• I don't buy into all Mike says, but he's a helluva journalist.
    I don't think I even like him. I see a lot of these punks as zio jew shills that think they are gonna tell the base to back off and go with zio jew stat quo. That is not gonna happen.

  • One thing that must be said is that we should be grateful for any Trump supporter from any background. It was a miracle he got elected. I am personally grateful to every Black, latino, Asian, queer, White, etc. who voted Trump and I mean that in the gravest, most sincere terms.

  • YouTube lawsuits are starting up are you going to get involved for your Revenue that has been stolen? I have it on good authority that even though they demonetize they still run the ads and take the profit but reduce the numbers that you can see not showing you your actual views.. I know the money is not your driving force but it is the principle of the thing in my opinion

  • y is mike attackin bill mitchell again? they made peaces months ago. i like bill and he has a place among us and serves a purpose.

  • "we love our police" but they are zio jews like Mike who would kill you goyim if it meant a bonus or a pension. ZOG
    New Right neocons are not gonna cut it. Won't last long at all. We will NOT go along with it.

  • Mike is sidelines. Pax and Baked are front lines.
    Mike is an armchair quarterback. What they call a chickenhawk. All Talk, no action. I'll take Baked and Pax. MEN with balls.

  • Ask yourself this question, what did all our fine white men die for?
    So zio jew kikes could flood and diversify and dilute our countries? Men like Mike will get us nowhere.

  • I like Vox Day a lot but he was a Libertarian who worked for WorldNetDaily.
    This is akin to an "Expert" like George Will. The pundits are full…of…shit. Too much commentating and these guys are out of touch with the people. Mike certainly is. It's very clear.

  • Just watch Ukraine of fire by Oliver stone and he shows the actors over their Obama's state department, John Mccain, and george Soros all funded the implant of the Neo Nazi party in the Ukraine in 2015. It lead to the death of 1000s of people. And the same playbook is being played in America because our government.

  • Trump said Not everyone there was "Bad" some were protesting the removal of the LEE Statute and American History. So you aren't being entirely honest saying the Two fringes. He was talking about the Brash Symbolism that was on display – NOT Everyone on the AltRight/Right Wing Protest.

  • You are the man Mike. Thanks for all you do. It is very hard to be patient with idiots. We all need the grace of God in a huge way these days. Thanks again.

  • For some reason it seems Mike is somewhat insecure about the alt right. The new right is non establishment right, trump right. Alt right is non political. Mostly trolls, Mike C is a brand. A good one, he gets it maybe that to pump the base.. All is needed is a press conference to boost the base. Bill Mitchell is an always trump.

  • 3:30 Ohh I hope you are right; 7:45 no Mike…. no one who criticizes you has any intelligence; 10:54 False prophets (yes men) will bring down the kingdom; 12:50 very good points here about who to trust 15:00 we are in a Civil War – police are people too and take sides as well; 17:25 stop giving away your security tactics dummy; 23:40 Alt-Right leader outed as deep state operative; 29:30 Mike is Relevant and is very important; 31:50 Trump challenges Big Lie MSM

  • Youtuber the truth factory breaks down what happened beautifully..proof it was all staged..set up by cia and antifa..

  • TRUMP needs to remember who he is…he is PRESIDENT..he is over every position over every person. .he is over all intellegence, over all of congress..TRUMP, sir, you are THE TPP DOG! YOU ARE NOONE BITCH..REMEMBER THAT!

  • With a mountain of evidence piling up that George Soros is spending $ millions to incite violence in America, how bad does it have to get before AG Sessions issues an arrest warrant for George Soros under the RICO statutes ⁉️ George Soros has wrecked Ukraine now he is trying to do the same to the USA. He must be stop!!

  • What do you mean by your statements "do people not know that we are not at war"? then in the same breath say "we are in a civil war"! it seems that you are confusing and contradictory! Clean up your syntax!!!

  • so mike u r saying u could have warned the alt right and u didnt, what a traitor. so are u saying u knew they could have been sent into choke points to be murdered, and u didnt want to tell them because someone called u a cuck? what a cuck. yeah what about the principle mike. infowars might have more connections, finances, and are better versed in machiavellian tactics, but u will allow white people to be destroyed – like u just did! the alt right have the big picture, they are more powerful intellectuals. ur whining and traitoring is exactly what the globalists want. u are breaking the back of the right. u are showing how u will betray the alt right (who believe 80% the same as you), and that they can never trust u.

  • The problem Trump is facing is that ALL of the left and unfortunately many of the right wing politicians are compromised pedophiles and are terrified of being found out and ultimately arrested and put away for a long time. These evil people are doing everything they can to stop Trump from arresting them and taking away the fortunes they stole from us…

  • Lee stranhaun exposed the ones behind the rally…infiltrators on purpose…funny how they took down his video and channel to shut him off…didn't work…we see you deep state….

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