• stephan you should use olavo more . and learn about the " Foro de São Paulo "

    one thing you do lots of times , latin america is western culture , south america is as european or more than the US just because we don't speak English just because we have fallen victim of marxism we are not western or european

    in some aspect we are the future of the north. Obama was so south american as a president that is scary , we are the canary in the coal mine

    please do more Olavo , there is lots to learn with use

  • What ethnicity was Karl Marx? Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein?) Lenin? Winston Churchill explained what ethnic group was behind Russian Communism. …. Now that that ethnic group fled Russia and came to the USA, the US is in danger of falling into the hands of the same group. This is why Nationalism will rise on a global level.

  • Thanks Stefan! West should connect some minds. I never heard about your channel, but its great. Subscribed! Keep connecting people! And do not miss Olavo's philosophy course classes, as surely as he should have read and watched most of yours, because this interview is a scratch in the depth of what he has to offer. Sorry about my bad english. God bless you.

  • Hello everyone, my english is weak and that is why i use google translator. But what he wants to say is very important, explains some of the mechanisms that take place in Europe.

    For over 60 years Marxism is the leading ideology of the world taught at all universities. The mentality of the modern man was formed by the "critical education" which is a direct product of the last phase of Marxism. What is happening in Europe is the realization of a plan from Ventotene, the Italian Communist Spinelli, that is converting Europe into a communist state.

    Then to recognize that ideology is Marxism? In 1880, the French socialist and son-in-law of Marx Paul Lafargue wrote an essay titled "The Right to Laziness. The essence of this essay was to condemn work as being unworthy of man. He wrote that people would work for automats and robots.

    Social-democracies, or non-revolutionary Marxists, said that democracy could be gained in a democratic manner. Marx opposed this because he knew that every left-wing system eliminated motivation to work, that is, it produces misery. And in democracy you will have to give up power, because rebellion can not be suppressed by terror.

    Efforts to create a European army were already made by Spinelli in 1957.

    Paul Lafargue's goal was to destroy the ethos of work, because then classical Marxism had lost to the society that built the ethos of labor. People have been exploited for centuries, so Marx called for revolution and the elite murder. German Cardinal Ketteler and then Pope Leo 13 in the encyclical Rerum Novarum called for Catholic social teaching. Emanation of this trend was the first Christian boycott. After the war it was a Protestant concept. To win freedom and prosperity with your own work. In these times technological breakthrough (bulb, electricity, radio). The Marxists lost support and wanted the peasants not to work, they could not earn.

    In 1955 Herbert Marcuse wrote – eros and civilization. The meaning of the book was that work is evil because it bothered man in copulation. At the moment, however, the economic miracle began in Germany. Marcuse in his book wrote that there would be no need for traditional sexual morality to be replaced by libidine morality. Such a promise was made by the youth. In 1964, Marcuse wrote another book, One Man, where he regretted that instead of being sexually liberated he would prefer work and consumerism.

    In this book he calls youth to a great refusal or total sabotage.

    In 1964 Marcuse wrote a manual for the new left under the title – Repressive Tolerance. In short, she said that the leftist tolerance deserves the right, the right is not tolerated.

    At the moment in Europe is introduced everywhere in the Gender schools not to demoralize the youth and to draw young people from learning, from the acquisition of qualifications, knowledge that will be useful in adult life. If the school will produce fools who can not produce anything, then such societies will live in deepening misery. Such people will vote for the left parties that will give them social benefits. And that's it.

    Refugees brought to Europe are ideal as the proletariat that hates work. They are to initiate the revolution of the proletariat. Such people should not be educated only to be even more radical, which will become a force that will change the existing order.

    Let's be honest, if you want to buy something you have to produce something first. Money is only a means of exchange for life. If someone does not produce anything then there is no purchasing power to buy something. A person who can not produce anything will always vote for a political party that promises something or is a socialist system. A system that robs one and gives away for free. People who are able to work and produce are blunted by high taxes and people who can not do anything or any kind of humanist – gives free money, ie social benefits and various kinds of grants. This system must collapse and in order to speed this process it comes down to Muslim refugees. They are to launch a revolution that will bring a martial law in Europe in which people will be ruled by terror and under the hard-hearted communist regime of Brussels.
    Pokaż mniej

  • So great to see right-wing thinkers from across the continent get together. I'm Brazilian, watch Stef's videos every once in a while, and though I was never an Olavo follower, I'm recently getting to respect him the way I never did.

