• Um the forefathers Believed in three things. The two you stated rested firmly on a well armed and trained public.

  • Don't worry all you guy's, as soon as Europe and America will be Islmaized, we the Asian nations already have the solution, we'll simply bomb Europe and America to bits, tired of having to repeat this over and over, but Asia WILL NOT let any Islamization occur in it's borders or in it's countries, remember, Asians have a higher IQ then Europeans and Americans and so we are less "sensitive" to plainly KILL our enemy's, we won't hesitate to protect our own. Your choice, chose well and chose fast, you have about 18 years before Islamic nations outnumber christian population…

  • not to mention the caricaturist narrative about slavery being only people held by force, chained and oppressed. in reality in the ancient world, a lot of the slavery was a contract where people chose slavery to avoid poverty and harshness. it was like a job in Ancient concepts. a lot of the slavery was with consent.

  • quizzes don't teach, you have to learn before you do a quiz – maybe it's his fault for doing random tests and not teaching his students before these tests. Knowing how schools are these days I wouldn't be surprised – test>test>test>what..I have to teach them too??

  • History revisionism is the number trait of all fascists.
    You are not fooling anyone, but idiots.

  • ive argued with communists that have absolutely no idea whats going on in china and blame china for being capitalist..

  • Yes, Misters Pesta and Molyneux have some valid points about the double standards applied to the crusades but I think their views on the superiority of western culture is deeply flawed. Especially as it concerns the real deep contributions of non western cultures to world history and knowledge. Mr. Pesta's comment implying that it was Christian scholars in Constantinople that played the key role in developing the knowledge that led to the renaissance is deeply flawed and disrespectful to all those Islamic scholars who furthered the knowledge which Greeks had built upon from Egypt (which if he bothered to look at ancient texts no one questioned it as a black civilisation. The attempts to whiten Egypt are a more recent phenomenon when Europe was attempting to justify the dominant place it found itself after 1492).
    I totally agree that double standards are applied to how the crusades are viewed but I think their attempts to justify what western civilisations has done to other cultures (like India who lost an estimated 40 million people under British rule while in a number of cases being forced to produce crops for export instead of crops to feed the local population or what Belgium did in Congo or Germany on Shark Island or the English in Papua New Guinea or the westerners did to native Americans – can you say 'natural selection') is beyond silly.

  • Thank you both. Very interesting.

    I was relieved to have my belief that the crusades were launched by single mothers on welfare corrected.

  • We have to win the cultural war this time around, because what have made the west possible is relatively easy accessible energy (hydrocarbons) – there is not enough easily accessible energy available on earth any longer to start over…

  • I personally believe the time for talk is over. Stef should be rallying for violence it is the only solution at this point. Dues vult!

  • 24:30 – As one looks at your like-dislike ratio, one can see that even atheists that watch your show appreciate you culling the world back to God. Rock on, Stef! Thank you for the work you're doing. Always love listening to your discussions with Dr. Pesta, one of your best guests!

  • I f*king love you guy's, I hope you know that you are reaching a good audience who really appreciates your knowledge and I cant thank you enough for schooling the gaps and misconception that we sadly been tought. I wish everyone would listen to this, I shared in my circles ✌️ peace.

  • Islam is a religion of peace, like the aftermath of a battlefield.

    When there is nothing left but the dead, exhausted and the victor, there can only be peace.

    Thanks for your work Stefan.

  • The world is intrinsically evil and savage. All the weak, being it physically, mentally or emotionally, are punished by nature.

  • "So who's won and who's writing this history now, because as sure as hell it isn't the victors of the west"

    Yes Stefan, I wonder that too…Who might (((that))) be…

  • "Only democracy" forgets Kuwait Qatar UAE Jordan and Oman most of these countries are fucking unknown and no one praises us for having zero poor citizens in Kuwait fuck you

  • There's no such thing as Byzantine Empire,
    Only Greco-Romans of the East.
    A mix of Alexander's successors states
    And the Roman Empire.

  • Time to nuke Mecca and Medina, time to eradicate this hateful Ideology and banish it to the history books until it reforms itself…

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