• His line of questioning especially about his mother were simply terrible questions. I mean ask effective questions don't just dump on him and his parents

  • Stefan, I wanted to tell you that the comments you've gotten accusing you of "bashing" and insulting this individual don't understand sociology or psychology.

    The reason we have such a problem with welfare all over the world is that it's just enough to get by, and that's the point, but the underlying issue stems from our government and social environments not wanting to upset or offend those on the system. We don't call them what they are or address the problem, the person.

    Lacking confidence? Figure out how to fix that. Lacking skills? Figure out how to fix that. Welfare is there to help, not live off of. When my mother died when I was 23, I had to start figuring out things for myself. I will admit that I too benefited from the system, but now I don't. The system in Canada has you write out a plan to success, in a way. I had to tell them how I'm going to change and what I'm going to do in the next 4 months to fix things. I had returned to school, then after school I found a job, and now I plan to do more post-secondary education while continuing to work. My hours have increased at work and I am to be receiving a pay raise sometime soon.

    I'm not saying I didn't have my own set of problems, and I was definitely in a shitty place mentally after my mother's passing. Studying helped me to gain confidence again. Without that time I was given, I don't think I would be as assertive and hard working as I am now.

    The quarterly promises I had to make also kept me on my toes. Problem is, I don't think the quarterly promises not being met are ever penalized. I told myself that I'm better than that and I have self value, that's why the promises I made mattered to me.

  • This is just painful to listen to… By the way Stephan, your story leading up to studying philosophy seems a lot like mine! I was interested in theater in high school and planned to work toward a career in it. Now I am now finishing up a double major in history and philosophy and love it! Your videos are awesome… Keep up the great work!

  • Oh. I'm going to explode… Dude, you've been unemployed JUST for 3 (THREE!) months after the school and you've already in a liquid state. You start talking in public with jerks (sorry, Stefan) about your problems, blaming yourself you are on the welfare. You got it all wrong. First, the purpose of the welfare you're temporarily on is EXACTLY to give you short time to find a job. It is yours short-period insurance, no less, no more. Second, get back your self-respect. I seriously mean it. (Stefan failed to tell you that because he has his agenda). Third, you are along on this road. BTW, your parents, including your mother act their best way and give you YUUGE support, despite you don't understand it yet. Respect, carry and value them – this is your obligation. Forth, get a job. Keep yourself busy, even for non-profit organizations. Stefan, you such a …

  • Welfare keeps people depressed and feeling like they are uncapable of things they're actually capable of. Just like the adoption industry keeps many biological parents living in the dark of how they screwed them over, took their baby, and profit $12 billion a year from it. So many people need to wake up for so many different reasons in Canada and the States.

  • The term procrastination should not be used so casually. If you are lazy and do not want to get out of bed to get the day going because you have x and y to do, but start doing z instead, you are not necessarily procrastinating.
    Procrastination is by some doctors likely to be treated as a "disease". Those people really suffer and will tell you that they do.
    They actually WANT to do something, but for some reason cannot start doing it and isntead clean the bathroom (but lets face it, that was long overdue). But seriously, not doing much, because you have no intentions to do something ist not procrastinating.

    Maybe you lack experience in life and haven't yet set your mind on a certain thing, that keeps you going (paid labour or a hobby doesn't matter, despite paid labour being the weaker choice).

    Don't run around and tell everyone that you are procrastinating, when in fact you have nothing to do, that really urges you.

  • Stefan has really been laying down the cold hard truth here. Now you could say he is being harsh, but the worst type of people (worse as in their condition) are the ones who know that they have issues but are completely complacent in their condition. It takes a good wakeup call to get you off of your ass and moving again. My Dad figuratively kicked my ass until I got a job and started college again and even though it is stressful, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

  • Well now, Stefan– He can meet a woman for breakfast. When he wants to take a woman to breakfast, he can take her to McDonald's. They serve breakfast all day now. He can bring some booze and mix it with the free refill sodas they serve. Bring a laptop and they can watch movies online with the free wifi — dinner, drinks and a movie. If he takes the date out to the car, it'll be like going to the drive-in movies. If he gets her pregnant, the State will take care of all of them. Perfect ending to a perfect evening.

  • Trump should Cancel & Replace Obama Care: 1 Law/Rule @ a time. Each good change gets credited 2 Republicans, W/Each Moronic old law blamed on Democrats. Media would start ignore the changes as they make Trump look smart. Eventually W/Big improvements It Voluntarily becomes Popular & becomesTrump Care

  • I couldn't be assed to listen to this weakling try to explain himself for more than 7 minutes. I don't care if he's depressed – depression doesn't have shit to do with being able to articulate your thoughts through speech, and it sure as hell has nothing to do with wanting to 'exploit' the system.

  • Stefan: Why do you think you're smart?
    Guy: I'm smart because I expose myself leeching off the taxpayer and then stammer about it for 77,956 people to shake their heads at

  • Cut the crap here. Only people deliberately on welfare are those that can only get a low-paying mcjob. Anyone that could get a real job with a decent wage would take it over welfare any time. Obviously for society and taxpayers it would be better if they accepted these crappy, low-paying, embarrassing jobs, but not for the health and well-being of the individual in question.

  • liberal social programs are the great experiment. The objective is to keep poor people poor, ignorant and voting. You left out the voting part Stefan 🙂 Apologies if i missed it.

