• I am British and a great follower of Trey Gowdy. I just wish that he would stand for President. He has a supreme knowledge of the Law in America together with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and most of all he has got guts and speaks the truth.

  • I lost the respect for US when the US Supreme Court Chief Justice would sponsor the WARREN COMMISSION REPORT full of so obvious lies!!! If a president of united states could not have JUSTICE what laws to speak of except MOCKERY ?????

  • So what is the congress going to do about the DOUBLE STANDARDS in ENFORCEMENT of LAWS??? People NEED TO CHANGE THE CONGRESS by VOTING OUT the NON-PERFORMER come 2018 election.

  • I like Trey but what has he actually accomplished, he talks and questions and gains the right support and makes the crooked Democrats look like the criminals they are but that's all,no real accountability, nothing happens, just talk…talk is cheap,how about some arrests?He is just another pawn for the deep state.all he will accomplish is getting re-elected, nothing of actual substance,just self advancement.

  • I now have every reason to think that this man will get the Justice  Americans so long for.   He will help to put the Clintons, Obamas and Bushes….in jail for Treason…where they all belong.

  • An American patriot. America should be proud to have such a great civil servant is Mr. Gowdy!

    Long Live the President of the United States of America Donald J Trump!

  • Tell that to the people who were shut down in Charlottesville. goes against freedom of assembly. But they didn't shut down on antifascist protests at Berkeley. Charlottesville had legal right thru courts .

  • America, American people are an obstacle in the way of the Illuminati. They need to dispose of you. there are three players at the moment 1. deep state 2. Illuminati 3. Christianity. deep state is being used by the Illuminati. They need to remove Donald Trump and Christianity. once they have done this the Illuminati will enforce total control. Best way is using a so-called ideology called Islam. That's why Islam is being forced upon us on such scale. Islam does not take any hostages, you are in or you're out, it is a ideology which will Govern itself with total fear. thank you for reading this and giving me your time . message for Donald Trump ,beware of the Trap take those North Korean satellite down

  • The young man asks Rep. Gowdy as to the partisanship of the legislative bodies. Satan is a divider and conqueror, and not a single human on earth suspects his relentless and insatiable efforts to create anger, division and pride in his targets. Since the Supreme Court was duped into permitting the mass murder of unborn children in the womb, demonic forces have been unleashed by the millions at each and every abortion.

    What you see going on in places like Charlottesville is nothing more than functional pagans being duped by the demons, and each of them believes he or she is absolutely correct.

    Padre Pio, a Capuchin monk, who had the stigmata from Christ, could read your heart in the confessional. He stated that if the demons in the world had corporeal bodies, they would blot out the sun. And that was before 1968.

    Satan divided the PROTESTants into over 59,000 differing, debating, dissipating and diluting sects, in order that each reader of the Bible can consider himself the Pope and Magisterium. Thus, satan ensnares human beings with the all important temptation of pride, which is exactly what cast him out of Heaven.

    The Blessed Virgin was the "handmaid of the Lord," and Psalms tells us the speaker is the son of the Lord's handmaid. Devotion to Mary is the answer to the onslaught of the demons who are supersaturating the earth right now. PRAY THE ROSARY!!


  • Trey Gowdy in my opinion would make a wonderful President of the USA , I myself am an Australian in my 60's , he seems very honest and is a sincere person with loads of knowledge and empathy.

  • Trump, stop stringing us along …Hillary broke many espionage laws, public corruption laws and then you tell us we have one set of laws for everybody; that is a load of crap, how dare you! Hillary has her own set of laws just ask Comey or Session's or Loretta Lynch.

    Sessions is still sitting on his ass doing nothing, playing with himself and his new past time of stopping white house leaks good luck with that and praying for world peace, with Miss Universe pageant contestants . It is Sessions pals doing all the leaking.

    Telling us to behave and not be bigots is another worthless white house message since we are all bigots only the liars pretend they are not in favor of their own cultural or racial group. Of course the underdog minorities are without sin and holier than thou. Blacks carry the biggest chip on their shoulders and hate whites no matter what PC words come out of their mouths. A little honest talk goes a long way, lets not pretend we are better than what we humans really are.

    Get real if you are too afraid to prosecute Hillary just say so; at least we can understand that, honestly I could not think of a more devastating message incriminating the Clinton's.

