• Burning villages, murdering people, raping women to a Turk this is not genocide, it s just good sport.

  • Of course Stefan, it is better for any criminal to not circle back and hold themselves accountable for their own crimes. The whole point is for others to hold them accountable so that they may suffer and learn! The reason Turkey is doing so well is because they have not been held accountable, and the wimpy Europeans are afraid of them still because of this fact and the fact that they are Islamic.

  • Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians have suffered enormously under the Turkish regime of that time.
    As a Greek whose family wasn't from the regions of Asia Minor, it makes me sad to see that people still feel the pain through their family ties from the events that happened.
    I hope that some restitution will come someday and that the families will return to their lands but it's highly unlikely.

  • Stefan errs by letting his guest jump from 1915 to 1943, thus ignoring the genocide of tens of millions of Russian Christians by the Judeo-Marxists who conquered Russia in 1917. The real connection is between the Armenian genocide by crpto-Jews called Young Turks and the genocide of Russian Christians by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

    The extreme cruelty in both cases was based on Jewish hatred of Christians, just as it has been so recently in Iraq and Syria at the hands of Isis, which was formed and supported by Israel and the Jewish-run USA.

  • Of course we can't have discussions about other genocides without talking about the evil nazis and the Holocaust. It even cropped up in a book I read about warfare before civilization…

  • Anatolian Turks are Turkified Byzantines. Azarbaijani Turks are Turkified Persians. In other words, they are former enemies (Perso-Byzantine wars). Neither are actual Turks. They just adapted the language.

  • Erdogan adamantly denies that this genocide occurred.  The Turkish government trots out supposed scholars and historians to claim that Armenians did not suffer any worse than regular Turkish citizens, and that they were a threat because they would happily embrace the Russians as they invaded the Ottoman Empire.   When you conduct a genocide under the cover of war, you can claim that the victims of the genocide were just casualties of a broader conflict, and deny that they were specifically targeted for religious or racial reasons.   The same methods of denial are used by both those who deny this genocide and the Shoah.  Turkish apologists claim it makes no sense why the Turkish government would have diverted valuable resources and manpower, fighting essentially a two-front war, to focus on killing civilians.   The element of fanaticism is significantly downplayed.   Donald Trump has praised Erdogan.   Would Trump ever make any statement about the Armenian genocide?   I doubt he even knows it happened.   Or what it was.  Or what an Armenian is.  I have been repeatedly insulted that American presidents have never insisted on calling the genocide what it was, afraid to alienate Turkey as an ally.   Even on the centennial of this tragedy in 2015.   It should be noted too that the Germans were the allies of the Ottoman Turks during WWI, and at no point did the German government actually acknowledge, let alone seek to stop, the atrocity.

  • 1914-23 mudslimes genocide christians… a century later, christians: "ermahgerd, der per merdslerm rerfergers!"


  • An excellent discussion. Thanks for bringing attention to this. The genocide has continued in recent decades with the on-going destruction of historic Armenian churches and cemeteries whenever they are found. Same thing happens in Constantinople with the Greek Orthodox seminary being forced to remain closed – which is an effort by Turkey to end the Patriarchate of Constantinople and snuff out what is left of the tiny indigenous Christian community remaining after the 1955 pogrom. By the way, can you make an episode on the pogrom as a way of showing what Western European countries have coming their way when they are a minority in their own land?

  • Turkey still illegally occupies half of the island of Cyprus and continues a genocide on another group of people and their history.

  • Holy crap. Armenia only has a population of less than 3 million people. This genocide was basically half of the population.

  • so even though the US is the country that showed the world it was a genocide, even though the US is on record in the convention of genocide that it WAS a genocide, people somehow don't take that as recognition of a genocide? quit splitting hairs

  • People always seem to forget the Namibian genocide, which began over a decade earlier in 1904. I wouldn't really mind if it wasn't for the fact that it seems delibirid. Even lebensraum theory is ascribed to the Third Reich, while it was actually developed as a partial justification of the german occupation in Namibia.

  • This should have been titled "The Relevance of the Armenian etc Genocide to Islamic Terrorism Today." Wow, does this connect the dots or what?!!!

    We should force TYT off the net as well. They should lose their US citizenship, including that fake Ana K.

