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President Donald Trump speaks to the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, DC at the same time former FBI Director James Comey was …

James Comey


  • I love you TRUMP YOU make me feel so important. I love to wear my red TRUMP hat all over CALIFORNIA. People ask me why I voted for TRUMP I tell them "fair trade" and they look at me with a blank face. I love to be a Trumpeter!!!!

  • This is an evil fight against Trump, My husband and I pray for Trump every day. I believe in Trump and feel so sad that many people hate him but there are lots of people that love you and believe in you.  Please don't give up!

  • Protect the unborn, let's populate with our own and NOT Muslims with their whacked out evil and hateful religion!!!!

  • Mr. Trump, the Canon of 66 books is the ultimate and final authority, religions contrary to it are Satanic obstructionist leading to confusion!!!!

  • Make them stop the geoengineering. Stop the chemtrails. Every general from time immemorial has wanted to control the weather for the purposes of having the Ultimate War Weapon and that's ALL this is about. Make them stop poisoning our planet, people, plants, wildlife, domestic animals, everything with these d-mned chemtrail experiments.

  • Trump lies, it's not that unfair to say that is all he does. When you look at a decent Republican like Comey and then cast your glance at this sinister old Mafia stooge, the immensity of the USA's fall becomes very obvious.

  • As a non-American I love this make your America first and please cut back on the policing of the rest of the world. AND PLEASE PULL BACK ALL OF THE OBAMA ERA HOLD OUTS! They are the Anti-Christs!

  • Hey Comey There's No Crying in The Trump Administration So your Fired Pussy!!! 😁💘👊😜💪💎💰⚾⚽🍔🍟🎄🎅🎁🎂🎉🎉🎉

  • God I Love Trump, I Read 1 of his Books, will Read his other Books & I Gotta Get Understanding Trump by Newt. all though I do understand Trump.

  • He might be stupid and not doing great with everything. But trump gets shit done no matter what the cost is. He can do some things diff for a better out come (clearly) but he gets shit done. Don't for get he was a sells guy be for prez. Ppl need to help him show him teach him support him. Is u.s can do that I bet trump would be making smarter better moves for ur country. And trump who gives a shit on votes shit up already that's the last Obama got more than u not u more than him. Good speech, now actually take care of ur people in the u.s and stop talking shit fn them over. You need to listen to the people and hello them. It's not always about you. So grow a set of balls be a prez and do good for the people of the u.s just like (Obama did ) he did amazing things for the ppl of the u.s u wanted to be prez help the country an don't talk so much shit .

  • Trump is Right We need more Republicans in the Senate & Congress Cause if that Happens Draining the Swamp is Possible.

  • marisa you're a dumbass redneck, and when you get a terminal sickness, I hope you have the money to cure yhat illness.

  • Thank you, Mr. President! You and your family are leading the good fight. Love your demeanor today. Words from the Bible so appropriate.

  • This wanna be dictator is our POTUS. It blows my mind. His blown away ego will get us in some serious third world problems. Fuck this guy and if you can't see that he is grossly unfit for the Presidency then you need a wake up call.

  • Enjoy your final days of Traitor Trump. The emergency brake on your
    short bus are failing and you and your trailer trash GED – for – GOP
    pals are about to get backed over. Embarrassed idiots like you call yourselves Patriots. Shameful.

  • I live in albuquerque and since trump has been elected crime has gone up, jobs have gone down, healthcare costs have gone WAY up which is probably why people are desperate enough to commit more crime…. but… clean air huh? yea ok 😉

    You guys ever notice the posts here are often by the same people? Google what a bot is…

  • This guy is a living, breathing, walking, talking car wreck! He is clearly getting fucking worse…..he is becoming unhinged! The history books will forever remember the Trump quotes "You picked a winner eh!??….Right!….Right!…oh ya…"Obama cares is dead, dead, dead!"…WELL FIX IT!!!! YOU ARE NOW THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

  • My comment on American politics:
    Until today, American politicians cannot get away from their long-entranched perception about Russia. They regard Russia was, is and will always be an enemy of America and the free world. So when Trump expressed hope of restoring relationship with Russia and when Putin reciprocated with kind words of restoring relationship, the opposing forces become alarmed of collusion between Trump and Russia. So they want to stir up and use this issue to bring down or derail Trump's presidency. Why so? Isn't it good for America to team up with Russia and China to destroy ISIS once and for all, and wipe out Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth? Now it seems Trump and Putin are both against the so-called New World Order and the forces behind this. Such forces are the works of Satan preparing for the rule of antichrist. We know that in Bible prophecy, this will happen in the coming seven years tribulation. At this time, God is allowing Trump to delay its timing because the time is not mature yet. Trump is currently in this trouble because of his hope to restoring relationship with Russia and together destroy ISIS. So wake up Americans! This is spiritual warfare. In God we trust.

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