerate douche nozzles bitches to join/believe/like/agree with me… err I mean us? Hmmmm

    Fan: I know I'll know! I'll tell all my friends and they will tell their friends! And then we….

    Lauren: Oh really?!? Great! See that gets done. Bye now…


  • I am pretty sure kicking flamingos is part of some culture somewhere. So unless this guy is of that heritage, he is guilty of cultural appropriation. Youtube should delete it. ^^

  • I'm here for the political stuff, but I must admit that watching the flamingo guy is fun.
    Perhaps I shouldn't take everything so seriously and have more fun 🙂

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