• When Michelle Malkin is hot on a case, it would be wise to listen to her.  Like Stefan Molyneux, she has a reputation of getting the facts right.

  • This is blood boiling stuff. Im not a huge fan of cops but im even less of a fan of injustice. Decreasing the demand for police is the route to go not lying about police to ruin their lives. Dishonesty in the judicial system is very rampant.

  • Why did she say , "a massive miscarriage of injustice" ? I don't get it . As if a miscarriage of justice is just ? Maybe it was Freudian slip . A very angry woman !

  • Probative – having the quality or function of proving or demonstrating something; affording proof or evidence.

  • there is alot of corruption all around….1 out of 10 is gonna be straight evil, 3 out of 10 not nice, and 6 out of 10 corruptible…people are people after all.

  • If we had one person tweet OKCPD for every person that commented on Michelles looks, than we could really piss off the OKCPD

  • Let the enslaved so called oppressed mob fend for themselves. They will learn voting for anti gun policies literally caused their own oppression. The ignorance of city people is facinating to a country boy such as myself. They say hillbilly as if that offends people lol I think with attitudes like that…They will always be enslaved to their own minds and blinded by victim mentality. I wish people weren't so arrogant and racist towards their fellow citizens but that is what the powered elite want. They love that blacks murder each other by the thousands in citys. Makes their authoritarian job even easier. Until less intelligent people figure this out of all races. We will never make the world a better place to live but a worse place to live for our children. Who cares about the future because I want free shit now says Democratic shills.

  • wow i think this is the first Stefan interview i saw, where the guest speaks absolutely unintrrupted for almost 15 minutes!
    Good gentleman.

  • Any civilization would die without a proper Justice system. Great journalism is back bone of both society and justice system.

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