• …maybe they (those of who he speaks of) maybe they hijacked the movement (the movement being, what he/we/many people, whoever considered the movement/alt right to be)

  • I remember the controlled corporate media were saying the alt-right were Nazis' and making that connection back during the election campaign. Hillary may have started it, or she may have followed that. But either way that was coordinated. I have believed that to be deep state propaganda and control verbiage of the radical mind controlled antifa leftist.

  • This shit about the KKK is fake. I live in the South (67 y/o) and I've never met or seen a KKK. Or a Nazi. If all those groups had a national gathering there would be a few thousand to show up. Blacks, Jews, and Muslims just use the KKK – Nazi- as a BOOGYMAN.. "I PITY YOU FOOLS"…

  • Alex Jones, Cernobitch, Micheal Weiner Savage, so Israel's plan is to replace the establishment with "Israel is everything", jews? You make the Alt-Right seem more sane with every "NEO NAZISSSS" and every fake "KKK!!!" statement you make like the MSM.

  • Stop saying "my truth" it implies there are many truths just as the postmodernist multi culturalists claim. you mean "opinion".

  • the KKK narrative was imported by the Deep state and that historically has been true and quite literally is true in this case… Whenever there's a movement it tends to be infiltrated and hijacked so that it can be discredited… the CIA ran the Black Panthers after taking it over ran the Hells Angels after taking it over ran the skinheads after taking them over etc etc the list goes on and on.. anything organic has to be modified similar to a GMO with Monsanto taking ownership in this case it is the Deep State taking ownership of the movement attempting to take control of the narrative to cause mainstream America to be inert and ineffective being drowned out in the extremist publicize narrative that does not represent true reality

  • Good Mike, I respect your opinion and I learned something from you. What media or society group is powerful enough to immediately imprint these labels on people so quickly? I went to a see a speaker who had just retired from the NYT. He told us that they would have payed incentives and free vacations for any employee who could invent a term, label or phrase, so as to effectively change its meaning that their readers would use it in their vocabulary . "Pro-life, instead of pro-death ( which is true and to the point ) among others and my response was always," what sicko just came up with that crap?" Mike, I always thought of myself and that of my normal world around me as , ALT- RIGHT. My normal world of family friends were of mixed nationalities of English Irish , Italian , Portuguese, hard working , reasonably educated , went to church, once we had children and that sums it up of Alt-White, sort of one who tries to follow God's laws. I always took Hitler, not as you said, but as the zenith marker of evil, a Nazi, savage murderer, the antichrist ! You mentioned , Paul Ryan ( when he grew the beard, I called him , little Pauly jihadist ) he was a traitor of the ," normal people, and desired, like McCain , McConnell , to gravitate toward the," Hitler marker, " w/ a little evil for gain of fortune and power. They put themselves first , our country second. They in my opinion are not Alt-Right but a little progressive toward the Hitler marker, a Nazi, or a communist , dirty socialist or a Hilary, just plain evil-progressive. My point is after watching some of that staged Soros payed, white on white nonsense , and that poor girl getting killed, i have but one direction I must take. The labeling must stop, now! We are over emphasizing in naming these behavior groups and we are getting it wrong. Right, Left, white, black, moderate, etc. is just another way of adding another explosive on the fire, and it's called insanity! If Soros , is causing we Americans to keep splitting hairs to add another hate group , we will explode. We are not a RIGHT AND LEFT SOCIETY , WE ARE AN UP OR DOWN ONE- either we are following the moral laws of a Judaeo Christian Society or we will explode. It's UP for a God or down for Down in rotten evil chaos. One gets an overwhelming feeling that the Hyper-static is involved from an overpowering , unnatural , behavior in the masses, we need to reexamine ourselves, personally and socially. I think I am right in most senses of word and can only hope that our President gets ownership of the cameras and microphones from the left . If not, we are going to be down for an awful long time. Thanks for your courtesies , Mike .

