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The alt right and social justice warriors are racial collectivists who are opposed to the basic values of the Enlightenment. Mythicist podcast: …

Sargon of Akkad


  • Hello and welcome to this week in Weimar Germany where communists and Nazis are fighting in the streets again…

  • Frankly we have racists of all sorts of many races, aaaand I think we saw shit heads of several sides get into it.

    There is no one all mighty bad guy side in this.

  • History is like a pendulum. It swings back and forth, left and right. If you push the pendulum too far one way, it will snap back hard the other way.
    Societies seek equilibrium. If it is pushed to one extreme, the other extreme will rise to counteract.
    This is HISTORY. What happened in Charlottesville should be no surprise. This didn't JUST happen.
    The people who condemn the white nationalists while applauding Antifa and BLM have no moral standing on which to voice their opinions. By doing this, you help fuel the fire that resides in the people you hate.
    I should be amazed that people do not understand this, but then again, public schools haven't taught history properly in decades.
    What I am hearing in this comments section are people who are today begging those political elites who would enslave them for the chains they will wear tomorrow.
    Very sad.

  • "You have freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequences." * smug smirk *
    The things that you guys say and do also seem to have consequences.
    "OMG, how dare you insinuate such a thing, fucking Nazi apologist."

  • Dismisses 'someone sounds like a Nigger'. Attempted to get his Youtube channel to deplatform Anita Sarkeesian from Vidcon 2017 because Anita called him a garbage human.  Sargon Of Akkad

  • I'm a darn nationalist and i didn't support what these fgts were doing, but sargon is right in saying the statue is the history of that place, just leave it and there wont be fgts like them marching

  • Sargon really is utter self-righteous scum. ''Liberal'' for name prestige only. The only 'liberal' who would side with neo-nazis. The only 'liberal' who is openly racist and sexist.

  • Just as I said, people yelling about Trump not dropping names. It was many sides. Maybe now that Sargon said it too people will realize it.

  • I think the reason why "40 people stood against 100 when fascism came back" is because last month 1000 black block antifa raided and pillaged Hamburg, and called every centrist they meet a fascist

  • Sargon their first amendment rights protects their speech. However, no matter what way you slice it these people are being violent in the streets. The second these protesters became violent they loose the right to blame the regressive left for "creating the problem". 17:33

  • I don't know why my country is so fixated on erasing its history. Especially the evil or complicated side of it. the concept is alien to me.

  • We know protesters are holding up Stalin quotes, but would you stop to consider a particularly sultry Demi Rose Mawby's naked beach photoshoot?

  • Lee Stranahan makes so much sense regarding what is really going on at this Charlottesville march and shows how its connected to the Ukraine overthrow, if anyone watches anything it show be that, he has amazing info on this very thing.

  • The only positive out of this entire situation, is that Richard Spencer finally showed what his ideology is all about. Which is sad, because Robert E. Lee was celebrated by the Union for not only ending the Civil War but taking steps to heal the rifts between North and South.

  • The more I hear this "You are making nazis!" line, the more ridiculous it sounds. Oh those poor folks who are just like a herd of lemmings, incapable of rational thinking, the SJW scourge infects their brains with pathogens of nazi ideology. Hurr durr.
    First off, there has been plenty of fascists and racists in America since the beginning, way before all this identity politics horseshit. Secondly, there's a little thing called personal responsibility. I understand blowback and backlash, but it doesn't really make nazis any less vile. It's pretty much a pointless conversation. If you killed a bunch of babies and I killed a bunch of babies as a response, am I less of a baby-killing degenerate? Did you MAKE ME kill the babies? No, I killed babies cause I'm shit.
    And while I'm at it, Sargon, the fact that commies killed 12,521,512,521,950,128,090,968,231,254,215,215,215,125 people doesn't make nazis less horrible either. Just saying.

  • "I don't even support them" You say as you literally ride their dicks for half an hour.. Dude, you're a neo-nazi. It's ok. Well I'm not ok with it. But that's your base, your audience. You're not using logic and knowledge to counter the "evil" SJWs. makes ghost noises You're just supporting white nationalist propaganda.

  • I feel like you guys seem to forget about the 80s and 90s which were covered in Far Right/Racist/Nazi terrorist plots culminating in the Oklahoma City Bombings.

