• Europeans have to overthrow their own governments or they will become a minority in their own homeland.
    This is an invasion and the politicians are backing and protecting the invaders.

  • The Italian P.M at the beginning is talking crap.They should not allow them to land in the first place,then he would not have to complain about others not taking their fair share.If my next door neighbour lets dozens of gypsies in to his back garden he has no right to say to me "Oh my garden is overcrowded now you should let some of them in to yours" Sorry bud,you should not have taken them in in the first place.Not my problem.

  • Here's an idea instead of bitching and complaining about these refugees how about you all work together pressure your governments who in turn will pressure the US if you do not cease your meaningless wars in the middle East and Africa then we will place sanctions on you. It's the United States creating these refugees in the fucking first place by invading their countries.


  • You have to ask, why hasn't Saudi Arabia taken any refugees! Because they don't want those scum bags ruining their country. Now if a muslim country will not take them. Why should anyone else take them? Something to think about.

  • How and when did Europe get so cucked? And the women especially are fucked it the head — they're actually having sex with these people with extremely poor genetics? Your kids will be ugly like them, and they'll be stupid like them. Stop taking exceptions to these truths and treating it as the example.

  • These Men (and all I see is Men!) are NOT refugees! They are people looking for a better life at the behest of european countries. A lot of them are criminals ferried in… trouble.

  • This silly man in front of the camera makes it out that people are being selfish, when in fact they are being forward thinking and their actions make more sense than just opening doors to the migrants – they are quite clearly and should be voicing concern about the consequences which are already dire….. these guys are not refugees.

  • Not much sympathy for Italy. In the past it has behaved as a willing conduit for illegal immigration to Northern and Western Europe . And didn't they feel good about themselves, OK so long as the problem could be offloaded onto other EU countries. Chickens have come home to roost Italy. Look at Australia, they can give you some advice on how to handle this. This is an Italian problem, not a European problem. You handle it.

  • You cant blame anyone else for keeping your borders open for migrants. If you asked help with securing the borders, other states, at least East-Europe, would very willing to help. Most of the migrants are no refugees and those who are, should be returned home when crisis is over. We can help with rebuilding their countries, but not accept masses with incompatible ideology and culture

  • The street people are becoming a problem that they sleep in front of buildings and on sidewalks and in the parks. Take San Diego CA were there are so many street people . . The number of street people are growing by the thousands. They sleep in parks ,sewers and sidewalks in RV everywhere. The Smell of human wastes is everywhere. This is a product of the Obama administration. Borrow money and give it to everyone. Now the free money has stopped and you have this people that love being supported by the gov. In the street. But they don't want to go to work because it conflicts with there addictions.The gov talks that the social security may go broke like its OK after people supported this all there life. People say if the Social Security goes broke it may be the beginning of Civil war. With out the incentive of a Social Security system a lot of people may not have the incentive to pay taxes. Now they talk about this health care bill of being a disaster. All you have to do is make it a law you don't have to have it. I think Obama had the power through executive orders to postpone or delay some provisions of Obama Care. Why does all of a sudden President Trump does not have the same power to delay or postpone some of the provisions of Obama Care. If I was President Trump I would write and executive order that it would not make it manditory for Companies to have Obama care . Not be penalized it they didn't. There's more than one way to skin a cat. Obama Care did not even really become a law till he was out of Office because of all the delay executive orders. The Thing I would say to President Trump is you full of it because you have the power to delay some aspects of the provision of the Obama Care why don't you do it. Or you could give companies large tax breaks for having Obama Care. There more than one way to skin a cat.I don't know what all this drama .

  • This is getting really frustrating. WHY DOESNT ITALY DEPORT THEM??? This is SUCH a simple solution! Europe has NO obligation to take these people…what is wrong with their government?

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