Sargon of Akkad

The “alt left” and alt right are racial collectivists who despise each other for picking the wrong side, but they both despise liberalism more. Social Media Minds: …

Sargon of Akkad


  • "It is true, of course, that in Germany before 1933, and in Italy before 1922, communists and Nazis or Fascists clashed more frequently with each other than with other parties. They competed for the support of the same type of mind and reserved for each other the hatred of the heretic. But their practice showed how closely they are related. To both, the real enemy, the man with whom they had nothing in common and whom they could not hope to convince, is the liberal of the old type." -Friedrich A Hayek, The Road To Serfdom

  • im tired of everyone hating on the alt right because charlottesville they didnt come for a fight they had a permit to be their. The reason charlottesville went down as badly as it did was because of the police that did nothing to separate antifa and the alt right and they did a worse job then you think not only did they fail to separate the two groups they actually pushed them together the alt right is innocent here any scuffles was self defense against antifa and we all know how violent they are.

  • Liberalism created the progressives we have now. I do not see any reason to further support their ideas.

  • But Sargon, the growth of the Alt-Right is useful for the mainstream media because then they can capitalize on more stories emerging about "the horrors of the growth of fascism in America" or whatever. Every regressive secretly wants to live in the 1960's so they can be part of the civil rights movement.

  • Do I hate you, or myself more? That's how you know whether you are a nazi or a commie: Neither side has YOUR best interests at heart. Who does? Someone who loves both you and themselves. JUST my 2sense.

  • At 6:56 Sargon calls out a Neo-Nazi for destroying part of the Boston Holocaust memorial, reality is this act was perpetrated by a young black man. Both this event and another damaging the memorial in June were perpetrated by black men. Of course the progressive leftist media tries to blame these acts on anyone but their preferred pet victims of oppression but antisemitism is rampant among blacks as is hatred and violence against jews, gays, handicapped, asians, latino, whites, young, old…you get the idea. link is to twitter pic of news story for proof of perp. Sorry but had to point out this likely honest mistake by Sargon, the media certainly tried to give the same incorrect information about the perp.

  • Both sides have subgroups within them that support segregation & racial supremacy, & both sides were engaging in violence. The important distinction & unique excessively violent part is the ONE individual on the one side who committed an act of domestic terrorism by ramming a car through a crowd of people. THAT individual should be singled out & given extra focus. The media doesn't like that Trump is choosing instead to focus on the similarities of both sides when right now, I think it is completely appropriate to address that one act completely separately on its own AS WELL AS addressing the similarities between both sides. Honestly, it was only a matter of time before someone chose to kick it up that extra notch on the violence scale. It just happened to be the right that did it, but the left could have just as easily, & I would have been equally unperturbed.

  • One thing from all this is that i can respect the Alt right on one thing they own who they are unlike the regressive left they play pretend and say 'We ain't racists we are just for equality.' which is horse shit but the Alt right seem more than aware they are and willing to embrace it.

    I say if you are gonna be an animal, own it.

  • "You whites need to stop having a culture." "…ah ok, can we share in other cultures then?" "NO, that's cultural appropriation." ":'("

  • I hope you get it. I'm not communist, I'm not capitalist, I'm not right, I'm not left. I am MODERATE. I determine, I judge, and I represent the true authority; REASON. God is not the truth, truth is the God. You already know the difference. I'm white, therefore, I'm racist? Fuck you, nigger. My argument is won through the sheer might of my reasoning mind. Challenge me with a real fight.

    I'm not that white guy who has "that one black friend." I went to a mostly black school, I had black friends MOSTLY, and fist fought both whites and blacks. Most of those fights were with WHITE ASSHOLES. But some of those fights were with the stupidest of moronic black people. My conclusion; DO NOT FIGHT ME, I WIN ALWAYS. ALL PEOPLE SUCK, WE ARE ALL NIGGERS. The blackest heart hates black skin, and my heart, as well as my fist, hates ALL with EQUAL opportunity.