    We need a part 2 to this discussion, with another guest if need be, to explore that difficult but absolutely critical question you posed Stefan about whether Germany is much worse off than Turkey for acknowledging the deeds of their grandparents and grand grandparents.

    Also in part 2 to pursue the question of whether Mohammed gave his followers a timeline by which they were to conquer the world to please him and their god – cause why is it that after centuries of letting these various populations generally survive as their subjects dud they go ballistic about genociding them instead when the 20th century began???

  • Very informative video! Humanity must pursue justice for these crimes, otherwise they will be repeated!

  • MUHAMMAD was a thief and a murderer, he and his first followers robbed and murdered travelers on the road to Mecca. His gang has continued Muhammad's ways of destruction, including buying and selling women for sex, for 1,400 years now. -Joseph

  • I have a close friend whose Armenian parents lived through these atrocities in Turkey as children during this time period. Her ancestors survived and immigrated to the USA. My freind's mother shared her vivid memories of the Muslim's horrific savagery and violence against Christians. Those conversations were my first awareness to understanding that Islam is NOT a "relgion of peace".

    Thank you for posting this interview.

  • The Holocaust was invented to provide cover for all the White Christian Genocides committed by the jews. Listen to these two redirect the story focus to blame the Victim aka Hitler the White Christian Hero that fought to end the White Genocides.

  • Were the Armenians killed in concentration camps with hospitals, theaters and sports fields too? Oh wait! You mean this one was a real real genocide! That's why their population diminished after the genocide!

  • You christians look so funny from a step away. Look at you, you're afraid of us Turks so badly, all you do is talking about us and hating us. I'm not muslim, I'm white and I'm way more civilized than your pink asses. If you happen to read anything from other side of the story (like civilized people should do unlike your village gossip) here's the deal:
    Armenians were good people for 400 years. With french revolution they effected from nationalism like greeks and others did. When ww1 started, they started to fight against Turks as well. They start to kill people to build their own country (same story with Greeks and disgusting B*lgarians). Armenian gangs burned villages, killed woman and children. There was almost no soldier to defend them. Google child armies of Turkey. 13 year olds went to war because there wasn't enough men anymore. We were almost fighting the whole world (our fault) . To stop the massacre Turkish goverment sent them away. Why it's not a genocide? Because it's not a ethnicity cleansing. Not all armenians were sent away. Only the troubled one's.

    Good night christians.

  • Let us understand that leaders of so called democratic peace loving countries out rightly denie the Armenian Genocide , people like foreign minister Julie Bishop of Australia to satisfy her turksih lords .

  • My great grand parents from both sides managed to escape this genocide by fleeing to Beirut. As an Armenian I'm glad more and more people are becoming aware of our tragic story and support us through it all. Thanks to all who support us and accept this genocide unlike Trump and a couple others

  • Truth in Turkey is stickier and stretchier than Turkish taffy. Sad little race of rapist Islamic "warriors" dealing Turkish Justice to the infidel. Sam eclub of fanatics now call themselves ISIS.

  • This is the context within which modern Turks predominently view the events of 1915. In addition to this there are the nearly 4.5 million Ottoman Muslims
    who perished from 1864 to 1922 – many more dead were never counted as
    their homelands were absorbed by Russia. Turkey believes that around 5
    million Ottoman citizens were driven away from their ancestral homes in
    the Balkans and the Caucasus during this period and found shelter in
    Anatolia and Istanbul.
    The displacement and killing of Armenians during this time, is not by itself unique, Turkish historians argue.
    For this reason when it comes to Armenian claims of “genocide”
    Turkey does not accept the term. The Armenian military alliance with
    Russia and assaults on Turkish villages in Eastern Anatolia, while the
    Ottoman army was fighting on other fronts are seen in Turkey as the main
    motive of the Ottoman rulers in forcing Armenians from their homes.

  • People believes the issue is being used as a political bargaining chip,
    with parliaments around the world taking sides under pressure from lobby
    groups rather than based on evidence of the facts. Turkey instead has
    repeatedly proposed the formation of an international committee of
    historians, including people with a range of perspectives to debate the
    issue. Such a group of experts would be better qualified than
    politicians to understand the facts, according to Turkey.

  • Turkey is now 98.5% Muslim, that tells you right there what their true intention was. I'm an atheist and have no bone to pick, but anyone can see that Islam takes over wherever it is allowed to grow. Tolerance is stupid when it comes to playing around with Muslims.

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