• Just another day in the decline of America. You never had much culture to speak of anyway and the unwillingness of people to laugh at this stuff is the nail in the coffin. But trust me, as the ship sinks, it is the colored folks who will pay the economic price and be scapegoated.

  • I actually think the diversity really worked in Homecoming. I have no problem with diversity as long as the diversity doesn't hinder the quality of the film. But goddamn, FUCK these SJWs

  • When did white people start to become so insecure about race in my country?
    Have they always whined this much, or is it just more visible because of social media?
    We know the country is getting browner, the youngest people are the most diverse ever, the boomers are the whitest, and are headed for hospice in record numbers. Ironically they are the most dependant on brown people for their care because that industry is dominated by brown people.
    My advice to the terrified multicultural-phobic shrinking segment of the population is….

    Learn to get along with ALL your fellow citizens.

    you'll live longer.

  • it's Miles Morales, not Mike… also there's already some setup… Danny Glover's character is Miles' Uncle. Most current readers are fine with the character as it isn't a reboot… it's caring the mantle. I'm fine with it as well. Gender bending Thor I have more issue with. that's about the only issue I really have here. I like Miles' Spiderman.

  • I feel that the racial diversity was handled very well, even putting in some funny racial jokes that didn't ruin the mood or make it feel awkward.
    I do agree that the Indian Flash Thompson is pushing it a little bit. And I'm not about to accept a mixed race MJ that does not have red hair.
    Other than that I had fun.
    Michale Keaton's vulture was awesome.

  • I strongly advocate whites to pick a husband/wife of another race as to help ethically, legally, and morally purge humanity of the caucasian scourge. This would not be "genocide," it would be "duty as a decent human being."

  • Your offended, and complaining about media content… join in that same big-ass club. 🙄 How is you making these complaints any different than them complaining there isn't enough diversity. Just like people complained that D&D and Marilyn Manson made murderes. YOU don't like it, so you want to blow it up into something it's not, to try to sway others. That's the behavior of people that lack confidence in their own ideals. Period. Get over yourself.

  • I am boycotting Thor because of the Valkyrie bullshit. that is a disgrace. Its a insult and it's racist towards all the countries that descended from the Vikings if this is slapping their face to their history and their agent believes and old religion. it's race appropriation and it's bullshit scumbag crap.

  • the movie was fucking fine. im fine with a more diverse cast. what i dont want is diversity being pushed and doing it as if i dont understand. if they just have a diverse cast and dont make a spectacle then its fine. i dont like pandering and this movie was legit the best way to do it. its not mentioned or even brought attention to

  • I really enjoyed this movie, but 3 times in this movie I got annoyed with the PC B.S. writing.  The first scene was when The Vulture says "Cowboys and Indians" and his assistant corrects him and says "Native Americans".  I'm like "seriously?" Then there's a scene where the teacher comments that protesting is what makes America great and I'm like rolling my eyes.  And the third scene that irked me was where M.J. is at the Washington Monument and the teacher asks her about why she's not taking pictures and she says that the buildings were built by slaves.  I'm like, "STFU already". I'm sorry, but this a comic book movie.  There's no need to insert a bunch of political motives into the movie.  Just more liberal propaganda bs.

  • To get to the point faster than you…..this is Corporate America bending to outrageous trolling by feminist lobbies. PERIOD. They're trolling for any concession they can get by over-dramatizing imaginary slights and preying on white guilt and threatening advertising dollars. These feminist(COMMUNIST) trolls have the ear of ANY media outlet who sees this "news" as PRODUCT. Outrage is PRODUCT for media. People want to see and hear negative stories…not puppies and apple pie.

  • It might feel a little bit forced in the new movie but in my school it would look almost exactly the same as homecomings. Of course I disagree with forced diversity but in my high school, I commonly found myself being one of very few white kids in the classes I took.

  • dude, you nailed my thought posses. ive never been to NYC but i do have a basic understanding of American history so i knew going in that it would be a mixed bag, and like you said it makes since! but i knew walking out that it wasnt going to be good enough for the professional victims of the SJW. Thanks for your voice, keep it up.

  • All these racist white chumps on here, are you guys seriously crying about a couple colored people in your comic books!?

    Yeah, that's why you deserve to have all your shit changed. When your kid whines because you took something from them, you don't give it back.

    You guys are so wack. Hail Hydra all day.

  • the divesity was fine with me, it was a great movie. I am excited to see the miles morales animated movie also, not because he is latino/black but because he is a good nuanced charachter. Eitherway Tom Hollands potrayal was great.

  • I feel like complaints of race bending are often defensible and not always indicative of the person being racist. One common defense for it is "it shouldn't be about race, it's how well they can play the character". Well, I think Tom Holland plays Peter very well. He just happens to also look like the comic book character he's playing as well as act like him

  • It's no coincidence that most of the ignoramus that 'seem' to agree with the poster of the video have picture and detail-less accounts…. what we have here is one loser, with multiple accounts. This is also why, if you notice, only one replies at a time. This is the oldest strategy in the book by pathetic bigots so insecure in the bullshit they've committed themself to, they feel obligated to conflate with themselves, when they can't find agreement in real life…. at least than, for a moment, in the internet if nowhere else, there not alone… pretty fucking sad.

  • Lmao people get more triggered about fictional characters than they do about actual evil deeds that go on in the real world. Pathetic. I can't even enjoy entertainment without someone bitching.

  • I think it is valid that people are worried about how marvel comics seemly allow while, straight male to only be villains in the the comic. It is part of the trend that over criminalized what white people has done while down playing or ignore what other races or cultures have done.

    That said, I thinking it was a well cast movie like Nick fury. I would have no problem if he was added to the comic like "Agent Cheese."

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