• It is correct, the goverment may fall. Minister of defence, minister of interior and minister of transportation are up for impeachment. A major blow fore the löven goverment, they decide on thursday. / love from the kingdom of Sweden

  • They want to deport up to 80,000 immigrants but the only way they can even come close to that is to get help from another nations army. The feminist gov totaly fucked their econony and they dont have enough money to ramp up the Swedish military so now they need some other countries help. Amd the police lost control of certain cities in Sweden so they're no help either.
    All I can say is good luck Sweds.

  • I really hope he resigns, this government has been the most incompetent since… forever!

    edit: There are rumors about him resigning, yes. There will be a press conference at 10 am tomorrow (CEST) when he will disclose what will happen. I do think he will resign, I think he realizes that he is in over his head with this.

    The sad thing is that Sweden has a historically weak government AND opposition at this time. Every establish party hates the Sweden Democrats but they are the only ones significantly moving forward. The ruling Social Democrats runs a very weak government and the opposition, "The Alliance" is also losing trust from voters. Yet while their popularity diminishes they refuse to cooperate with the Sweden Democrats even though that would likely save them. It's a proper mess.

  • It's not quite correct that the problem is only about not disclosing it. That does enter into it but the main beef is the event itself. However, the people responsible is trying to blame it on them not being informed properly about the issue and that is where the disclosure issue comes from. It's a real mess, basically.

  • From my Swedish friend: There has been a big leak from the transportation department and they have tried to cover it up so now the majority of the other politicians are saying that if lofven dont fire the people in charge they will bring a vote to kick him from office

  • I agree….Sweden and Norway have all brainwashed. One noteworthy reality about Europe’s current political leadership (more neutered males??)
    • Macron, the newly elected French president….has no children.
    • German chancellor Angela Merkel ………….………has no children.
    • British prime minister Theresa May …………….….has no children.
    • Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni …………….has no children.
    • Holland’s Mark Rutte,………………………………………..has no children
    • Sweden’s Stefan Löfven………normal….W00PS…… (ANOTHER neutered male??)
    • Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel…………………………… married same-sex marriage.
    • Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon ……………………. .. have no children.
    • Jean-Claude Juncker, president …………………….has no children.

    Now…Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale and SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth….are you joking!!

    "So a grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future don't have any direct personal stake in that future."

    German politicians are bent on destroying the fabric and Western culture of their (and OURS) ..Are European men neutered??????…….YES

  • Styx you got it right. The Prime minister is thinking about either a snap election or stepping down. If he steps down the swedish version of Neocons will take over and they are polling at 13% right now to the sweden democrats 22-27% (the msm got them at 22 and the internet polling firms has them at 27)

  • Good. Maybe He and the femininist cuntbag members of his party can no longer inflict any further damage on that country.
    First, the migrant crisis, then the rapes,then a terrorist attack,then deteriorating Serbia level health services, and now this.
    Note: Serbia level means that there's no such thing as healthcare.

  • Meanwhile a shop owner in Malmö had a metal cage installed surrounding the cash registry, after being
    robbed 6 times, supposedly by the same man, without the police doing anything about it.

    Being incompetent and acting to the detriment of the swedish citizenry is a national sport of the swedish bureacracy.
    The swedish model was always a sham, long before the immigration issues.

  • Our SOCIALIST (read Communist) prime minister Olof Palme (who got assassinated, his soul burn in hell) legislated that what we call tjänstemannaansvar or public servant responsibility was abolished. What this meant was if a politican made sure that a really bad deal (such as the NUON affair) happened, the politicans responsible would not be put on trial and would not have to answer personally for having lost the nation millions and billions.

    Why did Olof Palme abolish this? Cause he knew his shits ideas would several times fail, which he did. He increased swedish taxes by over 10%. He openly supported the Cuban regime and the Soviet Union as well as openly criticizing the US over the Vietnam war, he was a communist flesh and blood. All he succeded in was killing Sweden's economy. We grew around 4-5% every year from 1940-1969. Two years with Olof Palme and growth stagnated to 1-0,5% and there is where it has remained since.

    Swedes are the most servile people there is and we deserve to be destroyed.

  • Im from Denmark language is very similar. The prime minister might resign and the opposition will use this to try and force the whole government to resign. However, being a parliamentarian system this wont happen, the next in line will just take over and continue the same shit. You vote for parties not people in sweden.

  • I was wondering when you would be covering this huge leak scandal. I don't think Löfvén will resign over this and I don't think there will be an extra election even though this scandal is huge. Because there is no proper opposition that can take over, unless the spineless right decides to work with the Swedendemocrats. I think the 3 people will have to leave their posts and then there will be some tough talk between the left and the right until the election next year 2018.

    But I would love to be wrong on this of course.

  • The Swedish PM claims to be a former welder with no leadership or organizing experience save from being deeply entrenched in the assgrabing corrupt workers union (only a stone's throw away from being all out communistic)
    It has been clear from the start that he was only put at the head of the socialist party as a figurehead because of a lack of likable candidates.
    (the new leader was suppose to be a certain woman called Mona Sahlin.
    but the members of the party knew they would lose the election of 2014 with her at the helm because of people's low trust after a series of corruption scandals in earlier years.
    She has been in even more such scandals after the election as well)
    Anyhow the PR stunt of having a "relatable" guy to the masses running and the poor management of the former government won them the 2014 election, but pretty soon it became more and more apparent that Stefan Lövén could only recite what he was told to say and just about every time he is asked any "hard" questions in the Swedish parliament or in the media he always spouts buzzwords and never any solutions to issues.
    And if the Sweden Democrats representatives asks about anything he always deflect with "you are just a ____*"
    * insert leftist buzzword
    Conclusion: The Swedish PM Stefan Lövén is just a puppet that falls on his ass every time he tries anything without his strings
    I would lock him up as a traitor to the people together with his whole cabinet

  • This is bad, but we got Somalians running around knuckling our elders and stealing their shit. Police can't arrest them and hold them for prosecution, since they're "children" and protected by our social welfare agency.

  • Swede here, our prime minister have "threatened" to call out for a snap election if the opposition overthrows 3 leak responsible ministers (which they officially have announced that they will as soon as possible) if the prime minister actually goes that far is hard to tell. We'll see probably by tomorrow.

  • Nothing will happen the other opposition parties M, KD, C and L refuse to cooperate with SD and need them to govern. The responsible ministers will resign voluntary and receive large pensions.

  • All I have on the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven is from Swedish TV4. They're talking of a vote of no confidence over the cover up of the data security breach. This is just what I've found in a couple of minutes. It's 22:40 over in Scandihoovia.

  • Styx, I would gladly help out with any articles and proper Swedish translations.
    The MSM in Sweden is very leftiest, and they support the current socialist government. Articles on the matter are difficult to find unless you look at alternative sites.

  • They don't think people will assimilate because their culture is superior, they hate their own culture so much that they think any influx of new cultures can only improve it. EX: the pm Reinfeldt who said native swedish culture is "nothing but barbarism"

  • He won't resign. We're not that lucky.
    And even if he did, no good would come of it. They're too cowardly to have a re-election, so they would probably have someone like Ygeman step in to take the prime minister post. That probably won't be better, even though he comes across as very competent, i personally don't very much like his opinions on a lot of things.

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