• I loved this. One of the best intellectual discussions I have seen on YouTube. Two brilliant people, sharing ideas.

  • So… I'm going to go ahead and assume this whole thing is complete bullshit following the "climate change agenda" comment. Because you know, wanting to help our species continue to thrive is such a horrid "agenda" right? Yeah…I'm gonna look past my biological tendency to associate beauty with goodness here and say this woman is an ignorant buffoon. Maybe there's some science eventually presented in this video, but your overwhelming initial bullshit already lost me bitch.

  • If the left succeeds in destroying all white countries we may never see small government on this earth again.

  • It's so sad, that the only reasonable people left, are in majority those, who believe in bearded mage controlling everything from heaven.

  • 'I don't know how we can arrive at the ethno state' Well Faith, go ask Israel or Poland or Czechia or Serbia. As for these Ukrainians digging trenches in babba's farm? not so much. It more like thugs from Lviv and western Ukraine going to Russian speaking areas of Ukraine in the east and attacking Russian speaking citizens.

  • It's what I call waiting passively, until the Tpping Point has been reached; once this has occured, the majority will no longer belong to the Sovereign Nation in question. This can take years. Cheers

  • Nuke the Liberal ( Marxist )Party of Canada next election! Globalism is a failed ideology and almost as evil as Sharia Islam.

  • The Soy thing has been widely debunked. Look into Dr Greger's research on soy. The real estrogen that is consumed more now than ever is in meat and dairy. And it's not phytoestrogen that is in dairy and meat, it's actual estrogen along with other hormone disrupting compounds. Phytoestrogen is in many healthy plant foods and has been shown to be helpful in the prevention of diabetes and cancers.

  • Yes, women's estrogen increases while among other women why wouldn't it happen with men and testosterone. Love having my own echo chamber finally for good or bad…it is a little uncomfortable.

  • Hello everyone, my english is weak and that is why i use google translator. But what he wants to say is very important, explains some of the mechanisms that take place in Europe.

    For over 60 years Marxism is the leading ideology of the world taught at all universities. The mentality of the modern man was formed by the "critical education" which is a direct product of the last phase of Marxism. What is happening in Europe is the realization of a plan from Ventotene, the Italian Communist Spinelli, that is converting Europe into a communist state.

    Then to recognize that ideology is Marxism? In 1880, the French socialist and son-in-law of Marx Paul Lafargue wrote an essay titled "The Right to Laziness. The essence of this essay was to condemn work as being unworthy of man. He wrote that people would work for automats and robots.

    Social-democracies, or non-revolutionary Marxists, said that democracy could be gained in a democratic manner. Marx opposed this because he knew that every left-wing system eliminated motivation to work, that is, it produces misery. And in democracy you will have to give up power, because rebellion can not be suppressed by terror.

    Efforts to create a European army were already made by Spinelli in 1957.

    Paul Lafargue's goal was to destroy the ethos of work, because then classical Marxism had lost to the society that built the ethos of labor. People have been exploited for centuries, so Marx called for revolution and the elite murder. German Cardinal Ketteler and then Pope Leo 13 in the encyclical Rerum Novarum called for Catholic social teaching. Emanation of this trend was the first Christian boycott. After the war it was a Protestant concept. To win freedom and prosperity with your own work. In these times technological breakthrough (bulb, electricity, radio). The Marxists lost support and wanted the peasants not to work, they could not earn.

    In 1955 Herbert Marcuse wrote – eros and civilization. The meaning of the book was that work is evil because it bothered man in copulation. At the moment, however, the economic miracle began in Germany. Marcuse in his book wrote that there would be no need for traditional sexual morality to be replaced by libidine morality. Such a promise was made by the youth. In 1964, Marcuse wrote another book, One Man, where he regretted that instead of being sexually liberated he would prefer work and consumerism.

    In this book he calls youth to a great refusal or total sabotage.

    In 1964 Marcuse wrote a manual for the new left under the title – Repressive Tolerance. In short, she said that the leftist tolerance deserves the right, the right is not tolerated.

    At the moment in Europe is introduced everywhere in the Gender schools not to demoralize the youth and to draw young people from learning, from the acquisition of qualifications, knowledge that will be useful in adult life. If the school will produce fools who can not produce anything, then such societies will live in deepening misery. Such people will vote for the left parties that will give them social benefits. And that's it.

    Refugees brought to Europe are ideal as the proletariat that hates work. They are to initiate the revolution of the proletariat. Such people should not be educated only to be even more radical, which will become a force that will change the existing order.

    Let's be honest, if you want to buy something you have to produce something first. Money is only a means of exchange for life. If someone does not produce anything then there is no purchasing power to buy something. A person who can not produce anything will always vote for a political party that promises something or is a socialist system. A system that robs one and gives away for free. People who are able to work and produce are blunted by high taxes and people who can not do anything or any kind of humanist – gives free money, ie social benefits and various kinds of grants. This system must collapse and in order to speed this process it comes down to Muslim refugees. They are to launch a revolution that will bring a martial law in Europe in which people will be ruled by terror and under the hard-hearted communist regime of Brussels.

  • The misinformation about NS Germany, the cucking in regards to allowing those noneuropeans that are already here to stay, then the additional misinformation about soy. Faith needs to look at who she is getting here "facts" from.

  • So ure point is u have to be white to vote for a small government??? what the hell kind of argument is that??, its not about race or skin-color its about whether or not u adhere to western liberal values

  • Some videos should be audio only. I watched all of this and I was so distracted I have almost no idea what it was about…and I'm Canadian. Next time your guest is really hot, how about issuing a warning?

