• I've been labeled a centrist for trying to keep a cool head and trying to appeal to some kind of peaceful solution. Even pointing out violence from the Nazis and KKK the last week I've still been lumped in with them, or part of the problem, because I happen to be a free speech purist. They don't even realize they're just making enemies of people who aren't really their enemy.

  • I just watched one of your latest (2hrs ago) and best videos and it is now removed, it stopped around 30 seconds to go, and now says "video removed by user" , and my internet went off right after it…wtf?

    Sorry about the edits, but you had 130 likes and zero thumbs down for it too…

  • You can't watch or read the news without the word Nazi being thrown around. In reality the protesters and counter protesters have components of the SA or "brown shirts". Neither side is educated enough to see that. Who were the SA and Nazi's of Hitler's Germany? What was the differences between the SA, SS, and what Hitler wanted?
    The SA was formed at the start of the Nazi party. Their primary purpose was security at Nazi rallies, beer hall speeches, fighting communist, and intimidation of various groups. Beer hall brawls and street fights were common in 1920's Germany between the SA and various political factions. Leader of the SA was Ernst Rohm, former German solider, street fighter and known homosexual. By the time Hitler came to power SA membership exceeded 2 million. The SA's increasing power posed a threat to other Nazi leaders. The SS was placed under Heinrich Himmler to restrict this. Beyond personal hatred there was economic differences between the SA and SS. Members of the SS came from the more educated and middle class Germans. The SA was comprised of unemployed and working class. Politically more radical the SA demanded Hitler bring full socialism to Germany. Something Hitler was not prepared to do. The violent methods of the SA began to be replaced with a more subtle means of repression. Goring, Himmler, and others began to conspire to have Rohm removed. Hitler had reasons as well to want Rohm gone. The army generals feared the size of the SA, industrial leaders were against Rohm for his socialist ideals. In 1934 German president Hindenburg demanded Hitler deal with the SA. This resulted in Rohm as well as about 200 members of the SA being executed. Though the SA operated at greatly reduced capacity, by the start of WW2 most had been moved into the German army.
    The protesters in Charlottesville included self proclaimed Nazi supporters who think of themselves as brown shirts. Too stupid to realize the brown shirts wanted socialism. The counter protesters included members the Democratic Socialist Party of America. To stupid to realize that they support the same economic concepts the Nazi brown shirts of Germany did.

  • Of course Anti-Fa are a Terrorist group. Using violence to push your political agenda is the definition of terrorism. Anti-Fa attacks people with fists clubs & rocks. They smash windows & set fires too. Just because some people agree with them but, don't do violence, doesn't mean they can't be labeled a Terrorist group.

    Every member of the KKK doesn't go out & burn crosses in black folks yards or lynch them. Is the Klan not a Terrorist group?

  • I had to resub to your notifications just now. Guess I'm about to look through all my subs and check how many notifications I'm not getting. All my subscriptions are still there, just not some of my notifications.

  • I knew the alt-left existed a year ago. Back when I called myself a classical liberal and was desperate for a way to segregate the left from SJWs. I was going to create the idea of a alt-left but when I googled it I found that the SJWs had already taken the name. Since then I've gone full centrist. I gave up trying to save the left. They've gone completely insane.

  • Excellent analysis. The difference and the main problem that the Right has is the fact that the confederate hero statue being taken down situation was a no win starting point for a "Unite the Right" rally.. BLM annoys the hell out of me and they are clearly a racist group with many well meaning people backing them.. . The people who wish to venerate Lee Jackson and other Rebels in the public square are just as annoying. The confederacy stood for human bondage. Lots of well meaning people who believe in " heritage " … However , its now outdated . The war has been over for 150 years. Let it go.. Guys likeLee and Irwin Rommel. Good generals respected by their peers and strategists still can be studied through history , reenactments and other means. Affirmative Action is out dated too. It works both ways. If your going to end favoritism END IT.

  • Seems that if he named Antifa then he would have also had to name white supremacists / white nationalists, BLM etc. may have been best to not broach the naming of these hate groups

  • So where was the leftist outrage when a Muslim runs over a bunch of Frenchmen? The not all arguments come out of the woodwork and media tries as hard as possible not to talk about it. Their moral outrage is fake.

  • I wouldn't say trump went off on a diatribe, he was specifically asked about the Charlottesville situation instead of Infrastructure. He even asked if anyone had any questions about infrastructure, to which he got a single response.

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