  • Hey Cernovitch:
    Speaking as a member of the um, actual Alt-Right,
    We always felt it was important (in the beginning & mid) to not countersignal the Alt-lite.
    That's it.
    We are already working on the larping.
    But if a Federal agent in a KKK shirt is the excuse Cuckservatives need to not do anything about the aggressive, fanatical Communist Antifa,
    Well…America deserves Communism.
    I think that's the only way this stupid Country is finally going to get it.
    It's never going to click for normies that Hitler wasn't sword fighting the air.

    Germany didn't wake up one day and go

    Let's just be Nazis today guys!!

    No. Antifa & Bolsheviks were alive and well murderering millions of people long before Hitler came to power.
    Like any other Country, however
    There's no moderate, diplomatic position to take when COMMUNISTS infect your Country.
    Everyone whines about the harsh remedy to prevent it from spreading
    because stupid worthless selfish spoiled Boomers partied at Woodstock,
    Whilst Communists seized every institution of influence.
    Remember what happened with Jim Jones?!?
    So my question to you holier than thou Alt-lite
    who absolutely refuse to hear our positions,
    yet simultaneously whine about the same media that slanders us
    My question THAT NOBODY Can ANSWER:

    What moderate peaceful Alt-lite
    family friendly idea do you propose
    In order to defeat communism.

    What ideas do you people have,
    That the tens of millions of murdered dissidents of Communism didn't have?!

    That's my question.
    Because our way
    is purging every single one of the agitators in media, academia, banking etc back home to Israel where they belong.
    I know who they are

    They're Jews, with their own ethnostate, their own stuff.
    I'm fine with that.
    But they need to stay there and be Jews, because they cannot get along well with others
    That's not my problem.
    That's their problem,
    and it's been their problem 109 times already.
    That doesn't mean you.
    That doesn't mean regular Jews who are terrified of speaking out because of mossad/tribal pressure.

    But there's a serious violation of trust.
    So serious, they are a direct threat to me, & my family.
    That's not irrational.

    That's my right as a fellow human being.
    I am not, nor ever will be Goyim / shiksa slave.

    We are all Patriots on 4th of July,
    when we won independence from England

    We are all Patriots when we die as slaves for the Jews,
    Yet we are Evil Nazis when we fight for our freedom
    from the rule of Israel.

    You all are so psychologically terrified of your own leadership, you won't even say it.
    Stand up for yourself.
    Yes, I Will mock them, and talk about revisionist history, just like we do slavery, or anything else
    I don't worship Holocaustianity.
    My family risked their lives for yours.

    Do you understand how rude that is to be treated this way?
    I don't give a fiddler's fart what your uncle's Talmud says about how much more special he thinks he is.

    You think us "Nazis" are bad dude?

    Have fun
    if the Globalist sociopathic Jew relatives of yours achieve their goal of wiping us out.
    You're going to live under the rule of Hassidic Rabbi Paradise.

    Have fun being limited to your dog run walking underneath fishing wire on the Sabbath.
    Have fun growing your hair out and reading that God awful book 18 hours a day,
    Having seizures in front of the wailing wall.

    That will give you something to wail about.
    If your wife is shiksa, you know how that works, half breed.

  • Your a good father, nice to have the time with your young one. I have no idea where these racists come from. One race HUMAN RACE, those who's relatives are from closer to the equator are tanner . Simple. The attitudes come from your father good or bad, & yes if no Father the one who played father role ,even if its yo mama, Love thy neighbor , if you can't stand um first try them ignore, antics & Klan are simply bad Apple's. Your Soros ,Clinton crew are setting us all up. Let's just hope they don't cut the power, EMP, — THEY SAID this was gonna pop off this summer, they had to kill those people for attention and when I say they I mean Soros,Clinton. Trump 2020 gotta give him 8 years to clean up this mess in America.

  • Don't get me wrong and please correct me if I am wrong, but you knew what Richard B. Spencer stands for. Didn't you defend him as a person? His opinions haven't changed in the last few month?

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