• The USA going to war for Estonia- what an example arguing for isolationism. "A far away country of which we know little." Stefan channels Neville?

  • Bring WW3 on! I waznt doing jack anyhoo and life is pretty downhill for me after 50 so stocking up on Scotch, waiting for the balloon to go up and the four minute warning siren then climb on the roof, neck the booze, watch the mushrooms rise with welding goggles on and wait for the heat to send me to hell. I'm coming home Margaret….I'm coming home (Margaret Thatcher that is). Heeeeeeeh!

  • Korean war went so badly for America because of a self serving and distant General MacArthur. That man is no war hero and should never be held as such. He was a traitor to those Americans who suffered and died in Korea.

  • "Empires always fall"
    I don't expect America to last much longer. And not because of an external force, but because of internal rotting.

  • Excellent and well considered presentation! I have been concerned that there is absolutely no sources stated in any of these daily proclamations on the intentions of North Korea. Also, it is illegal to do a preventive strike on any sovereign nation. If necessary, just kill the idiot leader.

    Consider a scenario in which Russia shoots down a North Korean ICBM, in flight.

  • There was a German intervention in 1933 the Jews boycotted Germany!
    Dude you are missing a lot of history in your history!

  • Israel helped N Korea get nukes. Israel stole uranium from Numecs on PA, th stole over 800 nuclear triggers a d got caught and only gave 400 back.

  • Just stealth nuke Pyongyang and deny all involvement. The only war the US needs be involved in is the next revolutionary war to remind the political class that the governments purpose is to serve its people and to put the house back in order.
    Or I can just come to terms with the idea that America is a shadow of what it was and will never reach that height again. In that case I don't care as i don't have kids and the world is free to burn.

  • Comparing countries having nuclear weapon capabilities to the international version of the 2nd amendment on an individual basis just doesn't fly with me. Don't agree.

  • This one was very interesting Stefan, where do you get your data so I can look it up too. I guess history books but which ones?

  • Religions are the problem?? When Atheism has killed exponentially MORE people than ALL religions combined…….ok, that makes what kinda sense?? I will take an afterlife view over fucking Nihilism ANY DAY!!!

  • Obviously you don't understand the finer points of occupational preparation.
    Why do we have troops in Germany? in case Russia declares war, we have the advantage of having troops there ready to go. capable of creating and defending a dz there instead of fighting a beach head. We have basses all over the world in case a world war breaks out we have the advantage over our enemies of prepared, armed, and Mobil forces ready to establish a front far away from the United States. During ww2 the most fatal hours of the war were spent attacking a beach and parachuting into a occupied country.

  • What happens when the North starts killing people again? That is the next Pyongyang-logical step once missile and nuke tests have failed to generate enough hysteria to cause the US and other concerned nations to give it concessions for acting nice…

    Bush Jr. got China to agree to money laundering sanctions experts had long claimed was necessary for the regime to maintain enough loyalty among the elites.

    North Korea responded with the first ICBM test since 1998 (only the 2nd in history). Followed quickly by its first ever nuke test.

    When Bush refused to end the sanctions, it was predictable what would happen next: The North returned to killing people along the DMZ — (except it chose to avoid killing American soldiers, because it could not count on the backing of Russia as it could the Soviet Union and China back when it did routinely kill American soldiers).

    The North shot up South Korean patrol boats in South Korean waters. It used a submarine to torpedo and sink a South Korean Navy ship. And it used artillery against towns on a South Korean island.

    I thought we might see the North go after Japanese and/or American targets – targets that would gain it the amount of media hysteria it needed to pressure concessions out of Washington and Tokyo and Seoul.

    Because Bush didn't back off the sanctions right away. — But, that did happen eventually.

    The North has been using up its missile and nuke testing cards… It obviously wants concessions.

    So ignoring it might not be an option this time, unless we want to decide that one price we're just going to have to accept is repeated attacks on South Korea or related targets.

    Since the Soviet Union collapsed, the North has not been blowing up passenger planes or South Korean government delegations in a third country or routinely staging running gun battles at the DMZ….

    ….but in the recent past, it did return to murder as part of its Brinkmanship.

    And if Bush Jr had ignored the North's provocations long enough, I'd give a 70/30 chance the North would have gone after a Japanese or American target to force the US to the bargaining table again.

  • Saddam Hussein Was Brutally murdered by the Globalist and Bush because he was pirating oil to this country and others which was seriously disturbing the american petrodollar., tat is the main reason why Bill Clinton was almost impeached because he wasn't enforcing OPEC regulations. That is why crude oil back in the Clinton era went down to 10.25 a barrel and gas dipped below a dollar.

  • Don't be disingenuous, a large part of the reason a shooting war hasn't started on the peninsula is China. China has held Pyongyang back, and the South hasn't invaded for fear of China. In reality the North would have won the Korean war and nearly did if the Americans hadn't intervened. And even with the Americans it was still a very close war with the South barely hanging on by a thread. China and the U.S. are the reason N. Korea hasn't attacked, no other reason.

  • It seems to me that Korea was the beginning of the never ending "cold" war.( a way around Congress to avoid a decision or excuse for control?)

  • There is another country as Communist as North Korea. Burma (Myanmar). You have to get the government's permission to visit your friends there.

  • All nuclear bombs should be dismantled and their resources used for nuclear power plants, but that's not going to happen any time soon.
    Of course Trump has to be tough on North Korea, and I can't blame Kim for building nukes, but we've got to be careful here. Like talking down the crazy guy with a bomb so he doesn't blow up the whole building, we must have a very serious discussion with North Korea.

  • Just realized Stefan is copying Styx' video style now…sitting in a small room with a window with drawn curtain on his right side…just needs more spoon clank!

  • Russia ordered a ceasefire in March 1917 and America entered the war in April. Get your facts straight Stefan! Also don't underestimate Kim Jong Un, he was made a General at the age of 8 y/o and he has already threatened to bomb Guam.

  • I feel like North Korea has been trying REAL HARD to escalate this tension for some time but the previous Administrations just kept on sleeping.

  • The obvious answer is to put McCain, Graham, Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi to a select committee, patiently wait for their detailed recommendation and do the opposite.

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