    I was a leftist as a younger man, and I can attest to his words: I myself, five or so years ago, used to mock claims about Sao Paulo Forum. And the proccess really happens as this: facts that confront and expose the very globalist scheme are unmercingly ostracized — Olavo is living proof of it. His reputation as a philosopher in Brazil is very small because the left discards immediately and expose people like him to ridicule. Timely, his admirers are a growing social force now.

    This shows, by the way [something that Olavo has been saying], that our fight is primarily cultural, a battle to occupy social spaces, to reach people the way leftism reaches now, by education, literature, music and so on. We have to create a psychological scenario for sanity in a time where hysteria is the norm.

    Some topics of the vídeo could be revisited, like the role of the Catholic Church in western civilization. A topic which Olavo seems to have some understanding. Stefan's an atheist, but since he recognizes how Christian values are foundational to our society, and how militant atheism shakes hand with statism, maybe it's a possible conversation…

  • Canadians are the most notable cultural eunuchs on the planet. Since its inception Canada has produced no high-brow culture, no low-brow culture, no no-brow culture worth speaking about. Only a dumb-assed, one dimensional Canadian would even entertain the idea that miscegenation, vulgar art, bad music, faggotry, sluttishness, schizophrenic poetry originated with Karl Marx, as everyone else on the planet knoes, these are fine traditions that have gone on for thousands of years.

  • Great great video Stefan. I know you didn't have to talk much but man Olavo was great. Glad you brought him on.

  • stefan rails against determinism, but not with rational logical arguments, but emotional and pragmatistic arguments. he puts FEELS before FACTS when it comes to free will.

  • Stefan, you should do a video about Antonio Gramsci. I don´t see very much about him on youtube. He seems to have been a very influential Marxist. In his writings he pushes for a peaceful way of achieving communism. By destroying the 2000+ years old Christian culture. So in other words, destroy western culture and replace it with all things left.

    Gramsci believed that if Communism achieved "mastery of human consciousness," then labor camps and mass murder would be unnecessary. Mastery over the consciousness of the great mass of people would be attained, Gramsci contended, if Communists or their sympathizers gained control of the organs of culture — churches, education, newspapers, magazines, the electronic media, serious literature, music, the visual arts, and so on. By winning "cultural hegemony," to use Gramsci's own term, Communism would control the deepest wellsprings of human thought and imagination.

    Its really what has happened already in the Western world.

  • Professor Olavo de Carvalho is the greatest intelectual ever formed in Brazil. Working alone, for almost 30 years, he created an enviroment that stopped communism complet control of Brazil. A National HERO!

  • Please, English people, seek onto your fellows someone who translate Olavo de Carvalho for you. He has a lot to teach, however, his english cuts off about 40% of what he is able t say in portuguese. If you want to see the ultimate "power" of Olvado de carvalho, you need some guy to translate him for you. I know you will not regret.

  • Written by Filipe G. Martins, one of Olavo's disciples:

    "Let me give our American friends a quick rundown on Olavo de Carvalho: he single-handedly broke the decades long leftist hegemony in Brazil, creating an audience and opening the public space for traditionalist, conservative, libertarian, anti-globalist and nationalist ideas. He was also the intelectual inspiration behind the millions who marched in the streets to demonstrate against the socialist government of the Brazilian Workers' Party, which was eventually toppled from power.

    Although Stefan said he has published eighteen books, he actually published 62 if we count the 32 volumes of his monumental History of Philosophy. Additionally, Olavo offers an online Philosophy course attended by more than 5 thousand people and has been forming the most brilliant (and based) minds in Brazil. He is one of the most read authors in Brazil and has a huge following, despite of the constant attacks from the mainstream media. And he has done all of that without ever attending any university, for he discovered very early that the educational system was a huge hoax.

    All of that made him the most popular intellectual in Brazil and the main influence on the thinking of Brazilian nationalist and populist politicians such as Jair Bolsonaro. He declared Trump would win in the same week Trump announced he was running and is also known as the author of one of the most sophisticated and complete theories to explain how globalists act.

    Since he lives in Richmond, VA, you could really take benefit of his philosophical wisdom and his practical knowledge on cultural wars and strategical thinking. Both the Trump Movement and the Trump Presidency would be greatly enriched."

  • Brazil can win the war against the left, but we need more smart people to fight a political debate. Olavo has the reason!

  • How can atheists fight against the concept of free will ? Science on the other hand says the free will is way more complicated and does not work as "the average people" thinks btw.

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