• that what Peterson talks great deal about Styx. He spend some time studying developement of authoritarianism, more than likely can greatly expand on the dynamic you mentioned and is generally a "resistance" (urges to speak truth no matter what) to current one in your words. He sees how it can develop to another disaster such as mentioned "witch" burning, but now they are burning "nazis"

  • Im going to say that human behavior is mostly predictive. But looking for a pattern loosely categorized under the moniker of a "moral panic" is disingenuous. Due to its wide net of potential meaning and the fact its kinda a loaded term in the minds of your generation. Kinda brings those repressive old people to mind not letting to fuck everything you see while dressing is goth. Its also worth mentioning that since its such a word that can be defined and labeled to things so loosely it compares to a fortune teller or a palm reading or something. You can look at it and draw any conclusion you want to sort your own biases.

  • Finally! I was waiting for someone to start talking about this.. first of all, I'm one of those ppl who happens to watch all the big independent media content producers on YouTube and therefore as an audience participant, I'm being affected and am now paying for content on patreon. (By the way, it's no imposition) I do worry that I will end up having to go to several different platforms to continue watching all my favourite content producers but that's really inconvenient. Could you shed some light on the importance of a migration to one main platform from the perspective of your audience. I've joined Minds and Patreon, I don't want to join another unless I can watch everyone in the same place..

  • The reason the moral panics pass is because the Conservative side, the side that is resisting it, eventually gets tired and gives up. Instead of joining in on the Right wing side against the stuff that is CAUSING the moral panics, you think the answer is just to let them pass. That means always letting the Left WHINE and WHINE until they finally get their way. You are LIVING PROOF that Libertarians and Individualists/Centrists are NPCs and Leftist enablers. You're almost worst than the Leftists, at least they have convictions.

  • There was also the First Red Scare embedded in the Temperance panic era of the early 20th century, though WWI did a good job re-directing interests there and censoring anti-war protests.

    Honestly, with the more pro-left, pro-anarchy stuff tinged in the mainstream, we're more in a first-red-scare situation currently. (likewise, Russia wasn't communist at the time, and you had Americans on the left-fringe praising the Soviet Revolution as well)

  • Decentralizing the internet and making it more robust and redundant will also make it much more resistant to cyber-warfare or attempts to take down the country via network collapse. (same reason decentralized power generation would be a good thing, or semi-decentralized and highly redundant: national rooftop solar would go a long way towards helping)

  • The current panic I see is the censorship of free speech as demanded by the collegiate youth and some unbalanced adults. When companies have the power to shut you down and works with the media to spread this it is a war on free speech.

  • There is no secret army of Nazis. Last week it was N.Korea and Nuclear War, week before that, Russia Putin was President, before that Trump caused Global Warming. Next week, who knows? But I'm sure American Liberals will be in a panic. Don't fall for it. Trump is our President till 2020. LMAO! Enjoy the sideshow!

  • I seem to remember hearing about a bunch of kids being pressured into claiming they'd been part of some satanic ritual thing by pressure from adults and they also started fishing for rewards by being compliant. Wonder if that's at all related to this sudden sky-rocketing rate of transgender kids.

  • Styx, I think you're overly dismissive of the modern Diversity Dementia or Social Justice War or whatever we might wish to call it. There's a couple of stages more meta here that I think I can see, and they tie way more into the grand scope dimensions of the political opposition between the traditional camps of Left and Right. The general idea of "social justice" is seriously more tight-knit to the core ideological goals and beliefs of the "r-select strategy" of "clout over quality, consolidate and devour what you can" than the preceding examples. Add to that the fact that the grand trend of modern democracy and the West in general seems to be both trending Left on the whole consistently when observed over a much longer span of time (50-100 years) and very much in line with what Mr. Adams warned of, and that we could reasonably argue that we're touching on some quite final watersheds (we're totally global after all, both militarily, economically and informationally)…

    I wouldn't be as optimistic as you. I'm not sure I think there's going to be any civil war in America any time too soon, but what I am seeing is a line-up for a Leftlash that is going to destroy the economy and then the credibility of the political system, at which point the chips are all up in the air. And that's a seriously scary prospect when you consider who generally does the world's banking.

  • Temprence, movement = Radical lesbians trying to control men through religion. They took pleasure in harsh punishments because women always seemed to be spared during their time period.

  • Also the "Red Scare" was legitimate, but for years has been played off as being nothing more then a "moral panic" by the left and Hollywood. This is why our current moral and political institutions are now monopolisticly controlled by the left. Antifa & BLM is able to run rampant and people scratch their heads and wonder why. I honestly don't know why you constantly have to bring up the bogyman of "Mccarthyism" when Joe was vindicated by the release of the Venona Papers.

  • Interesting pattern. I hope it holds and Styx has continued reason to be optimistic. Listening to Styx it sounds like he is a social anthropologist. He lights my brain on fire- always a good thing…

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