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“Stefan Molyneux”


  • A lot of good is going on now for God's sake. The left is trying to reduce our positive energy as a result of Trump's election. While the left is dangerous, we all need to remember that a miracle happened and is continuing to happen now everyday in the US and in Europe. We won, they lost monumentally. Trump does have to speed up the process of arresting the pedophiles, the thieves and the killers…and my guess is he will.

  • The "Trump is Hitler" & "Trump is a fascist" narratives make me chuckle.

    Can anyone name a fascist dictatorship today or in history where you would be able to march through the street protesting said dictatorship with the full protection of the police?

    We have saw music videos of rappers staging mock executions of Trump. Madonna said on stage she had thought of blowing up the whitehouse etc….

    This doesn't happen under real fascism.

  • I don't understand that mentality of pulling people down instead of lifting everyone up either, I've seen that scenario play out many times over my years on this planet, still mystifies me. The only thing that I have observed and this may be relevant, or not, is, there seems to be an element of self loathing attached to it. I mean instructed self loathing because that is something that is not innate in human beings. It's more like I don't deserve it and you sure as hell don't deserve it either and I am going to make sure that you don't get it by destroying any chance you may have. It's a VERY misguided, ideology, that seems to be be used as a weapon against humanity. It's literally stunning to those of us that prefer the ideology that " a rising tide floats all boats". Let the rising tide of good for humanity roll!!! We deserve it!

  • is this a conversation about the lying zionist multinational mediabankers? israels neighbors are now refugees..stop the greater israel project.

  • At 21mins what about teslas tech? Free energy for all. Oh wait, that can't happen……BECAUSE IT WOULD BE FREE! I get it. (been "gettin it") the development of this should SKYROCKET!! past the ones that have sought to suppress it! Let's see what they do then…(shit in their pants) I would imagine.

  • Alex, one of the bad things about getting/being all wound up is that it often leads to being unable to think clearly when the other person is talking…your own brain is racing. Case in point: at 9:25 Stefan is trying to make a point and you have to interrupt saying, "No, I wasn't saying that…" and he's saying, "No, no, I wasn't saying that you were saying that'… Alex, try to slow down and focus on brain power rather than emotion. The reason Stefan and Watson can work with you is that they have intense presence of mind so they are able to cope with you misunderstanding because you're getting emotional and not listening good. God knows I love you….

  • Trump needs to do 3 things and I will be convinced he's for real 1. Prosecute Hillary and Obama 2. Build the wall 3. Pass his tax code

  • Great interview Alex – Thanks! Good job of back and forth with neither interrupting the other. A pleasure! Keep it up!

  • But you, Stefan, say (at 23:02) "Communism has a higher death count, by far, than Nazism Communism is the most destructive and toxic ideology, that's not theological…" I wish, if you were going to bring up theological that you could have or would have said "Christian" or "Islam" – I don't like being linked with the slaughter that is BUILT INTO Islam – "If they don't submit…kill them". But you and I do agree that people who do not believe in God, make them selves into gods – state as god…and kill, kill, kill.
    I am reminded of a Woody Allen line, "I've been killing my own spiders, since I was 35." I could say that Christians have come a long way since the killing in the name of God a thousand years ago. Oh that all ideologies and religions would move toward civilization and social good with passing time rather than remaining in the primitive, uncivilized ways.

  • The cringe is strong with Molyneux , his last video he was yelling at his viewers, fear monger shit to send him money cuz they're censoring his videos, same with Alex this is a stupid move, to see you guys whine about losing đź’° is boring to ppl who pay enough bills to watch free YouTube.. go figure something out, cuz yes ppl can get on with their lives without Infowars or Stefan's videos LOL stop whining, sell some pot or something on the side LOL

  • If you feel yourself disturbed by what is happening in the world but find you are powerless to affect positive change, there are some things you can do:
    1. Find your love.
    Beneath all the conflict and chaos in the world, there is a bottomless well of ecstatic love and joy. Find your sense of delight, even if it is just a thread, and follow it to its core.
    2. Face your demons.
    All that you hate in other people is inside you also. You too can become the monster you so despise. Recognize this truth and face it fearlessly.
    3. Give yourself completely.
    Maybe you feel that you are an insignificant creature; nothing could be further from the truth. You are on life's stage and what you do matters. Your every single action reverberates through eternity. Give yourself freely. Do not expect a reward and do not expect that you will always be witness to the effect of giving. Give. Even if you feel that it is of no use. Give. Surrender all the love that you have. That is the way you put your soul in accord with universal consciousness. You can do it. Now go do it.

