• All The Jew tube Jews are united in their distraction ?????????? why, what are they diverting from?????

  • Sessions has been in DC for 30 years. He's a true swampster. He does not have a dynamic personality, more a fuddy duddy. A namby pamby momma's boy easily bullied.
    Everything about Sessions screams "NAMBY PAMBY"!

  • Probably doesn't want to go after Hillary for fear of people finding him swinging from his Keebler Elf tree by his neck

  • Just because I call myself a Jew does it make it so. My father is a Mexican national and my mother a Irish, Mexican, Israeli, and German. What say you all? I am a jew. I love my Palestinian brothers and sisters along with the rest of the Muslim kin folks. Why are we being controlled by evil that insist on dividing us into made up groups or clans. Last I checked we are just the human race one people trying to find harmony and tranquility.

  • Michael the Barr Association is at the heart of the perversion to the color of law. It's very existence is a mockery to the creation of American and the constitution. To understand my logic read the oath they swear to and you will have a better understanding of my logic. The fact is anyone with knowledge and education is capable understanding the color of law. Our founding fathers weren't all Barr members.

  • Funny, Sessions is the exact thing I was going to ask you about when I was on hold for literally 30 minutes during your show but had to go. I think you need to curb people's rambling who call in. A good question, an intelligent comment, new ideas – all good but there was a lot of rambling as if people were talking to their friend versus a show host where others are in line to call in.

  • weak,meek door mouse. we need a man who exudes power and knows how to use it. most important unimpeachable loyalty to our president,.

  • Why is Trump allowing McMaster to run the country? McMaster is firing the few good people that Trump appointed.

  • McMaster, Kelly, and Matti's have got to go. Their the reason why never trumpers are all in our government, full of people that absolutely hate the president, and don't want to share in the presidents agenda!!

    Trump needs true patriots in there like Roger stone, Michael Flynn, and an amazing military officer who not only has amazing leadership, but understands the spiritual warfare being waged against this country and the president. The president needs people to share in his agenda, he needs loyalist who fully support and love the presidents agenda

  • You are doing a great job, Michael! The way the left takes down someone is to say they promote hate, or to accuse them of sexual impropriety.

  • The Russian investigation is all about the Government using, or misusing, the law to take down an ELECTED President, and setting up something else. Don't stand for it!

  • Bearing in mind all the criminality in Washington, Sessions is a Weasel and is below the force needed to be effectual. A man is needed of exceptional strength to rule the justice with a steel fist. Many in government need to be put in Guantanamo then executed, if necessary without trial because there are so many. This period of executions will set the tone in Washington and bring the realization of what has happened. First a good investigation into 9/11 needs to be done to expose the Israeli Mossad as the main culprits. This was mass murder that demands the death sentence to all the Zionist Jews and others involved. The most disgusting thing is that Chertoff is now a Judge where he should have been charged with conspiracy to mass murder after the fact, a death sentence.

  • ye p   he had better do his job or he will lose it.    think our pres  turning on him may have given  him the electric jab he needed    Lets see    he has under 2 mths.

  • As Disaster Looms, Narcissistic truth tellers: The carelessly prejudiced and emotionally regressed Styxhexenhammers, Dices, Cernoviches and Nations of the world will persist and continue to unwittingly alienate every possible ally as they seal themselves within the echo chamber.

    The battle they face cannot be won alone. Tragically, such creatures of habit and temperament are rarely brought to reason.

    This isolation will further damage efforts as it strengthens the foe.

    Pride truly cometh before the fall.

  • Michael you ask for it now you're going to get it, they're going to come after journalist and freedom of speech.

  • we Americans are tired of political correctness in fact we're sick and tired of it, you're either an American or you're not, what do I mean, what is an American, an American is someone who swears allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, doesn't have a dual citizenship with other nations like Israel or swearing to any other Nation first, either swear to the Constitution of the United States of America or you do not, it's a yes or no question and we need our politicians to swear Allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America. Enough already with political correctness! if you're a politician you work for the people of this country if you're a senator or congressman you swore an allegiance to America not to any other Nation. PERIOD!

  • Michael: Thanks for your excellent comments.  I recall reading WikiLeaks emails where 2 leaders of the Clinton campaign commented that they felt that they did a good job of keeping the public uninformed.  Also, they felt they were successful in getting rid of civics.  Anyone who still gives an ounce of credibility to the mainstream media should recall their narrative about 911 and then watch the YouTube video of the collapse of Building No. 7 that was never struck by a plane.  We should ask our representatives and those seeking office: What is your explanation for the collapse of Building No. 7?

  • Read Art of War. Trump won this war before even announced his bid for president. Nothing is as it seems. Screenshot this and just be patient. MT and George Webb are prime examples of the future of American journalism.

  • The media DOES indeed foment wars. It was obvious during the Bosnian War. The media kept showing film of people being dropped off the train in the middle of nowhere. I knew then that we were going to have to go to war. Somebody powerful had these films made. It was sickening and obvious.

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