• veganism is cheaper as long as you don't

    1. try to replace meat with expensive "vegan meat" substitutes
    2. try to intake the same amount of calories as you did previously

  • go drink some cow milk puss, hope you don't get any disease… MEATS CAUSE CANCER watch the documentary on netflix WHAT THE HEALTH. maybe you support dairy and meats industry because you are receiving commission to talk good of this subject …. fuck you, fuck dairy industry, fuck meat industry, fuck pizza gate and fuck the zionism.

  • 5:55 you are really ignorant all the animals we eat are treat really bad is the oppossite. you should make more research LOL you know that also you are eatting the fear of the animal and it store on the dna.

  • Hahaha soooo many people pissed off about this video. Fuck these people. The concept of physical health has changed vastly over the years and nobody knows what they're talking about. One week eggs are good, one week they're bad, and the next month it's only the white part. Milk is good for bones, milk is bad for digestion, breast milk is good blah blah blah. Eat a balanced, unprocessed diet. Vegans look like corpses if they don't take supplements. Love you Roaming!

  • "I don't have a problem with veganism I have a problem with vegans." So you have a problem with anyone who practices veganism. I don't know why but this comment really annoys me. It's kind of stupid why it annoys me but it does.

  • "No one cares about you're dietary preferences, we just don't, " what a stupid comment, my main concern is not to please you with what I'm eating or any other anti-vegan its about environmental problems, health, and animal rights. It's so funny to me when people start shit talking vegans, I honestly don't get it. Please educate yourself before making "videos" when you have a platform of 193k subscribers." If slaughterhouses had glass walls the whole world would be vegetarian." Please do a favour for the 15000 people that disliked your video and go educate yourself on how meat comes to your plate and then make a video. I've never left a comment like this but I feel that its necessary when a person is so ignorant.

  • You're adorable however after watching this video, I think your title of Philosopher King should be demoted to Sophist Philosopher. It's understandable making the errors around vegan nutrition i.e B12 and K2 only being found in animal products but the fallacious inconsistent sophistry of your moral arguments are disappointing to say the least.

  • so you admit there are benefits to being a vegan but you won't become one (0:55)? Doesn't that make you a bad person? You do things that you know are bad. Animal suffer and die just because you like the taste of their flesh.Sad.

  • You sound uneducated for bring up the vitamin argument , vitamin B is gotten by meat eaters because cattle feed is drenched with a sythetic form of it…. .. It is naturaly found in unprocessed freshwater and most fruit… The other vitamins A, C, E are found in large amounts in vegtables, k2 can be produced by your body from k1…. you need to do more research if you don't want to appear uneducated. Plus we not numb to the reality, have fun with your arteries…. , just because the vegans you seen are edgy doesn't mean the og vegans are. so you the real douche for saying the edgy vegans are the majority you should be ashamed.4 human and animal life are verry close and equal on many aspects but not all because of brain functions yet that doesn't mean they can't feel like us……killing fly and neghbor you crazy you clearly missed the point.

  • I agree with your overall argument and most of your points, but I have to play devil's advocate and call you out on point 4.

    Firstly, what does intelligence hierarchy have to do with morality and the arguments of animal rights activists and vegans? Regardless of an animal's intellect, many, including most mammals, still experience fear and still feel pain. So arguing intellectual capacity is completely irrelevant to the point of most arguments concerning animal rights.

    Secondly, this idea of intellectual hierarchy is annoying on a fundamental level because of the way it is typically manifested in human culture. Religious mythology/texts for example have leveraged this type of thinking to rationalize their lack of care or empathy for animals and indeed many, many other concerns. The thinking is, we are the greatest species alive, we should hold dominion over everything, and we are the pinnacle of intelligence (which in itself is problematic, because there are many kinds of intelligences that constitute a being's intellect, and many humans suck at quite a few of them.) The hubris that this thinking engenders and the rationalized behaviors that stem from it are often antithetical to morality in many cases.

    Thirdly (and related to the second point), is that this idea that humans represent the pinnacle of the intelligence hierarchy largely gives rise to an arbitrary philosophical separation between humans and other animals. Humans aren't in fact separate; we are animals as well, having evolved within the same biosystems as every other biological inhabitant on the planet, and just as much a part of the animal kingdom as any other animal. So basically this idea that we're somehow separate from the animal kingdom is completely made-up and merely a way for us to reinforce the idea of our own superiority – which is another thing that is problematic, as there could be many examples of "superiority" depending on the criteria used to define it. But assuming an intelligence hierarchy is the best way to determine superiority, even that is problematic because many arguments could be made to call into question the intellectual superiority of humans. Because really, how intelligent can you be if you actively pollute and destroy your own biosystem and continually shit where you eat with little regard for future consequences? Because that's damn near humanity's standard modus operandi in this day and age.

