• Minarchism – – There is no minimal form of government. It always metastasizes. If you want to stop the heroin problem dissolve the CIA and burn their poppy fields in Afghanistan.

  • Trump should just come out and say "I particularly didn't like all tyrants"
    and just watch how all the news media goes "HE LIKES ALL TYRANNICAL BEHAVIOR!"

  • This Trump bullshit is all about virtue signalling. They thing they can get political point from distancing themselves from Trump. Of course when everyone does it it doesn't really work, if it ever did. Either way it's the way of the coward, appeasing the mainstream.

  • Words are never violence even when it's inciting violence. The words themselves are not violent in themselves, because they can be ignored and/or fall on deaf ears. In many cases those words are shouted as a form of cathartic release to prevent actual violence. So words are to never no matter what they are to be looked at as some form of violence, unless you are actually seeking actual violence.

  • When you say you condemn "Hate & Violence", it's only logical that the Left would view that as an attack on itself. The Right isn't out assaulting people & setting shit on fire. That kind of thing only come from the Pinko Commie Left.

  • Steve Bannon is out as chief White House strategist. He submitted his resignation August 7th but they are just announcing it today. What will be the president's next move? Never a dull moment

  • I've been thinking that removing statues and memorials is a slippery slope because where does anyone draw the line and stop all the removals and blowing up sculptures and archeology like has taken place in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern places out of ignorance and intolerance. When statues and memorials start being removed on a national basis, isn't that just like the old Soviet Union when they wiped people and events out of history by removing any mentions or photos in books, newspapers and other media? So are we going to be Soviets and wipe stuff out of existence? People have lost their minds.

  • You know what they want Trump to do,endlessly virtue signal.They want him to tear his clothes off,roll around in dog shit screeching "muh white supremacy".Like there's fucking skinheads jumping out of the wood works,there were 500 people there to protest that statue being removed,that's all! The retard that ran over the girl,he had the cops called on him by his own mother for assaulting her. If the police hadn't allowed a bunch of commies to start shit,that little weirdo might not have done wtf he did!

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