• Isn't this done on purpose? Isn't this what the Deep State wants – endless war and endless drugs exported from Afghanistan? The Military/Industrial complex and the CIA drug dealers could not be more happy, and all on the taxpayer dime.

  • With all due respect I can't believe Stefan did a show like this – the failure of Afghanistan is that we are there at all, not that we don't have "continuity of leadership." What the hell is the goal of our operations in Afghanistan? Prince says Vietnam was a failure of the military? Try a failure of the "Wise Men" who handcuffed the military because victory was not the objective. Good grief Stefan read "In the Shadows of Power" by James Perloff. I am so disappointed in you ugh.

  • This is without doubt the worst broadcast Stefan has ever done in my opinion. Good grief if Stefan is snowed by Afghanistan we have no hope at all of pulling out. Cernovich is reporting that Mike Pence is advocating this weekend for a new "surge" in Afghanistan. If that happens, the Trump Train is over and he will be a one-term President. Let the Taliban have Afghanistan – ISIS would no longer exist without US funding and material support.

  • Damn, Steph. You are pulling A-list personalities these days. If Bannon took Breitbart to cable would you do a show there if lobbied?

  • Please do more interviews with Erik Prince. I read his book "Civilian Warrior" and leaned his successes. He is an amazing man.
    Thanks, Stefan!

  • The Pentagon is just another failed government bureaucracy running a failed government program of imperialism.  The Prince solution is just an extension of U.S. involvement which will be yet another failure.

  • Well it's been great, but I'm leaving Youtube. I can no longer tolerate their assault on freedom and truth. I hope to see you on a new platform soon Stefan!

  • If I was an Afghan being "groomed" by US forces I would Google the word Rhade or Montagnard and RUN THE FUCK AWAY.
    The US will let you down.

  • The debate at Camp David is a "dog & pony" show. It is total bull crap put together to convince Trump he needs to spend more money and lives in a made up war.

  • Germany, at its lowest point in spring , summer 45 was a haven of culture compared to Afghanistan.

    Today however Harat is looking welcoming as opposed to Munich ( All the Burkhas, less SJWs)

  • real goals are to keep Iran from supplying gas and oil to Europe by pipelines, control the region by providing chaos in there, and to produce opium in Afghanistan. so, there cannot be an end in this war.

  • All the points and strategies Prince mentions sound self-evident to me. Not saying I could have come up with that myself, but someone in the Pentagon needs to be held accountable.

  • Disappointed in Stefan. I have a lower IQ, but I would follow the money and the narcotics and that will explain why we have been there

  • Disgusting war criminal that profited from these filthy wars of terror, using mercs to avoid international laws.

  • I love you Stephan and Prince is a very bright man. I have never been so put off but by this interview. I understand. I fought in Afghanistan at camp blessing, the pech, Shuryak, and korengal valley of Afghanistan. I am proud of the human struggle of survival. am I wrong about the statistics of opiates? Please clarify this.

  • Once you start this campaign of 'nation building' instead of having a strategy of winning and getting out, we have the current quagmire.

  • How about we just leave Afghanistan? Mercenaries will not lead to an end to this war. It is foolish to believe so….Eric Prince is a part of the military industrial complex attempting to bled the American taxpayer of their money to enrich himself. His plan belongs in the garbage. His plan doesn't fix rampant corruption. His plan doesn't solve the culture problems created by tribalism. We can't change a nation's ideology by force. Sometimes when you do an investment, you have to know when it has gone sour & to give up….now is the time in Afghanistan…

  • So has the military failed because of bad military strategy or because of the nation-building strategy forced on the military?

  • I recommend everyone to watch 'This is what winning looks like', a brilliant Vice documentary that shows just how impossible the task is of fundamentally reforming the Afghan military and society

  • It's been proven over, and over, with effective insurgencies, they are extremely hard to win, and nigh on impossible if you have strong ROE or rules of engagement, and want to preserve the local inhabitants (innocents) from harm. The two concepts just don't go hand in hand. It's all very well too winning hearts and minds of villagers, but when the Taliban come along when the army has moved on, and say, assist us or die, they learn to go with the flow, to avoid getting killed (by either side). Then when we do accidentally drop a bomb on a bunch of villagers, instant recruits for the insurgency, who will of course claim it was a deliberate action.

  • Erik Prince is an American patriot and Fake news MSM destroyed this guy. He is a professional in a very rough business. Now left doesn't like rough jobs or people who do rough jobs. This is so not progressive. I would give this guy my children to protect.

  • Stefan, this is one of the best analysis I've heard yet on Afghanistan, and I'm a former intel officer in the army, and I research many open-source outlets.

  • They should let Eric Prince handle this I'm sure he could probably accomplish something, but the US government is too damn arrogant, especially fools like Mcmasters

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