  • Back in the mid 90's when I was a financially struggling college student, I took a social work class and the professor told my class that if we had a stove, then we most likely would quality for food stamps and other forms of public welfare and she encouraged us to apply for assistance. I never did because that never seemed right to me but nothing like advocating for welfare from a college professor :/

  • Stefan, I'm disappointed I wanted to hear your ideas of getting out of poverty and freeing everybody from the welfare State, just telling this one guy he shouldn't collect, kind of falls short of my expectations.

  • It's not him, who expolits us.  It's the fckd up "leadership" that exploits ALL OF US. Disrtibute wealth equally and WE can afford to have ppl not doing anything while we can live a far better life (regarding wealth).
    FFS, people in the us make 4x the money i make by polishing floors. They don't even speak english…..
    Im a senior it network engineer with 20+years of experience.
    My last offer from NOVELL was 2.50 USD /h. Thats two dollars and fifty cents. Just because i'm not so lucky and live somewhere else…….. Well, fuck that. I can starve to death by not doing anything. Why would i work to achieve that?
    Since i'm dumb as dogsh!t, i work. Just dunno why.

  • For a long time, I thought I was the only person that understood our welfare system this way. We are literally robbing the unborn of the benefits of their future labor to pay these slobs to sit around and do nothing. Thank you Stefan. I was feeling pretty alone there for a bit.

  • Not quite done yet, so I may be speaking out of turn, but I don't think Stephen is giving brain chemistry it's due. I'm not saying the dude is ill, but motivation is just brain chemistry. Love is chemistry. But you can do easy things to change your brain chemistry that make the hard things easier. The love of something doesn't just appear out of nowhere, out of willpower, a mystical, spiritual, ta-da of the brain.

    I hear this guy saying, "I don't want to be lazy, but I don't know how to motivate myself." Some people would say, "just get off your ass", but I think that lacks empathy and is usually a bit selfish as it comes from a momentum of confidence and motivation provided by parents or circumstances.

    How to put momentum into motivation is a science of its own. Although Stephen just mentioned loving the world, so people love you back, and I think that's the simple solution requires service to people. I think the simple action, is just cause it would be fun, start doing STUPID little acts of kindness. Then you move up to planning a day of helping people once a week or once a month, but it does have momentum, which means you have to start slow and keep adding energy, slowly enough that you don't run out of energy, but not so slow you get distracted and loose interest, eventually you will break out.

    He loves his parents, he could start with his parents. Help his parents. I'm sure he has friends he cares about, help them out, maybe just something as simple as paying them genuine compliments and spend more time connecting with them. Then when opportunities arise for some time or heavy lifting, help out. Smile more at strangers, smiling is a service. Pick up trash around your neighborhood, at first you feel a bit like a cuck for doing it, heaven knows how being responsible and a good person got so unpopular to be demeaning, no wonder so many people find it hard, but learn to love that feeling, fuel a need to rebel against the status quo. Find like minded people to do it with you, you don't feel as silly when you're in a group, that group btw is added individual momentum, all of a sudden you've organized a service project, too many people try and START there, you CAN'T start there, if you do you actually already started and if you try you'll fail, you have to start simple.

    That whole process is completely self serving. You serve people to receive the reformation of love and empathy that drives you to do bigger better things. The best and easiest way to be great is to serve the most people the best.

  • I am 31 years old, i live in Uruguay, and i know, part of me will regret this, i am trying to graduate, i have try many times to approve, to pass the last exam, i have failed 14 times, some times i feel like that guy, emptt, no desire to get up from the bed, yet i get up, yet i try, again and again, i wanted to finish my career andlook for a job.
    Most to said i havent beign able too, dont have an idea were i failed, i have asked, i have increase mi studing hours, i havego to private lessons, yet i keep failing, i start to look for a job, i avebeign trying for one year to find a job, for the first time in my life i have to ask for a break, i have to stop.
    I understand when one feels no desire to get up, the only message i have to that guy is do one you can, little by little, find help, even ifyou earn little find a job, not so much for money but for the felling, do something you love and maibe you want progress so much economicaly, but at least you will feel better

  • The welfare debate must be within the context of the endgame – the globalists intentionally outsource jobs and destroy the middle class to create a slave class that is dependent and beholden to them. It's easier to control broken souls than motivated people.

  • You cannot fully blame people who get into a vicious cycle of laziness in the welfare state, as it is ingrained in our psyches from childhood and subconsciously we all know that 'big brother' will catch us if we fall. So, going in, the motivation level is already somewhat diminished for all of us. Only in 'do or die' economic climates (pure capitalism) will you find the majority of people highly driven to succeed. And that begs the question: is the drive to work hard and succeed a moral issue? Or simply a survival one?

  • A criminal mind is still capable of critical thinking. A mind like that is focused on preserving energy while getting the most out of it, that's smart. Being well read isn't the sole definition of being smart.

  • I had a shit time in many schools. I hated it since kindergarten, not even kidding. We had this nun and she blamed me for things I didn't do and squeezed my chin hard. Then other times I wanted to tell her something and she just ignored me, while another girl came and then suddenly she listened to her. Things like that really kind of made me develop low self esteem over time. Just being seen by adults as if you dont matter as much as the others.
    Then I had several teachers later on kind of ridiculing me or plain out disliking me for some reason. Always female teachers funny enough. One of them gave me bad grades on purpose while I knew I aced my exam. I was too shy to kind of go and tell anyone :/ Cause I always been a nice girl and a bit too nice if you ask me because she deserved to be called out.

  • The system should be such that people are allowed to live for free but they can only afford a very small apartment and just enough food but not much else because then they will just live off it 😉

  • Stefan I heard you live on money people just give you because you tell them to leave their families… stop bullying random people if you are just as bad yourself!

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