Italians look around and see their culture being obliterated by the takeover of migrants- hear what they have to say about it…



  • Political correctness is robbing people of their voice to speak up and take action against this invasion of illegal economic migrants.

  • this is just another example(like the visegrad and brexit)of why the e.u. is fragmenting. frau merkel and friends underestimated the sheeple level of the average european they are now pushing back even though their waiting has exacerbated their plight.
    the whole situation will expand before the end of the year at this rate. it's gonna get messy folks.not only there but here in the states too.

  • The heart of the Catholic world is being destroyed by these animals, I feel so sorry for the Italians; it's a wonderful country ; wonderful people and wonderful food ; given a few years ; like here in the UK it will all be different,
    Shame on every European government who has sat back and allowed this to happen to their countries and people

  • "Throughout the world we use the word politics to describe the process so well:  `poli'  meaning many and `tics'  meaning bloodsucking creatures'.   Governments consist of corrupt and cowardly men and women who constantly strive to do evil.  Traitors to their own people.  Mockers of  God.  May they reap the destruction they deserve.

  • James Mc Murtry: lyrics " Should I hate a people for the color of their skin? The shape of their eyes, or the shape that I'm in? Should I hate them for having our jobs today? NO! Hate the MEN who sent our jobs away."

    Its called Globalization and I hardly think any Country will be exempt.

  • according to the EU,Italy is not so much a country ,but a "geographical expression". This is a direct quote from a German EU minister. Fucking bastards need to be reminded that Italy gave us the Renaissance among other cultural treasures. I am descended from Italians and hearing that fucktard Kraut say that made my blood boil. I hope Italy wakes up and the gets the fuck out of the EU nightmare and closes it's borders. Let Germany sink by itself

  • If all the migrants drowned or were eaten by Mediterranean sharks, Italy would be far better off, don't kid yourselves.

  • They are attacking and destroying Italy BECAUSE THEY CAN, because ITALY is NOT DEFENDING ITSELF. They are SHOWING DOMINANCE, they are TAKING CONTROL of Italy as THEIR OWN Territory, and they want EVERYTHING in Italy, the women, the land, the cars, the wealth, political control, they want the whites dead and gone, because they don't want to live in Italy as "new immigrants" and many of them want to force all Italians to be Moslems, or be killed.

  • Perhaps Italy thought the immigrants would be peaceful, would be thankful, would be grateful, and would be cooperative, and would want to learn Italian and work in simple jobs, get education, health care, and raise families and speak Italian and fit in. NOPE. None of that is going to happen. NONE OF THAT. Instead, the new immigrants are invaders, destroyers, dominators, controllers, terrorists, criminals, gangsters, beheaders, torturers, rapists, and will kill off as many whites as they can, until Italy rises up and destroys all the invading Moslems. THAT is the way it is.

  • Forse l'Italia pensava gli immigrati sarebbero pacifica, sarebbe grato, sarebbero grati, e sarebbe cooperativo, e vorrebbe imparare l'italiano e lavorare in posti di lavoro semplice, ottenere l'istruzione, l'assistenza sanitaria, e sollevare le famiglie e parlare italiano e in sintonia. NOPE. Nessuno di fatto sta per accadere. Niente di tutto questo. Invece, i nuovi immigrati sono invasori, cacciatorpediniere, dominatori, controllori, terroristi, criminali, gangster, beheaders, torturatori, stupratori, e vuole uccidere come molti bianchi in quanto possono, fino a quando l'Italia si alza e distrugge tutti gli invasori musulmani. Questo è il modo in cui è.

  • Thank you ladies
    These people are animals, the behaviour you see is what they know. They will drag any host culture down to their level
    We should be going after the NGO's that are providing a ferry service for these migrants. Italy shut your ports and buy yourself some time to reound them up and ship em out!

  • I couldn't agree more with your comments on liberty and freedom, to live and die by your own choices, and about tariffs. And also about community. Real common sense we need more of.

  • Migrants drowning trying to invade another country in rubber rafts………..right on…..great…….wonderful..

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