• And yet the UN refuses refugee status to the white South African much like they did Ukrainian refugees in 2014 even as they ask us to bend over backwards for economic migrants from Africa (mainly sub-Saharan low IQ) and Middle East (low class inbreed tribalists).
    The Kalergi plan is alive and well.

  • If most white guys can get off their high horse, maybe we can both get along..sometimes i am tempted to believe that both whites n blacks are all idiots. We've been pitted against each other since day one but very few can see through it. Maybe we both truly are idiots

  • My great grandfather had a Spanish land grant in Mexico. Grandmother told me that as a young girl, she would wake up at 3am to make breakfast for 100 men. After she was done with that, she would help make the lunch which was delivered to the fields… after that, it was come home to start dinner… after dinner, it was bed down, water and tend to the animals. When the Mexican revolution came, they took the land to redistribute to the "rightful" owners.. the Mexicans. She migrated to the "North" with one of the workers(grandpa) and the farm ceased to exist.

  • Large groups of Africans go and attack and SLAUGHTER entire families and steal their property (farms mostly). Look it up, South Africa Farmer Murders. It's been going on for a long time but escalating lately. And yes, and the Leaders are encouraging it. It's truly disgusting, the horrible atrocities they are doing to these white South Africans. Also they have been discriminating against them for work and jobs. Of course you never hear a peep about it from our News Networks.

  • And I'm sure the Leftist news media won't care. They claim to care about minorities…well, Whites are a minority in Africa, and they are being oppressed. However the Left's view is…"but its White people, so its okay." The real HATE and racism is on the Left. Go look up who created the KKK and you'll find that it was the Democrats. Research who its members were, they were all Democrat. It was never the Right, it was always the Left. The Left simply engages in propaganda, and attempts to flip history (& facts) on its head.

  • We need to pass legislation to bring minority white South African refugees to Texas …
    Since they are flying in thousands of Middle Eastern refugees at our expense and against our wishes , at taxpayer expense … maybe we could get someone in we really could use instead .
    Also , we need to make sure we get their tools and dies , as well as their technicians from their arms industry when they come .
    They make some damn fine weapons … marry them with our own organic weapons manufacturers, here in Texas , and we'll have a powerhouse industry …
    A mass exodus from South Africa to Texas might give us the skills , technology and manpower to really become a top notch economic and political dynamo .
    I think they could adapt to our culture and climate quite nicely , I'd volunteer to teach them English .
    Heck , we could even form whole new units of the Texas Guard ( not affiliated with the National Guard ) made up exclusively of former Boers … they have a reputation as outstanding soldiers …
    Something to think about …

  • There are posts below which advocate that whites start having more children in an attempt to outnumber the blacks. Lets look at nature.. Mice have tons of offspring and rapidly so because their chances of survival are nil. Cats, dogs, etc have large litters because they get killed off rapidly and few survive. There are countless of examples where mankind has interfered and eliminated a predator and the resulting population explosion results in starvation of the animal no longer hunted. The now large population eats everything in sight and it self destructs.
    So… lets apply the same yardstick. Blacks have benefited from public assistance and have bred prodigiously. Even though, as in Chicago, they kill themselves in large numbers, the rate of offspring exceeds and population increases. Once they become the majority.. as in the case of South Africa, they will overtake and push out the competition. The food source will be destroyed and then starvation and war will result.. the population will decrease again. Regardless of man's efforts, nature will always win out.

  • Africans seem to have a genetic disposition towards self destruction. As for the United States, no pandering preening white liberal would allow this news over U.S. networks. The South Africa story has gotten some coverage in Europe but the flood of Africans running away from Africa (imagine that) gets more headlines.

  • Apartheid South Africa actually was a lot like France with a lot of state-owned companies. One might have called it fascist. Now it is actually more free market, but like an incompetent Sweden with high taxes and a lot of regulation. Read about the South African Egg Board under apartheid. You had to buy from this quasi-governmental board and they had their egg inspectors going around to hotels and restaurants making sure there were no black market eggs. If there were, heads would roll!

  • Niggers don't know how to fed themselves they would starve without whites. If all the white nations cut off all the food aid to Africa, we would be looking at one of the largest mass starvations in the history of mankind.

  • Perhaps this plan is to eventually starve the population…after the white farmers are killed or flee. Why would the NWO be doing this?? Far out idea; but the BRICK NATIONS ARE SOUTH AFRICA, RUSSIA, BRAZIL, CHINA, AND INDIA. GOLD BACKED CURRENCY.

  • Europeans should be looking for treaties and repatriations and reservations for our tribes and future kin…start a movement now…gotta start demanding what we want…just like what all these liberals are forcing us into a worse kinda of future enslavement paying for our existence to be wiped out !!

  • The entire Anglosphere (USA,UK,Canada,Australia & New Zealand) should accept White South Africans as refugees who are on the verge of persecution. The only reason its being ignored by most western mainstream media is because the group being targeted are White people.

    The Leader of the 3rd largest political party in South Africa wants a massacre on White people. South Africa will surely collapse completely once the White minority has fled the country & other minorities like Indians,East Asians will leave that country too.

  • White South Africans should all pack up and leave. Famine is what will happen there sooner or later anyway, might as well give it to the bastards that want it.

  • Oh forgot to mention this fact, any nation who bucks the almighty $$$ as the global currency…what happens??? The US and it's partners goes in and destroys the country by bombing, killing millions, and creating total hell on earth for said nation, ie, LIBYA, IRAQ, SYRIA, AFGHANISTAN…ANY NATION ATTEMPING TO GO AGAINST THE WORLD BANK GETS DESTROYED.

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