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Alex Jones shows how Spanish beach goers sit idly by as a rubber boat docks at the shore and unloads dozens of migrants who run inland, disappearing into …



  • Spain is dying for sure now. I thought the place was ruined for already, especially with all the politics there and shit, that I learned in school, but this for sure is definitely going to collapse their government for good and society. La reconquista is para nada hasta ahora 🙂

  • Africans are a problem in African because they average an IQ of 70-75. Now they are coming to the West and causing a problem for the West. What we have is a bunch of borderline retarded people coming to get free stuff, they offer no skills whatsoever. You think they learn to do a skilled trade? They live in shacks that are like homeless camps here in the West. They have absolutely nothing to offer the civilized world. They cannot even take care of themselves in their own countries.

  • All of this reminds me of a Clint Eastwood movie where he made a town paint the place red and welcome signs went up inviting villains to enjoy themselves.

  • OH COME ON……. I've got to pull you up on the 1 billion Chinese being in poverty and Gaddafi being fucking Santa clause!

  • FUCKING DISGUSTING……if we do not arrest and hang every last globalist and their collaborators then deport and ban all muslims and put laws to maintain a minimum majority of 75% forever in our lands for our race/culture and redo immigration for those who add to and become western……just for starters, then we are doomed

  • Whats strange here is I remember when the allies stormed Normandy, from the films I have seen the soldiers were seasick, vomiting all over. These migrants supposedly crossed the Mediterranean which is a heck of a journey compared to the English Channel, and stormed the beach as though they havent travelled at all. None sick, nothing. So who brought them here and where are they goin? No food, water, nothing. All this during a heat wave in southern Spain. Mission Impossible.

  • alex this is a economic war ,power is shifting to the fmi and china and every money system is coming digital. the next war will be cyber.

  • Invasion.

    The Spaniards fought off the mohammadist invasion centuries ago and now they are being invaded again.

  • What produces me great sadness is that our politicians (in Spain) will not do anything for us: they will help the UN (and George Soros).
    Greetings from Spain… Great tv show

  • Spanish Spaniards Spain hates Mexicans because they butchered our language they say that part of Latin America is the toenail other race ask any Spanish from Spain

  • Spain was a Latin country whit large german population.But so were all European contries(including America and Russia).All Europe is heavily intermixed

  • Alex,
    So glad you brought up the slave situation going on today in Libya. The Arab Muslims in Northern Africa are so brazen, they sell black African slaves in the public square. I have told people this, but they don't believe slavery is around today, and they won't do their own research. And liberal women who care about women's' rights are the first to yell islamaphobic if you point out how Muslims treat women. And these are college educated women! And CAIR has really gotten into the San Diego school district.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Half the people in all these plastic boats can't swim.. Go put a couple holes in them things … Protect ur children and women haha

  • Texan are our own breed! Others construed our pride for arrogance. Maybe it's a mixture of both. A true blue Texan will not only protect our own families but our neighbors as well. You mess with one of us, you messed with all of us Texans. Too bad a lot of transplants have moved here but some have assimilated to our way of thinking because they too believe standing for what is right. God Bless America and GOD BLESS TEXAS!

  • Conduct a systematic census of the entire population of Spain for identity cross-checking, put up road blocks and check points, declare military marshal law, round up all suspected illegal muzzies migrants-rapefugees-terrorists-illegal evil sharia satanic law imposers that violates the cultural and political and legal system sovereignty of Spain, put them in electrified barbed-wire camps and deport them with an ID-Tracking Chip. Impose laws to protect Spain from Spanish Ethnocide.

  • I live in Portugal and civilians are not allowed to own fire arms, military service is not mandatory and political correctness is the rule of the land. Just the other day, a politician dared to say that gypsis don't work, that they live off the welfare system, engage in roberies, intimidate other people when needed, etc, and he got attacked from all angles. Even speaking the truth is racism now.
    We're so fucking weak and pathetic.

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