• HSBC was fined for laundering money. FBI Director Comey was director of HSBC and HSBC is on the Clinton Foundation website as the foundation's bank they deal with for all transactions. Hmmmm……….

  • I work with dumb doctors every day. One of them was declined admission to MSU's college of nursing TWICE…so she went to med school…no joke…it's painful

  • George has an amazing ability to remember even the most trivial details. I thought he was talking out of his ass about the Yalie and then Jason looked it up and found it.

  • Jason, Did you see The Truth Factory YT channel recent video about CF/MayoClinic/Organ trafficking connections?

  • a lot of big corporations have art collections, modern one for most cases.
    there is a good documentary Stolen about famous heist of Boston Gardner museum.
    the private art detective, very interesting person, was telling that as a rule famous stolen art pieces would never see day light again, as they were survive as collateral in deep underground world. e.g., you need few millions to buy a bulk of cocaine, so your give a famous stolen picture as a collateral for a black market load

  • Tangent: Human Trafficking among Massage Therapists and Nail Techs/Aestheticians was so bad in Florida, these professionals are now required to submit background checks and fingerprints to apply for licensure. Traffickers were busted for fraudulently billing insurance companies for services by fraudulently licensed victims. South FL especially high for frauds of this nature.

  • Jacksonville is NORTH Florida. Almost in Georgia. Orlando area is Mid or Central Florida. Ft Lauderdale and Miami South Florida. Pensacola, Tallahassee are Panhandle of Florida.

  • Alpha Bay was a dark web which took the place of… I think it was called "Silk Way", or Silk Road. Alpha Bay got busted, the Canadian owner supposedly found dead un a Bangkok jail.

  • at 22 minutes. The Vatican and the entire Catholic Church when it was started was because early christians would not deny Jesus and gladly died for him. So Constantine decided to appease the pagans and the Christians. The pope is an anti-christ. The whole vatican as far as i am concerned is satanic in nature. they are pushing for one world religion and the pope is always trashing Jesus. So when u r in rome and u see all of the pagan gods lining the vatican it points in right out where there greedy beliefs lie. And Francis is a Jesuit and they are infiltrators. So take what u want from that. I believe in Jesus Christ and that is enough for me

  • Watch "The infiltrator" to learn the story about drugs and BCCI in Miami,  I laughed when the Awan brother character was on screen. Ironic that Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame stars as the DEA guy!

  • Beyond Borders, a nonprofit that aids children from Haiti. It is across the street from Comet Ping Pong and pizza. Andrew Kline who was. Appointed by Bill Clinton as head of Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit had ownership in Best Pizza on the same block.


  • Berkey or Pro Pure. I have a Clearly Filtered Pitcher, too. Fluoride lowers IQ and makes humans stooopid. Look it up, while you still can.

  • George, Julian Assange is the one who released the FBI "Pedo Code" at the time Wikileaks released the Podesta Emails. He wanted to make sure the terms weren't lost on people.

  • Does George seriously believe the people running illegal organ procurement are going to use that nutcase Stevie Stevens in their business? Did you not see him in Facebook or read his rantings? He flipped his not too tightly wrapped lid because his girlfriend broke up with him and his mother wasn't sufficiently sympathetic. He seemed like he was doing lots of meth.

  • I think the FBI Pedo euphemism list, passed on by Julian Assange, is only about pedophilia or the FBI or Julian would have said so. Wonder if the people emailing back and forth are involved in both arms and pedophilia? Would it not be confusing?

  • soros.actually said those were the best days of his life. I didn't hear him say (Christian) but rather Nazi family. he said he has always know that he was a God (messianic personality) an atheist but that he was born to shape the world…or something like that. he doesn't consider himself a jew bit rather a superior gifted unique person.

  • siggy was an opium addict and with a mom fetish, but someone _it was rumored _who wanted normalize child sex. his nephew has been accused of sex crimes and pedo but I read somewhere the money and name own the authorities.
    much of the early poetry and literature is (coded) by men and for men in high circles and certain secret or gentleman's clubs_ to portray such things.
    I read some trials from the old Bailey in England about certain (houses) catering to it.

  • Corn hole is a game played by throwing sandbags or bags of a certain weight into a board with holes for points. it's mostly a competitive game played at co picnics in the South for cash. everyone around here TN makes fancy boards and uses various things (plastic pellets) whatever to get the sack weight. it's mostly a man's game.
    there are ( inside) jokes also… exactly what you would think corn hole means.
    some.say the org game was played with dried corn in cotton sacks. but I seriously doubt and don't know anyone when I lived in the burbs of DC Who would know the actual game…

  • Barber's were traditionally not hair dressers. they were (barba/or baden_meaning bathe) cleaning and treating wounds and pulling teeth. like a medical practitioner (medieval history is one of my hobbies!) the poles with the color stripe came from (blood letting)

  • Every time I watch a video of these guys & they make out everything is so bad & GEORGE ALWAYS Comes out says I just want them to go away or if they leave me alone I'll stop or I don't want anything bad to happen to McCaine or Tony or Skippy its horrible to even say things like that These Guys ain't Stealin Bread or Apples THERE SCUM OF THE EARTH PUT CUFFS ON THEM AND LET THE PEOPLE SEE SOME SORT OF JUSTICE FFS I'm Fuming ForEven Watching these guys Again After Georges Sick Jokes & his Sympathy For These Murders

  • "Dominoes on cheese" was written by Herb Sandler. He's a philanthropist in San Antonio, played a hand in the finincial collapse by way of ARM loans through World Savings bank, which was bought out by Wachovia bank just as shit was hitting the fan in '07/'08.

    So maybe George is onto something with dominoes to mean 'topple' something.

  • Finally you guys address Pizzagate and why is it that Jason and Trish seem concerned yet George you just don't want to go there. It is like you are a gatekeeper stopping people from looking into massive child abuse or ritual abuse programming and MKULTRA programs, which, as many have spoken out about(their abuses) is very real. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation has been proven to be a CIA front called into court cases to stop any REAL investigations or exposing this. Are you working with the FMSF people or wtf George??? How can you have such a narrow vision on these things? You can call witnesses of Ritual Abuse somewhat unreliable but when the deck is stacked against them what do you expect????.And sorry George but what is much bigger than Luciferians or other scum abusing children?????

    Thank you Jason and Trish for having some critical thinking!!

  • so you record buildings and vans and clocks and parking lots and bushes but you don't record gangs that form around Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota with the SEIU places on the corners and everything and people going back and forth and surveilling these things that you personally saw? actual members of the ratlines, murderers, slip-knot girls? not worth identifying? can we get another exterior shot of podesta's apartment building

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