  • Gentlemen, there is a whole dimension you are missing. Highly recommended is to read (and study) the works of Dr. David R. Hawkins (recently deceased), starting with "Power v. Force". There are about 10 books in the series. Start with Power V. Force first. It will take a couple of years to really get through this material. He pioneered "The Map of Consciousness". You are already familiar with "The Bell Curve" and the differences between different groups. Hawkins takes that three dimensional. For someone to argue from an intellectual state of consciousness, (calibrates in the 400's on the Map) with someone inhabiting an emotional state of consciousness (below the 200's on the Map), the result will always be failure and leave the intellectual scratching his head wondering why Liberals are so stupid and inept at logic and facts. Popular wisdom has it as "Don't argue with a fool". Also, understanding how the mind works and understanding psychopaths are huge factors in putting this whole thing into context. You guys are doing great work, however there is still part of the "Learning Curve" ahead.

    And, Alex you can be a bit of an embarrassment with all of your put-on ranting and raving. I hesitate recommending your videos. You come off as a toddler throwing a tantrum and a bit narcissistic when you over-emote. Kind of reminds me of some of the "Coke-Heads" that I've been around. They become so animated often simulating a cartoon caricature.

  • Truth has been and is now thankfully becoming the wealth of the new world. In that sense, the MSM are a bunch of broke bastards who can't get a nickle for their grandma. One's man wealth is another man's riches, what their trying to accomplish with YouTube and what have you is what any person in a state of desperation and poverty would eventually turn to too make ends meet, steal. They're realizing how empty their pockets are getting and the insecurity for the future that comes with that notion accelerate their failing attempts to prevent financial destitution. Truth is becoming the no.1 currency of the conscious and money can no longer suffice the binding of a man's mind, and it's a beautiful albeit chaotic thing to watch.
    The MSM are a dying breed and have to find their place in the new world or perish.

  • You hear that guys, we all have a part to play, so important to not let the skills or abilities of others dissuade you from doing something, these guys are where they are doing what they do because that is the role they are best suited for. Find your roll, find your voice and once you do the truth will present itself in the way most suited for you to spread it.
    Were all in this together


  • 21:00 – There's no third option?? How about funding solar or nuclear instead of revamping coal? That's the pretty obvious third option.

  • If these people want a socialist or communist country then get the "F" out and go to a socialist or communist country.  STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THE USA.

  • At 3:58 did Alex Jones just say "I want global government"? Listen again, does it seem like he just snuck that in under the radar?

  • Obamacare was set up to enrich insurance companies. Also every issue involving partisan bickering is theater. IT IS ALL AN ACT. Politicians do not divide along party lines behind the scenes. In fact they rarely divide at all since anyone opposing anything is always willing to be bought off. Every vote, every blocked piece of legislation and every blocked nominee is an act of theater. THE OUTCOMES ARE DECIDED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS long before the bill or nominee is submitted or the debate ever begins. Whatever happens has 100% approval of the house, senate and executive no matter what they say or how they vote

  • So Alex Jones "doesn't understand " why government types are acting deranged with power. For the last time, they are psychopaths empowered by Satan the Devil…Rev 13 and Rev 16…sheeesh!!

  • I knew that global government was bad, voted for Trump to drain the swamp, but only realized the truth about 911, just last month, when I ran across a documentary on Bldg 7. On 9-11-01, the only information we had came from what the mainstream media told us. They could not have predicted YouTube and how interconnected, technologically, we would all become and how we'd be able to sleuth out the truth for ourselves.

  • Notice how whenever the guest relates something how Alex bounces in and claims either prior knowledge or creates a slightly better idea or example than his guest. He really has become a bore. I hang in here so I can eventually get to listen to the guest. I ignore "Mr Ego".

  • YES "American freedom has never really made it past 10% of its potential ability to REALLY FLOURISH"!!!!!BECAUSE,,,,,,,,,,,, THE MASTER OF THE PRISON PLANET DOES NOT BENEFIT,,,,,,,,, The head Archon, of whom lives with his billions of drone like minions in STEALTH just above the planet, will never allow it

  • They never had a chance to win on ideas alone. Every leftist idea EVER in the history of mankind has failed.

  • You know the "resistance" of many countries should join their voices to expend worldwide in many languages.. the world need to regroup against the minority of riches who wants disorder to get cheap labor.. it would be like a worldwide syndicate to protect citizens and freedom of the planet against slavers of all sorts!.. good vids thx!

  • Remember about ten years ago when the black-masked anarchists all came out to violently oppose globalism? Now they're FOR globalism … because Soros pays better and losers can always be bribed with anything shiny.

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