    And another thing; stop responding to the Globalist Fringe Media gibberish, ignore them just like they ignore you. You still have not purged the Hillary and Obama people who surround you. Until you do expect more trouble from the phony Russian investigation.. Hillary's Russian Collusion is real and traitorous, play that up in the press and be relentless not distracted.

    These problems cannot be fixed until you identify them and remove them. then you can work on removing the Muslim Wahhabi infiltrators like Huma Abedin, Brennan Recall the days when Obama purged his military of all patriots and inserted his Wahhabi-st friends, well President Trump you need to do the same, purge, purge purge.

  • All good flag waving and emotional worship of the state but it flies in the face of one of the best statements ever made concerning law.

    That which is not just, is not Law; and that which is not Law, ought not to be obeyed." – Algernon Sydney

    Not surprising to hear a career prosecutor say this crap, since the illegal 16th Amendment of 1913, which was NOT ratified by the requisite number of states, has been accepted and enforced unquestioned by prosecutors ever since. And the law colleges don't question it either.

    Gowdy is just plain wrong about what has made this country different from any other. IT IS PRECISELY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE GREAT TRUTH ALGERNON SYDNEY WROTE BACK IN 1683 THAT MAKES US DIFFERENT!

    All these arguments Trey gives for why the law should be enforced are the EXACT same arguments the ruthless policeman Javert gives in that great Victor Hugo novel "Les Miserables." Javert committed suicide in the end. I hope to see Mr. Gowdy discover how wrong he is and change his position before he finds he has committed and atrocity in the name of "the law".

  • Brilliant Sir! Yes you know about blatant Clinton Cabal crime.Benghazi, Emails… The KILL LIST, The PIZZAGATE heinous baby rapes and sex slave rings (think Podesta), Obama's horrific lawlessness with Fast & Furious, Lynch, Lerner…You know about FBI/CIA in your face criminal corruption and the pure evil that lurks and exists around Soros OWNED satanic minions….How many arrests have been made thus far? ZERO…. Nuff said. That's how we the good, Family loving, God fearing, American people judge success.

  • Deep state operative Mueller using financial terrorism to turn Trump associates

    (INTELLIHUB) — Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his 16 member team of lawyers tasked with taking out the elected president are now openly conducting a classic fishing expedition that has absolutely nothing to do with so-called Russian collusion and everything to do with taking out Trump by any means necessary. https://www.intellihub.com/as-his-friend-calls-for-trumps-murder-robert-mueller-tries-to-bankrupt-trump-associates-into-submission/

  • A beautiful speech Mr. Gowdy. But meaning no disrespect , I humbly submit that your vaunted and lofty ideals are no longer the guiding light nor even the governing laws in this land. Justice belongs to the wealthy, the privileged and the corporations. Prison is jammed not with the guilty but with those who don't have means to complain. The bill of rights is a pissed upon tatters, torn and discarded through false flag events wagging the dogs of fear and wickedly profitable war overseas. All while liberty at home is a forgotten dream. Take your Scalia eulogy and your flag waving fascist conservative crap out when you leave. Think about the sacrifices our fathers made, dying to save our rights and freedoms from the fascists of Germany and Japan. Now look what you legislators have made of us. In 70 years you have copied the Nazis' play book, nearly word for word. You have created the Fourth Reich, right here in America. Things like what that poor innocent child suffered in Sierra Leon might easily happen here, if the principles of our founding fathers', like the bill of rights, are not soon restored.

  • Thank you Congressman Gowdy and all Law Enforcement Officers who deal honestly and fairly in your community. BTW in case you were not aware of it the "Law" is based on none other than the Ten Commandments > Our Founding Fathers also believed in Almighty God, the reason for the evil is that people have forgotten to live decently. Amen

  • Sorry Trey Gowdy your bragging about Democrat friends You don't need to be voted in again where's the arrests on Clinton's and what happened to the 2 investigators that got killed doing your investigation supposedly you had to be guarded by Marshals for your safety based on the facts that you were investigating the Clintons what happened You sold out now this speech is kissing but to Democrats You were an inspiration why…….

  • Trey Gowdy's Epic Pin Drop Speech Shows the Power and Beauty of The Law. Mr. Gowdy Used the Love of The Law Which He made His Profession! I Can Not Elaborate…..You Must Watch It….It will Put Things in a Different Prospective.

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