    Lastly, you're apparent dismay at a vegan's failure to distinguish between a humans life and an animals life is a bit funny considering that preferencing human life over animal life is a completely arbitrary value judgement based on our own self interest, not any kind of inherent fact (as opposed to an actual fact as is the spherical nature of the Earth per the Flat Earth Society example you used) – essentially you're making an arbitrary, morality based value judgment the same way that vegans are when they compare holocaust victims to livestock. And the "value" assigned can be argued just as our "superiority" can. For example, one could argue that Siberian tigers should be weighted with much more value because their numbers are small and dwindling, whereas humans are flourishing and we're a dime a dozen. The reason I even bring this last point up is to point out that all morality is invented and completely arbitrary – we made it all up. Additionally, we deliberately skewed morality to largely to work in our favor, because obviously it serves our own interest to do so. So, in the end, bringing up moral positions in any manner on this issue is pointless. It would be much more useful and honest to just talk about this issue (and many others) in terms of beneficial vs non-beneficial to human society, and then weigh things against any potential consequences to the global ecosystem. And we should just admit our own self interest and be honest about our animal natures, and not implant arbitrary morality when discussing our animal natures, much in the same way we do when we discuss the natures of any other species.

  • just let me eat my veggies and i let you eat your meat. basically every person I meet feels the need to mention my food choice, when i try to avoid that topic because i dont wanna talk about it. it is my choice and i am not harming anyone with it. soo maybe just don't generalise a group of people because some of them are annoying.

  • I usually agree with you. But this is just horrible. I care about all creatures so why would you eat someone. Most meat eaters think animals are less worth than humans. Why? Because they are not as intelligent and dont have feelings? Soooo do you think that mentally hadicapped or a person with less IQ than you is less worth than you are? And of course we blam you for the horrible meat industry. Its the meat eaters that are supporting it and if you stopped eating meat then it wouldnt happen. Simple as that. And vegans are usually not only vegan for ethical reasons but also for their health and global warming/enviroment. The meat industry is actually one of the main reason for the global warming. And red meat is very unhealty. And most vegan people are in very good shape and live longer.
    And no stop lying to yourself that most animals are teated well in the meat industry. They are not. Not even close to treated well. And i can not force anyone to become vegan because all humans are not smart but i can at leats tell people all the downs with eating meat and all the good things about being vegan or vegatarian. Because i can not come up with one positivie thing with eating meat. And not one negative thing with being vegan or vegatarian that you cant solve.

  • Wait… you need evidence for how bad red meat is for the human body? When was this video made? Oh, right 2017… couple months ago… Ahhhhh ok just ignore the fact that the WHO classified red meat as a class 1 carcinogen way back in 2015. Yeah, that's right, up there with smoking and asbestos. And animals in the west are probably humanely killed… ahhh another face palm, and that's why we have ag-gag laws!!! Damn, someone needs to educate this woman before she opens her mouth. Shame…. real shame.

  • A lot of jerks are omnivores. All of your reasoning is based in egotism and speciesism. You are grossly misleading, misinformed at best. Please do more research on abolitionism and intersectional veganism- you are lacking real understanding of the significance of the vegan movement. VEGAN IS NOT A DIET. It's a social justice movement that also affects socio-politically oppressed groups of humans. Animal agriculture is also the LARGEST contributor to climate change, causing massive droughts in other parts of the world, killing wildlife and causing harm to rural and traditional communities.Vegan is for animals, for the planet, and for humans. There are no nutritional benefits from meat and dairy that cannot be sourced from a whole foods, plant-based diet. There are, however, dozens of health risks from consuming animal flesh and byproducts. Why aren't you talking about this? Also, we are cultural omnivores who adapted to eating meat for survival. We are biological, anatomical, physiological HERBIVORES by natural design. Are you eating meat and dairy for survival, or preference/taste/food addiction? Please stop spreading misinformation. You are not an expert – despite your 'super useful' political science degree. Am I jerk? Maybe, but I have peace of mind I am making informed, educated, and moral decisions about my consumption rather than trying to justify socially-conditioned habits.

  • You just made a 13 minute video saying how proud you are of killing animals and spread crap on vegans (if you know more than 10 vegans I'd be shocked), called us idiots… Then vegans are jerk???
    Your concept that following our ideology makes us monster just reflected on yourself. You are following your ideology that murdering is ok and go aggressive on vegan.
    I can't believe you can be so stupid not to see that what you are accusing began of, you are doing it in this video.

  • Human lives and animal lives worth the same: nothing. To the universe we are nothing, tomorrow a supernova might explode nearby and kill us all. Life is just a manifestation of matter and energy constantly transforming. Matter and energy passes from one body to another body all the time. Life consumes life. That's how the universe works. Get over it, vegans.

  • Her best case was how vegans conflate people who eat meat with animal abuse cases in the meat industry. Most people support actions against abuse of livestock, but equating humane slaughter of animals with murder, and animal life to human life is where you lose my respect.

  • I just subscribed to you, and then I saw this video. And I was like, yeahhh nevermind. You might as well take down this video and stick with other topics that you actually know a thing or two about. Because there is NO justification of being a "proud meat eater" and you did not make a single valid point.. so you might as well just keep it to yourself and not try to publicly defend it because you will not succeed at it that.

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