• but google argues that it's a public utility company in order to get some conveniences. but then they also argue it's a private company in terms of censorship. in other words, google just wants to have it both ways.

  • Look at all the retarded libertarians and ancaps in the comments. Even if the government isn't the perfect answer, public oversight is better than no oversite whatsoever.

    Situations like runaway corporate interest in telecommunications and healthcare are usually the perfect examples of why these ideologies are doomed to fail. When you deal with industries where "lol just start your own business xd" isn't a straightforward answer, the only logical conclusion is state reformation, not elimination.

    The idea that a state is, and only can be, a net negative is a laughably naive notion; one that's usually born of a fundamental misunderstanding of what a state is. They see the state and a physical tool for coercion of socially acceptable behavior; and while I don't disagree that is a part, I will say that fundamentally it is an economic manifestation of civil interest. The breadth and scope of roles and mechanisms a state can incorporate necessitate the conclusion that disregarding it altogether is foolish, and is the reason why the last great example of laaseiz-faire statehood was the industrial revolution. And it wasn't very great.

  • 2:20 I would not pay a fucking cent. Especially with how Youtube is being run these days. If I were to make content it's going on dailymotion. Shit this is the reason I avoid vimeo like the plague.

    So instead of being paid to make content I pay to host it? I know the (((demonetization))) has hit hard, but has it hit so hard people are going to pay for what they used to be paid for?

  • Google is to big and have too much power over the internet. Frankly ..google is the internet with their thousand free products, platforms and free software. Everyone use it, mobile, at home, in car, at work..simply everywhere google listen for data what you provide. So far so good because it was a simply exchange. We the people gave google our lives, and google provide us with nice shiny toys for our smartphones and homes.
    What happend in the last months changed this deal. Don't be evil was changed. It's clearly that google use his monumental power to help the political agenda from liberals, progressive, globalists.
    And this is the point where we realize what monster we created in google. A big snowflake with unlimited power. Controlling everything.

    This is the point where we should normally think about how our internet will look in the future. No dictatorship tells us what to say, but a giant company mute our voice so it can not be heard anymore. Critical views of things are "not helpfull". No it's not merkel who invented this word for unwanted views. "Not helpful" is part of the globalists speak. Same as "no alternative". Every liberal progressive use the same words. And google use his power that only "helpfull" comments will reach others.

    Google must be destroyed, crushed in little companies. This is where the governments com into game.

  • I don't upload videos, but if YouTube began charging anyone anything, I would leave the platform immediately, out of principle, and not look back.  I think many others would do the same.  Now, that may harm the content creators in terms of views and therefore revenue, but I feel that the cloaked corporate extortion is a much more important issue, as it's the thin end of the wedge.

  • I totally agree with the pay to use concept. I also have a question as a viewer not uploader. Is it possible for YouTube to create an algorithm that would pair advertisers with uploaders that would match their content? As an example, preppers, gun channels, knife channels, self defense channels could be paired with companies that produce those products. Or fitness channels, diet channels, etc with companies that produce those products. Sailing, boating, etc with those companies. News channels and opinion channels like yours could be paired with companies advertising to your viewer stats. I know they track who comes to what channel and sell that info to advertisers anyway, as my son does that for a living. That would solve the advertiser issue, and YouTube could make a lot more money. There's no reason we can't have all sorts of opinions for the simple reason that the viewer has the choice to watch a video or not. Maybe a concession to make a more descriptive intro before each video about the type of content a viewer is about to see might help them make a choice before watching the entire video.

  • Google controls a good portion of the internet, and is basically an internet monopoly for certain services. I don't know how, but I feel somehow making them not a monopoly would be the first step.

  • Already zuckenburg smells profit by creating Watch as a competitor to you tube.Which country was he originally from?Sounds like he is in league with the wicked witch of the west Merkel.Fcc tried to sanitise dr. savage.I would guess they want a transgender President Of the U.S.President Trump should start wearing a kilt.

  • The left: I care about freedom of speech unless I disagree with it.
    The right: I believe in freedom of association unless someone doesn't want to associate with me.

    Consistency guys, don't turn into the two-timin' left.

  • i agree with your amendments

    what needs to happen is Anti trust bust can't wait on the Market to have competitors
    or Class action suits taken to court or mass protests and boycouts

     sure there a Monopoly and have not lost membership and money……….yet

  • No one has Google's services. Most of us do so because we're sheep and too lazy to investigate other options. Example: DuckDuckGo. Do you use it? No. Why? Read second sentence. You don't think its, good enough? How do you fucking know? Try it. It only takes a couple of seconds to switch your browser to it. Give it a couple of days. Does your ISP provide email services? Why don't you use that other than it's so much easier with GMail in case you switch ISP's? Maybe you don't trust them. That's fair enough. But there are so many options out there waiting for your support. Convenience should be thrown out the window (no pun intended!) when security and privacy are involved. But, hey, you are the masters of your own fate so go forth and expose yourselves. 🙂 I apologize in advance if I've offended anyone's delicate sensibilities. (What a weird thing to write on YouTube of all places!!)

  • 4th option, and the only sensible one… do to the "bigs" what Reagan did to AT&T back in the 80's; break Amazon, Google and Facebook up. Don't limit size, literally create new entities from the parts of these entities. The phone system exploded when the monster AT&T was broken into eight pieces. Prices dropped dramatically while innovation skyrocketed.

  • Like I said, Google is akin to opening a lemonade stand on public property. They should not be able to violate rights, but the government cannot take over their company. Banning without legal precedence of legitimate threat or harm of another user or service should be illegal. I would say user blocking tools are allowed, but thanks to the retarded ruling that will probably fall under which sucks for the babies who can't handle words on the internet.

  • BE ALERT!! The Alt Media is being CENSORED & ATTACKED by CTR TROLLS. Their mission is to DIVIDE & CONQUER!! They are uploading FAKE NEWS, OLD VIDEOS & posting negative comments on Alt Media channels.. Its to Discredit & Distract!! Example: Seth Rich story on FUX NEWS is Fake or Soso channel is just clickbait! Try to stick with the ones you know & trust. **PLEASE BE ALERT**!!!

  • whats needed is more capitalism let the free market take care of them like it is already starting to do already there are viable and arguable superior services like proton mail startpage duckduck go startpage them those platforms grow to challenge Google

  • I just don't know what Styx is talking about, this has nothing to do with ads, or revenue, it's all about control. Gone are the days where youtubers like Styx, and others can use youtube to seek out against the establishment, and make a living doing so.

  • Google is part of government, since both controlled by by the tribe, just like technology and intelligence all parts infrastructure, subcontractors, or lobbies, houses of government and President. They are all dupes and controlled by our proxy government allied to Israel. Markets, central banking all slavery is run by and for member of the tribe. It's far worse than that and walls close in quickly, they are in charge. This platform is actively banning, so whose side of the story are you listening to? Hope you all find your side, but it's not to be likely here. Exodus en mass, every new platform, tech from, telegraph on has been usurped, think overlooked this, think again!

  • As seductive as the reasoning that ALL entities fall under the US Constitution, I don't want the Government to have more power. I also don't want to see the emphasis of "Congress Shall Make No Law.. " to be watered down.

  • Didn't the internet start between "scientists" trying to compare notes? A new mode of communication is good, learning how to use it is "overcoming" an "old "method(ATT comes to mind). Using an international communication system that already exists only steals from those that established the system. Communication is to big to contain.(protectionist practices won't stop the "evolution").

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