• Obama is the epitome of evil and the most self serving corrupt POTUS EVER, when all this liberalism is dead and buried 'probably with most of us' the worlds future history won't be blinded with this unfathomably adulation for such a non entity he will be remembered as the single greatest cause of global turmoil, you can't educate the blind on what a color is and you can't educate the snowflakes about the truly hateful Obama and his pits of a partner,he conned and hurt blacks and race relations more than the most hateful KKK ever could, and how he is called black is beyond me,a white mother makes him as much white as black,'but if black people want him be my guest',raised by whites in a white world,he should be shot for treason at the least,he is pure scum.

  • Obama is total proof of the condition the average American brain is/was in. Such excellence we are presented with as a "choice " that we pretend to elect as a leader. Thanks Obama may the future bring you all the things you deserve 😎

  • So Obama is the worst president ever because he continued Bush's wars? or do you just hate all Americans?
    lol 'anti blowing me up sentiment'

  • I just found your channel recently, but I can't get enough now! Where have you been all my life!? 😉 You are very knowledgeable and put all the pieces together and touch on every aspect of what your discussing.. You are not afraid of calling it like you see it or not worrying about political correctness, which is a breath of fresh air! Thanks for doing what you do!!

  • When a dude, who is trashing Marx, is explaining the problems with Capitalism but lacks dialectical understanding and thinks the president is to blame.

  • also when 2 people work 19hrs a week they pay less tax and the debt is even higher and now 2 people are deemed absolutely useless…. like useless…. and its super super hard to find 2 hood part timers so if ones good and ones shithouse one has to do more in there 19 hrs and the other gets a free ride because you cant fire then because theres 7trillon union laws….
    so now one person is doing 30 odd in there 19 hrs and ones doing literally 5 hrs and the economy is finito caput doneski….

  • I just don't buy the "1 million Iraqis killed" line. Where's the proof of that? And of those, didn't most of them kill each other anyway?

  • FYI you're not going to make fourteen dollars an hour at a parts time service job, try closer to $8.25 an hour.

  • Don't forget that he and Holder refused to charge the new black panthers for menacing elderly voters with nightsticks, telling them that beat em if they didn't vote Obama.

  • And don't forget, the people who were working one full-time job are now working 2 or more part-time jobs instead. They don't tell us the number of full-time jobs that have been eliminated.

  • But, Obama, individually, is not the issue. All of these trends, above all the trend toward lower workforce participation, began long before Obama was known to anyone except the people in his own idiosyncratic neighborhood and few people outside it in the South Side black community and the upscale downtown and on the North Side. The most important step is to stop expecting the "economy" to ever create enough jobs to keep people occupied and supplied with an income. You might be stoned too, if it happened to you. I think Leslie Gore said that, or some variation upon it.

  • I'm one of the 95 million unemployed. I spend my days looking for a $10 an hour job because that's the most I can hope to get in my region. I help take care of a family who's taken me in since I fled from Germany where I had lived since 2008. To survive, count me among the 49 million receiving food stamps. And to keep myself entertained and informed, I watch you on a regular basis. I also am a Trump supporter because BHO duped me into voting for him which I sincerely regret.

  • Qbama was a Communist Plant! He was NEVER ELECTED ONLY SELECTED! Massive voter fraud was committed and Barry(?) is a FRAUD! Hillary was suppose to win like Qbama but GOD and the AMERICAN PEOPLE SAID "NO MORE BULLSHIT" AND HIRED PRESIDENT TRUMP, END OF STORY!

  • Stephan, if the Fed could be scrubbed and we could once again have a currency based on value (Gold or silver or whatever) Could we start over wiping out the debt??

  • i am a mother of two girls, i clean and cook house work. yard work, i do others yards for them i help girls with home work and do art work, i care for mother and parrents, i do the shopping, take girls to school and other thimgs want me to go on i do not work but yard work and rummige sales get some money their

  • This kind of discussion is wonderful, but the bedrock of the decline of civilization regards energy. Energy allowed the creation of this civilization. Just look at rapidly dropping EROEI (energy return on energy invested)with fossil fuels compared with the skyrocketing debt loads of the fossil fuel producers( all of the majors are in the red~ negative cash flow).They are borrowing money to keep a charade going. Alternatives (actually derivatives) to fossil fuel like solar and wind would not exist in the market without huge government subsidy (more debt). Net available energy is declining, and when thermodynamic losses are taken into account for actual available energy per barrel of oil, EROEI will drop to 1:1 about 5 years from now. Civilization is about to fall off a cliff. Prepare yourself accordingly.

  • Yanks are scummy war profiteering vermin no matter who their figurehead is, their entire history is based on it.

    Nuke em.

  • Great videos. Keep speaking the truth. What I do with my day is live off the land hunting and farming vegetables for food.

  • I provide care for my Korean war veteran father. He's eighty-eight years old. That's what I do with my day and I'm one of the lucky ones.

  • BOOK – The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama…by Matt Margolis, Mark Noonan – Check it out!

  • a lot of what he says is true but he is obviously biased and he dosen't even know it. If you knew your American history as you claim you would understand a lot of what is going on today. Quite an articulate speaker, nice uk accent,

  • Family farms are just that, farms worked by the same family for generations. The large, mega, cooperate farm are eating up the family farmer…and then some. These century old large farm homes, buildings and groves of trees are all destroyed, so every inch can be mega farmed. Without the trees, there's no windbreak neither for the snow on the roads or the preservation of the top soil. Family farms are becoming a fairy in light of greed and the precursors of Agenda 21.

  • There is no honor or dignity in being disabled, most certainly if one sees it as prematurely. I have Dr appointments, have to spend much time begging for rides or assistance in car repair, physical therapy, meds, try to contribute to the community by volunteering, or working at whatever you can for cash, for gas, to get to Dr appointments, esp if Dr is doing surgical injections @ spine where I can't drive. Pain sucks up alot energy, alot of drive, and pretty much most optimism. My condition is genetic, but brought on prematurely by raising 4 kids alone while working as a business executive, while participating in the community, etc. I was a young single parent. I didn't plan that, but I lived with the consequences of his leaving me for my sister and whoever else caught his attention. Im a Christian, burned out athlete, tough to come back from 15 surgeries, but I'm doing it! I refuse to be a "useless eater"… But Sweet Jesus! my life would be so very different, no begging rides, breaking down in tears after the 7 th call with no lift off…no rescheduling important appointments because of no transportation if, IF, there was reliable transportation…a simple car in reasonable condition.. But poverty is compounded, choices are simply not there. Yes, I have marketable skills, but no, I don't have the stamina to work 8 hr days… Can't do the work that is available in my area for a full day, seamstress for $$$$ dresses and dress clothes..or managing inventory for a company with warehouses in 5 different countries…yes, I'm intelligent and way too many years of college…but with pain and pending surgeries, more spinal fusion… I find myself in the shameful position of not working…not paying my own way in the world…needing family who are …. either in no position to help, or who look down on me because they're unaware of my medical reality…or think I can magically pull myself out of this on my own…ENRAGING!

  • I used to work in call centers and other customer service centers, but I've been an unpaid housewife for years now. I clean house, take my parents, children or grandchildren to appointments and help care for them. And I listen to you and others on youtube…

  • I always thought Obama was nothing more than a puppet for his (real) supporters. However, after Obamacare I was genuinely convinced he was a fraud.

  • Eight years of our lives we can never get back.  100 years if you count opportunity cost.  Which you must.

  • Here is more food for though on Obama , national debt b4 Obama 10.4 trillion, his contribution almost doubled it at 19.75 trillion.

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