    There was not violent left then, there was no regressive left. You're entire argument is tied to the idea that the left is somehow to blame for the rise of nazies when they were always here and they were always as violent as they are now. Your arguements fail in every critical criteria of what an actual arguement is.

    This is victim blaming at best, at worst this is a large scale hugbox to try and defend your own moral failures in allowing it to get this far without critical oversight of the people you espouse with. Sargon and the rest of you have continually blamed leftists for the actions of the right who are then blamed by the left for their actions. Grow the fuck up. Man the fuck up and realize that you're just as culpable, stop blaming others for your own failings. You're not even proper conservatives, you're wannabes who want the good shit and avoid the bad shit. Well congrats Asshole, all you get is bad shit.

  • Democracy leads to communism leads to fascism leads to democracy leads to communism leads to fascism leads to democracy.
    What I am trying to say is that the circle of ideologies never ends.

  • Let me make something perfectly clear – there is a distinct difference between speech and intimidation. The marchers carried guns and other weapons – and like Klan rallies of old – this was done to intimidate the residents of Charlottesville VA, essentially threatening them for deciding to remove a statue from their city. Intimidation and threats are not free speech. Men who advocate a white only nation can only achieve that goal by killing everyone else so the free speech you want to protect is their call to genocide and guess what – that's not protected according to the supreme court either. Lastly, if they have the right to spew their message than everyone else has the equal right to protest their message and say whatever they want to about those individuals. You can make any excuse you want. Blame whoever you want but the blame lies solely on the people who went to that city to scare, intimidate, threaten and harass the citizens of Charlottesville.

  • Hey Sargon, just an FYI. I think your sources page has the wrong source for the "Chanting anti white" source. It links to a Telegraph article rather than the video on Kurt Chirbas' Twitter account.

  • No sane person likes racists, whether they are the BLM, Antifa, KKK, or neo-Nazis, these extremists are in fact fueling each other. In recent past its been the BLM and Antifa enacting violence and riots. The MSM and colleges have absolutely been fomenting anti-white racism as well, which is wrong on its own, but will create groups in opposition and among those groups, galvanized white supremacists, and whats worse, it will validate them. The Left cannot be fine and see no problem with open calls for white genocide and destroying history, and then be surprised when sane people see a problem with this and organize against it, or less sane/angered/racist people polarize to the other extreme and join white supremacists as a response.

  • You're a Nazi sympathiser, plain and simple. Your opinion has become irrelevant. America is advancing and you want to regress it.

  • You are literally an apologist for the Alt-Right and Neo- Nazis. Conservative Steven Crowder gave a better analysis than this so called liberal.

  • I see leftists complaining about how Sargon is not having the allergic reaction towards the people that the leftists label Nazis, and that he is not spending the whole video repeatedly condemning the "white terrorist" that used hes car to run over leftists! Well where are the same leftists condemning the truck/car attacks done by Muslim invaders that have FAR FAR bloodier outcomes? Stomping out the guts of people who welcommed them in to their countries? That's right, you are nowhere to be found? If anything you are defending the Muslim aggressors and blaming the victims. But now that you have something similar done to you now all of a sudden you want condemnation for the aggressor instead of sympathy?! How hypocritical can you get??

  • ahaha this is a twilight zone, seeing the cancer of the internet come to life for real. wtf is going on. This is what happens when the media continuously makes a big deal out of something small, it actually starts happening in bigger proportions as more people join in. literal cancer

    • I agree strongly with this statement: “The alt right and social justice warriors are racial collectivists who are opposed to the basic values of the Enlightenment.”

      Sidenote: WTM, you wrote, “I was an ‘at-risk student’.”
      I responded to your statement sincerely because:
      “An “at-risk” student is generally defined as a student who is likely to fail at school. In this context, school failure is typically seen as dropping out of school before high school graduation.
      Characteristics of At-Risk Students in NELS:88 – National Center for …

  • Sargon of Akkad once again secretly siding with the nationalist side but not having the balls to admit it, and instead low-balls it for the $$$.

  • Thx Sargon for keeping this up – Not pushing an agenda, but continuing to point out racist actions and remarks from left and right radicals.

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