  • Interesting, for a group that claims they are all about fighting Nazis, I didn't see any Nazis anywhere in that little Antifa montage at the beginning, where they were beating people, breaking windows, and setting things on fire. Gosh, why do you suppose that is?

  • FACTS: thanks to the efforts of cultural Marxists, the white race is dying, white culture is dying, white history and heritage has been systemically erased. Other races are growing and coming to American by the millions. Everyone is allowed to have an identity except white people. These are undeniable facts.

    Why then is it hard to understand that white people would band together and stop their own extinction?

    The one thing all living organisms have in common is they want to SURVIVE and THRIVE. It's not a sin or a vice for white people to want this as well.

  • Has anyone noticed how Sargon when playing a video of the alt-right people has no music and just comments and gives half-assed excises, but with the "communists" he plays the Red Alerrt music?

  • Bull shit Sargon. The founders of the US were racist. They were able to be racist and respect individualism and enlightenment principles.

  • Trump made a neutral statement based on facts. The MSM is trying to spin that. I fear there are so many idiots in the USA that this spin will be well enough bought (by brainwashed idiots) to encourage a civil war. I hate to say this, but sharpen your knives, load your guns, practice your fists, and lift weights. Be ready to fight your way AWAY from the coming WAR.

  • You jumped the shark on this one man. Alt right, richard spencer and his cronies, KKK they are the evil here. I would be on antifa's side if there was a war as my grandfather was fighting against the nazi's. There is no "they are both equally bad" argument here and it worries me deeply when people even go near that argument. Communism though hijacked by tyrants during the 20th century isn't rooted in hatred for the other, isn't exclusive but embraces all. I personally think like libertarianism it is deeply flawed and naive but comes from the right place. Fascism and white nationalism only comes from a place of evil and selfishness and must be combated at all costs.
    Trump has to go for the good of the planet and humanity and I don't think that is a dramatic over exaggeration. We are inching closer to doomsday and America has to save itself quickly.

  • The free nation, the liberal collective, empowers the individual to pursue his own happiness and success. Likewise, the great individual strengthens the collective and enables it, as well as its members, to reach new heights. The collective is the colossus whose shoulders the individual stands on, and the individual is the nourishment the collective needs to keep standing.

  • Perhaps liberalism has failed us. You give "the people" a chance, you allow for civil liberties and equal opportunity and all you get is a bunch of autists fucking it up. Perhaps BakedAlaska was right and we do need to sacrifice shit. I mean, it sounds terrible and goes against everything I believe in, but at this point, the choice IS between commies and fascists.

  • It's one thing to have had many discussions and debates about the regressive left creating actual racism and hate by screeching about made up hate and bigotry. It's another thing completely to actually watch a white supremacist smile gleefully while he explains that the regressive left couldn't be doing anything more productive for the alt-right than exactly what they're doing now.

  • I don't like identity politics, but when you think about it, what else can unite all these people? What would bring a Christian and an atheist together if not a common race and political goal? Most church denominations can't even get along or agree amongst themselves, let alone with people from other denominations who believe in slightly different things. I wouldn't be surprised that so many young people are joining the alt-right; it's a church that doesn't hate itself and isn't a pussy. It is extremely attractive to white, most likely churched youth for this reason.

  • Problem is Sargon; any dickhead can say they are Antifa, feminist, alt right, whatever because there is no official registration for joining these 'movements'. It also means the msm can accuse anyone of being part of these movements when they do something bad. It piss's me off because organizers within these movements have no accountability for the extremists they knowingly harbor and edge on.

    Any members of movements that felt they had good intentions are tainted by their extremists because they have no official heads or registry process to denounce them with. There's three types of people in all these movements; Cowards that rile it up for blood or money, Nutters that want to see the world burn and Useful Idiots. How can any of these movements ever achieve any final mission statement when they rely on the fact they have no official structure.

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