  • I would like to see this gorgeous, politically sane women running against Justin Trudeau in the next Federal election. "Fight fire with fire".

  • Wow, this amazing to hear how this has over the years been slowly encroaching via education, pc, media that we are now in the mess we are in….it is their plan islam, their teaching. It's a spiritual battle, good vs evil. Let us pray. It is important MAGA! Good point history, our education system has been brainwashed.

  • PS: I agree every western country needs to make sure they look after their own unique culture and that it is open to all who want to live the same way assimilate values.

  • We whites have been targeted for extinction. We are the enemy of the Zionists/Globalists. The Zionists have been working tirelessly (hundreds of years actually) in a well organized/well funded manner to rot and weaken our societies from the inside via liberalism/feminism/PC Culture/porn/multiculturism/etc. And now, their bought and paid for shill governments are AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, instituting anti-white chaotic immigration policies to ensure we become minorities in our own countries.

    Sorry to bother you…now please be a good little sheep and return to FaceBook, Yahoo Spews, Braindead TV shows, and Kim K stories….

  • The stupidity and hypocrisy of Trudeau , on one hand he shows up at gay day celebrations , then he speaks at a mosque known for terrorist activities in Montreal. Are Canadians to stupid to see this?

  • Dear Stefan,

    Everything you say is up to the point, BUT, YOU and the REST of guys, including almighty Alex are beating the bush like a cat around hot porridge … no one is touching THE REAL HOT POTATO, which is – WHO are the masterminds – THE NAMES – behind Multi-Racial DECOMPOSITION of European Race.

    Many of us KNOW WHO they are, because there are UNCONCEALED NAMES of INDIVIDUALS on key positions from where they run the show. Almost ALL of them are AshkeNAZI JEWS who form gargantuan Legal Criminal Enterprise, never seen before in the whole history of Humankind. They don't hide, and what is amazing, they are incredibly sincere, up to their bones, in openly pushing Transformation of European Nations (Race) thru the Multi-Racial pollution.

    On top of this roster are of course BANKSTERS (FED, Wall Street … the whole Financial Industry)
    Follow Jewish INFILTRATORS in the US Government and Administration on all levels
    SCOTUS and Judiciary
    ENTERTAINMENT Industry with Hollywood in first line
    NGOs – like ADL, SPLC and countless other
    LOBBIES – like AIPAC, RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition), NJDC (National Jewish Democratic Council) and many others … to mention few that crossed my mind.

    The most fatal were those from ACADEMIA and EDUCATION, because with their toxic Marxist ideology thru decades they managed to malevolently indoctrinate generations of American and European youth. Long time ago Yuri Bezmenov eloquently explained the Soviet PROCEDURE they followed.

    How about Barbara Lerner Spectre, who HONESTLY confessed that JEWS are behind of Europe's Multicultural Transformation. Consequences of her activity thru her PAIDEIA are visible nowadays in Sweden.

    Soros, Merkel, Sarkozy, Juncker … to mention only this few, are all Jews
    Peter Sutherland, Jewish dominated Goldman Sachs man (not Jew), who's influence on Brussels Commissariat was indispensable in this agenda

    Jewess Barbara Roche – Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration in Tony Blair's government helped in loading UK with Third World hordes.

    I could go on and on with this enumeration, but I believe that everybody who is paying some attention to this "Multicultural" CRIME, already figured out who are the ARCHITECTS. Just watching Brother Nathaneal videos, everybody can get the whole list.

    Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat explained the core of Jewish meddling in the Europe (Germany) during NAZI era, and the SAME is going AGAIN

    In the end, what about Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi and his infamous Kalergi Plan for Europe, where he elaborated future of Europe in his Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), written in 1925, where he says –

    "The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals … Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe's feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, thanks to Jewish emancipation"

    Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi (half Jew) is FOUNDING FATHER of EU, actually.

    EVERYTHING is WRITTEN, litteraly painted on a PUBLIC walls … and still NOBODY is OPENLY talking about this JEWISH PHENOMENON.

    Of course, the WORST of ALL are Globalist's poltroons – Liberally Retarded Leftists, whereas without their TREASONOUS active cooperation, Globalist Cabal would NEVER have a chance to carry out their project.


  • And what the holy FUCK do these fucking regressive leftists have to say to the quote from hundreds of different fighting aged migrants NOT FROM SYRIA, saying that, "I'm going back home to live with my family, this sucks, I didn't get my free house, I didn't get my big yard with a pool, the food sucks, I didn't get a car, I didn't even get enough money for cigarettes! I'm going back home to my family, this is ridiculous! What the hell is this!?! We were promised this stuff and all we get is this crap food that is not even good enough for animals. It's trash, it's not even good for stray dogs, it's good only for women. This food is only good for women. I didn't even get any European women!?!?!! Look at my balls, I have to go to the doctor because my balls are the size of grapefruits. He said I have to have sex with everyone. You want to have sex?? " The female reporter is like, "Well can't you bring a girl to your migrant housing?? and migrant says, "Not unless she wants to have sex with like a hundred men.. most women don't want to do that.. you want to have sex with me?" Reporter, "Uh, no thanks." These are the "refuges".

  • whites are fleeing to the country. I'm hunkered down on my 4th gen farm. produce all my own food. pay as little tax as possible

  • Absolutely correct: if you want your freedom, you can't have your free stuff. If you want your free stuff, you can't have your freedom.

  • Spiderman Elsa connection.  Spiderman is very popular with boys and Elsa is very popular with girls.  Put the two together and young kids of both genders are going to watch it.  Great propaganda tool.

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